New Year, New Job?

My contract is not being renewed. The contract expires on December 31st. I’m not surprised given the company has six billion dollars of debt. The private equity owners are desperately trying to sell off part of the company in order to meet a four billion dollar debt payment due in early 2017. There is also talk of a chapter eleven bankruptcy to hold off creditors and exchanging debt for equity. I’m not sure any of this will save this company which was loaded with debt by the PE owners in order to finance their purchase.

The Neighbors’ New Baby

The neighbors, who are still renovating their house, have a new baby. Isn’t it cute? It should fit nicely in the new garage.
A few pictures from art night.

David Menard, who moved to Denver from London, combines many images of cityscapes into one picture which mounted on board and sealed in resin. $2,400
Custom made table from a reclaimed door by Matthew Shaw from Artzer-Shaw. $600

After a lazy morning of Internet entertainment and TV cooking shows, I went to the grocery store. As I was putting on my coat, I looked down at my shoes. How did I not notice I was putting on two different shoes when I was sitting on the leather bench in my bedroom? I had pulled a pair of shoes off the shelf in the closet that were in shoe bags. I’m guessing I got the pairs mixed up when I was unpacking from my trip to Santa Fe. I must have been in a prosecco haze from the galleries last night.

Paint Brush Man

A man messaged me online. He said he liked my profile. I told him we met before. He asked if I wanted to me again. I declined the invitation. Clearly, I didn’t leave a memorable impression if he didn’t remember meeting. I remembered him. It was not a fond memory.

Desperation And Loneliness

I drove home from Santa Fe today. I picked up a cold so I took a nap when I got home. After a quick dinner, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. Being single in a grocery store on Saturday night is like standing in the epicenter of desperation and loneliness. I should have waited until Sunday to go to the store.

A few pics from Santa Fe:

Hitting The Road

I’m driving to Santa Fe tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I’ll be staying at Donny and Peter’s house. Sadly, Peter’s brother passed away a few days ago after a brief illness. Peter flew to South Africa to be with his family and attend the service. He will be missed.

Donny and I are preparing a scaled down dinner. Madame and her girlfriend, the heiress, have been invited but have yet to accept the invitation. I find this an appalling display of poor manners. Accept or decline the invitation. It’s not negotiating world peace. It’s only a dinner invitation.

It will be a fun getaway. I look forward to spending time with Donny who is one of my life-long friends. I’m also looking forward to checking out the galleries. I hope I can restrain myself. Wish me luck!

Wish You Were Here

I flew solo on the art tour Friday night. Paddy cancelled because the hair salon was given a three day eviction notice on Friday morning. The salon owner owes $85,000 in rent. Paddy is moving to another salon in the same strip mall. He has an opportunity to buy the new salon. I’m expecting Paddy to ask for a loan.

I made stops at Rule, Sync and the Center For Visual Art (CVA). Most of the ususal suspects were at the galleries. Rule had an opening for Jim Johnson and Vicki Lee Johnston. The gallery was packed. I’ll need to go back for a second look.

Scott Young installation on the roof at Rule Gallery:
Sync had an opening for Pamela Gilmore Hake and Jenny Wilson. Both had nice works on display but nothing moved me. CVA opened a show with works by Metropolitan State University Denver faculty. This was a good show. I favored the drawings by Charles Livingston. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact I own three of his paintings.

Charles Livingston drawings:

The rest of the weekend was filled with errands, laundry, house cleaning and workouts. At least I had fun on Friday night.