Dinner In RiNo

Scene from a recent late Sunday afternoon in RiNo. Double A and I were sharing a pizza on the patio of the Walnut Room. There are still some undeveloped parcels of land. Their numbers are dwindling. It’s the end of an era. Some see it as a phoenix rising from the ashes while I think it’s the death of a great art scene.

It’s a rare night that I walk into one of my favorite galleries and not see a piece of art I like. That happened on Friday night. I was perplexed. It was an opening that held a lot promise. I guess they can’t all be winners.

I did find some great work at Spark and Next. Annalee Schorr and Kathryn Oberdorfer are sharing the bill at Spark. Both are exhibiting outstanding work. Annalee even decorated the floor in her half of the gallery.

Annalee Schorr, Pattern Game #12, acrylic on Plexiglas, $1,200.
The floor at Spark. Yes, those are new shoes.
Kathryn Oberdorfer, odd angles, acrylic on canvass, $500

Next is having their 10th anniversary exhibition. There are a number of great pieces in this show but I think the standouts are the sculptures by Virginia T Coleman.

Virginia T Coleman, Arbitrary Perspective, steel, $250

Accidental Self-Portrait

An accidental self-portrait taken in an antique store on Sante Fe a few Fridays ago.

Mack has alienated himself with our circle of friends. Last Friday, Mack wanted to join the art tour. He called me from McDonald’s where he was using the free wifi. I told him the group was having an early dinner at a restaurant that could be a bit pricey.

After dinner, Mack threw three dollars down on the table. It was all the money he had. The rest of us paid for his tab. Clearly, he didn’t take the hint that he was expected to pay for his dinner. I’m guessing I should have been more direct.

All of us have been paying for his dinners for over a year. Mack has done nothing to find a second part-time job even though many establishments are hiring near his apartment. Mack doesn’t want to work at a grocery store, restaurant or Home Depot. He wants to work somewhere fun. The part-time fun job at Crate & Barrel is not paying the bills.

I thought Mack should have said something about his lack of funds before ordering dinner. If all he had was three dollars, he should have taken advantage of the dollar menu at McDonald’s. That may sound harsh, but at times, I can be a dick.

Part of me feels guilty for thinking this way. I have a good income. The others have good incomes too. All can afford to pay for his dinner (Paddy dropped two grand for painting at Mai Wyn’s that night). All have worked hard to achieve success in their careers. None of the group was handed a career or have an inheritance to rely upon. None of us really have fun jobs, but rather, have positions which provide income to live a nice life.

The problem is Mack has done nothing to mitigate his financial situation. He seems to expect that someone will pick up the tab. It feels like Mack is taking advantage of our kindness. He has borrowed money from most of the group. I believe the group has been enabling him. It has to stop.

The group decided Mack will not be invited to dinner. He’ll have to meet up with the group after dinner for the art tour. Mack may have to take public transportation or ride his bike.

Am I being a dick? Should I just suck it up and continue to pay for his meals? What do you think?


My neighbor, Sheila, called to let me know her Clinton/Kaine campaign sign was stolen from her yard, and to see if the sign in my yard was stolen. My sign was still in place. The neighborhood is still peppered with Clinton/Kaine signs. There’s not a trump sign in sight, which is a surprise, given the neighborhood has been known to heavily favor Republican candidates. Sheila ended our conversation by remarking, “They can steal my sign but they can’t steal my vote.” Indeed!

That Pink Blouse!

The current Mrs. T (I’m sure there will at least one more) wore Gucci’s $1,100 “pussy-bow” silk crepe de chine shirt to the presidential debate last night. That’s an interesting sartorial choice. N’est-ce pas? I wonder how much the pants cost. It’s available on Net-A-Porter if you wish to pick up one.

Art Recap

Art night was fun on Santa Fe. The usual suspects were involved. Point Gallery is closing when the current show comes down. This will be a huge loss as the guys at Point always put on stellar exhibits. The good new is that the following pieces are available for purchase at other galleries on Santa Fe:

Kate McGuinness at Artists on Santa Fe, Fresh Ink, monotype, 38 x 42, $1,000
Sharon Strasburg at Mai Wyn Fine Art, Sonoma Sunset 5, monotype on paper, 32.5 x 49.5, $3,600.