More Good News

Mack finally got a part time job at Crate & Barrel. Crate & Barrel took a chance on him even though he’s got bad credit, which is the reason most other firms have rejected him. He’s still looking for full time gig but he needed to take any job to stop the financial bleeding. Last weekend he worked as a parking lot attendant for the three day Riot Fest concert. A highly education man working as a parking lot attendant because bad credit prevents him from securing other employment in his field. It’s the American way.

All of Mack’s friends, including me, plan on stopping by Crate & Barrel to make purchase when Mack hits the sales floor. It’s important to support a company that is giving our friend a chance. I’m sure I can find something in the kitchenware department I need.

And Now For Some Good News

The Denver Art Museum just announced a must see exhibit in 2016. From the press release:

Women of Abstract Expressionism Opens June 2016

The groundbreaking exhibition Women of Abstract Expressionism will celebrate the often unknown female artists of this mid-twentieth century art movement. More than 50 major paintings will be on view by artists working on the East and West Coasts during the 1940s and 50s including Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Jay DeFeo, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Mary Abbott, Perle Fine, Grace Hartigan, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher. This will be the first presentation of works by these female artists together at one time.

The exhibition is organized by the Denver Art Museum and curated by Gwen Chanzit, the museum’s curator of modern art. An illustrated catalog will be available in The Shops at the Denver Art Museum.

Waiting For Thursday

I had my biopsy this afternoon. I’ll get the results on Thursday. My surgeon told me she has been in contact with my oncologist. That gives me cause for alarm. I’m trying to remain optimistic.

A Scene From A Gym

This is a typical scene in my gym because the lazy fucks who work out there don’t restack the weights.

Feeding The Addiction

I was exhausted yesterday after work. I blew off the gym and went to bed. After a two hour nap, I was refreshed and hungry. I threw together a chicken breast burrito which I devoured while checking the gallery websites. It had been a few weeks since I made the rounds. I missed my people like an addict misses a fix. It was time to see some art to help relieve the funk of working ten hours days all week. I was flying solo so a quiet evening of art would start the weekend.

I left the house a little after seven. Traffic was light so I made it to the Santa Fe Arts district in no time. The street was quiet as most galleries were closed. Spark and Core were open so I stopped for quick look. I ran into Jesse (she used to be a guy) getting into her car. We hugged and chatted for a bit. Jesse gave me a quick review of the new show at Spark before heading over to Navajo Street.

Joyce and Al, former neighbors, were right inside the door talking to Madeleine. Joyce introduced me to Heidi, one the artists showing their work. The small space was packed so I may have to go back for a second look. I found out Joyce and Madeleine will be having a show a Spark in May. Nine months is a long time to wait to see work by these two local masters.

My next stop was Navajo Street. Next was packed so I quickly breezed through the gallery using the rear hallway to enter Pirate. Pirate has two minimalist abstract shows that I really like. I can’t explain it but I found the shows soothing and serene. Perhaps because the gallery was empty as the crowd was next door.

I ran into Perry at the Chris Bullock show at Zip37. I hadn’t seen her for a few months as she had a gig in Breckenridge and rented a place there for the summer. Perry picked up one of Chris’ pieces for a song. Chris is an up-and-coming talented artist. Perry has a knack for finding new talent.

We were both headed to Ice Cube to see Jean Smith’s new work. Perry retrieved a bottle of cava from her car before carpooling with me over to Ice Cube. The gallery was empty when we arrived but the party started with the pop of a cork along with a toast to Jean. Jean’s new work is stunning. The show’s title is Stacked and Hung which is a double entendre. Jean is sharing the space with Jen Burdess who is showing large format portraits drawing on plastic sheets. Jean’s work is abstract ceramics which may not appeal to most people. One has to admire to Jean’s craft and technique along with a color palate that is simultaneously muted and colorful. Jean toured the show with us and explained each peace. Bob, Jean’s husband, opened a bottle of white wine the cava was finished. Perry gave Jean some tips for a meeting she has with one of the top art consulting firms next week. I snapped a few pictures with my phone. Two hours of conversation flew by in no time.

It was late so we bid adieu. I dropped Perry off at her car and headed home. The night turned into an unexpected journey. My art addiction had been fed.

Back To The Grind

I don’t want to write a post about my mother, her death, the funeral, my crazy sister, or my father. I’m swamped with work. My client didn’t deem it necessary to have the other contractors pick up some of my work load. The prick didn’t even offer condolences. I get that I’m just a contract worker but isn’t offering condolences part of polite society? I guess those rules don’t apply to clients at a multi-national corporation. Perhaps it’s just a cultural thing across the pond.

I’m Glad It’s Over

I flew back to Denver last night. I’m relieved it’s over. About fifteen people attend my mother’s viewing. Most had not met my mother as they were friends of my brother’s family. One aunt, one cousin and his wife came to the viewing. The rest of the family stayed away. My sil’s best friend came to the funeral mass. She was the only person who attended the service outside of immediate family. My mother had no friends and she alienated most of the family. How sad is that?

My mother is my role model for how not to live my life. Everyone has ups and downs while facing the challenges of life. Life has to be enjoyed. Cherish the good times and learn from the bad times. My friends have been so supportive. I treasure every one of them.

I not sad my mother died. I’m glad she’s dead. I’m sad because my mother had a long torturous life and could not find happiness or cultivate friendships. I only hope she’s at peace.


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