Meeting The Parents

Last night was a lot of fun. Perry arrived looking like she was dressed by Laura Ashley. The leopard prints were left at home. Perry has so many looks you never know how she’ll look. I guess she learned a few things in her previous careers as an actress, model and fashion editor.

I had good food, saw friends, met new people and had interesting conversations. Both parties were hosted by artists so they were artsy crowds. The evening seemed to fly by. Perry and I were two of the last guests to leave the second party.

Later this morning, I’m meeting Paddy and his mother and stepfather at Dazzle’s Jazz brunch. It should be interesting given I’m a year or two older than Paddy’s mother and stepfather. I’m hoping meeting Paddy’s mother may help me better understand some of Paddy’s life choices. It should be an interesting time.

Party Time

Paddy’s mother and terminally ill step-father are in town looking for an apartment. I’m not sure why they’re moving here. It seems odd that a person would relocate to another state when they have less than six months to live. There’s more to this story than what Paddy has told me.

Paddy is doing Perry’s hair this afternoon. Later, Perry will be my plus-one for two parties. Both parties are backyard affairs hosted by artists. The temperature is going to be in the high nineties today so I’m hoping for a late afternoon rain storm to cool things down. Monsoon season has returned so we’ve been getting rain almost every afternoon. The parties should make for a festive evening. I’m hoping Perry doesn’t wear her leopard-print silk jump suit again. She’s one of the few people who can pull off an outfit like that but I’m tired of seeing her in it. Sounds like the relentless hot temperatures this week have made me rather bitchy.

A Sad Tale Of Greed

The breakup of a socially prominent local gay couple is being splashed across social media. There was a significant difference between the incomes and assets of the two men. Together, the men acquired four houses and numerous cars. Both men are in their late fifties. I was one of many who received an email disclosing some of the details of their prenup. It’s a case of marrying well and divorcing better, but not being satisfied with divorcing better, and wanting to divorce extremely well. The man with the lower income is not satisfied with just one house and a new Range Rover. He’s using social media to plead his case and publish salacious details that should be kept private. It’s a sad tale of greed, fast living and a quest to find happiness with material goods while trying to avoiding aging. It’s like a gay version of Valley of the Dolls.

I had a date with a guy last Thursday. It had been six months since my last date. He was a few years older than me along with being in shape and a rather handsome guy. We met at the Denver Art Museum for a tour of the galleries in the Hamilton Building. We had a lot of similar interests. He’s well educated and well read. He has owned several companies and holds six patents. He’s into hiking and other outdoor sports. He designed and built a log cabin in high country. He was a man with many accomplishments.

We had dinner after the museum. The date was going well. The conversation flowed. He was the first guy that I felt a connection with. He was the only guy I’ve dated who I would considering seeing a second time. He seemed to be enjoying himself too.

After I told him I was HIV+, I was moved into the friend column. I understand and accept his decision but it’s a disappointment. At least I found out sooner than later.

An Unmarried Man

Double A’s family immigrated to the United States from Belfast when he was nineteen. The move was motivated by a desire to escape the violence from civil unrest. Double A has achieved the American Dream. He became a citizen, graduated from college, achieved professional success and is financially sound. He owns two homes along with two cars. He’s had several significant relationships but has been single for about eight years.

Double A has kept in touch with a childhood friend in Belfast. He’s known the guy since he was ten years old. They talk on the phone every Sunday. They have an odd history of never being single at the same time until recently. The guy is visiting Denver for two weeks to see if he wants to move here and develop a relationship with Double A. That’s the basis for my reference to Double A’s mail-order husband in the previous post.

While they have a lot in common, things are not going well. I’m not sure if it’s a case of unrealistic expectations, or, if the guys have become set in their ways. The guy will not be moving to Denver. Double A is counting down the days until the guy returns to Belfast. Double A will continue to be an unmarried man.

Hot & Lazy

Paddy was MIA on Friday. He finally texted late Friday night just as I was heading home from the galleries. Paddy’s nine-year-old Great Dane has bone and lung cancer. Chemo will cost around $20k but there’s no guarantee it will cure the cancer. Paddy has decided to put the dog down. He’s was a complete wreck.

The Colorado Women in Abstraction show at the CVA is a something to see. It took four years to curate. The exhibit was scheduled to open a few weeks after the DAM’s Women of Abstract Expressionism so it would not steal any thunder from the DAM’s exhibit. The CVA was packed with a who’s who of the local art scene. There were a number of artists I had not heard of. I need to go back for a second look.

The rest of the weekend was rather lackluster. It was hot. I was lazy. I didn’t accomplish much. I managed to pull myself together on Sunday afternoon to meet Double A, and his mail-order husband from Ireland, who’s in town for two weeks. More on that later.

More Abstract Women

It’s been a couple of weeks since I hit the galleries on Friday night. Paddy and I are headed out tonight. We’ll probably rendezvous with Perry and Patricia at some point.

I’m looking forward to the new show at the Center for Visual Art. Colorado Women in Abstraction opens tonight bringing into focus the accomplished artwork of 32 women in Colorado. This show is running in conjunction with the immensely popular Women of Abstract Expressionism, currently on display at the Denver Art Museum, which recently received a great review in Time magazine.

I think it’s going to be a fun night.


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