Who Are You?

In recent weeks, a number of people have read through the archives of this blog. Not one has left a comment. It makes me wonder why they read the archives. What was so fascinating? I guess not getting any comments is better than getting negative feedback.

Help Is On The Way

My neighbor, who is a psychiatrist, was dispatched to Louisiana by the Red Cross to oversee a program offering mental health services to those displaced by the recent flooding. The psychiatrist and his wife, who is a psychiatric nurse, did a stint in the Peace Corp a few years ago. They are a very giving couple. The psychiatrist is a take charge kind of guy so I hope he doesn’t get frustrated by the bureaucracy that often accompanies relief efforts.

The Front Desk Clerk

Paddy’s has a new love interest. They guy is a front desk clerk at a Wyndham Hotel in the suburbs. At least this one is thirty. The new guy is tall, lean, hairy and well-endowed. Last week, Paddy had a different love interest but the twenty-four-year-old guy was deemed too effeminate. He got the boot when the well-endowed desk clerk came on the scene. I’m having dinner with Paddy on Friday night so I can meet the flavor of the week. Did I mention the desk clerk is well-endowed? Paddy told me three times in our five minute conversation. How long do you think this one will last? Remember, he’s well-endowed!

A Tale Of Two Men

I have two friends who are in their early fifties. Both are gay. One has a partner while the other is single. One man couldn’t read when he graduated from high school. He took reading courses at night school when he started a business so he could read contracts he was signing. The other man is highly educated and has worked for a number of companies in several western cities but never had much of a career. The educated man was laid off from his last firm and now works part-time for a retail store. The uneducated man has a successful sales career and is consistently the top producer at his company. He makes a lot of money while the educated man is broke, living paycheck to paycheck. The educated man and his mentally ill brother live in a run-down apartment with no air conditioning while the uneducated man is moving into a $2M house with his partner.

The uneducated man knew a lot about cars and developed a knack for profiting from buying and selling cars. He worked hard and put in long hours. He provided superior customer service and was always available for his clients. He was asked to join a larger firm because of his extensive and loyal customer base. He has made a great life for himself and his partner in spite of starting at a point where most people in the same situation only fail.

The educated man has moved from job to job. He’s has never really applied himself. He looks for jobs at companies where he thinks it will be fun to work. He’s held low-level positions and never tried to advance his career. He’s never been known for being on time and has been fired for tardiness. He’s had two long stints of unemployment causing him to blow throw his meager savings. His car has been repossessed so he takes the bus but often rides his bike because he doesn’t have bus fare. His future doesn’t look bright.

How did this happen? How did an uneducated man become successful against all odds while the educated man has floundered? I believe it has to do with ambition, drive, life choices and work ethics. The educated man ended up where you would expect the uneducated man to be, while the uneducated man is in a place in life where you would expect the educated man to be. Funny how that happened.

And The Winner Is….

Paddy couldn’t make up his mind on Friday night which painting he wanted. Mai Wyn is bringing four paintings to his house. I think the first painting is the winner. It’s a scene from Moab.
I liked this painting by Matthew Sesow, a Washington, D.C. artist showing at Access Gallery. I think his work is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
It was only $240 while the Mai Wyn’s are about $3,500. Do you have a favorite?

Spend, Spend, Spend

Paddy has had a prosperous week so far in the new salon. The cash is burning a hole in his pocket. He dropped many hundreds at the injectionist this morning. It’s art night so we’re headed to Mai Wynn’s after dinner to buy art. Paddy’s buying art. I’m just advising. I say that now but one never knows what one will find in the galleries. Stay tuned for a full report.

Over Ask

Nine showings in two days. Four offers received all over ask. House under contract seventy-two hours after listing. I guess our housing market is still booming. I knew better than to ask Mike the winning bid price.


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