Mask 2


Selections From Art Night

A few selections from art night for your viewing pleasure:

Spark Gallery, J Bruce Wilcox, Sacred Crossing 5 Skulls, textiles, $4,290

Spark Gallery, J Bruce Wilcox, African Plaid, textiles, $1,190

Pirate, Kat Nechleba, Ebb and Flow, multimedia installation, NFS

Next Gallery, Barbara Gal, Rice Fields Kyoto, photo on metal, $150

I’m Not A Regular Guy

I was pinged online by a thirty-eight-year-old guy. He was a nice-looking hwp ginger. I was reluctant to reply at first given the age difference. Was he another guy looking for a daddy? I threw caution to the wind and dove in. The conversation was centered on careers and working out. It was refreshing the chat didn’t turn into a hook-up request. The guy asked me where I lived. My answer was met with a few minutes of silence. The guy tells me he googled my neighborhood. He was surprised by the housing prices. He went on to tell me he was a regular guy and was looking for a regular guy. He logged off before I could counter.

I’m not sure how he defined a regular guy, but clearly, I’m not, given my
neighborhood. Was I cockblocked by my neighborhood? I usually get rejected for my age, not for my house or car. At least I know he wasn’t a gold digger.

Mask 1

My friend, Peter, who now lives in Santa Fe, grew up in South Africa. Many years ago, Peter gave me this mask which he picked up on one of his trip to South Africa. It’s one of my most cherished possessions.


On Sunday, Mack paid back the money he borrowed to avoid eviction. He was a few days late, but he made good on his promise. His actions confirmed I made the right decision. I expect it will be a while before Mack pays back the money he borrowed last year.

Beauty In Nature

A stunning display of beauty in nature.

Saturday Night Art

It’s a cold Saturday night. I was watching a crappy Nick Jonas movie (has he made a good movie?) on Starz while looking through pictures on my laptop. They were art pictures, not porn. I found this image in the pictures I took during my last trip to Santa Fe. I really liked this painting but thought it was a bit pricey.

Nüart Gallery, Claire B Cotts, Carnival, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches, $4,800