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Terry is 60

Last night K and I attend a surprise 60th birthday party for our friend Terry. L, one of Terry’s oldest friends, hosted the party at his modern art filled home.  Mark, Terry’s partner, organized the party. About sixty guests attended the party. The food was good, the liquor was top shelf and the cake was made in the shape of the state of Texas (Terry was born and raised in Houston). Cindi designed the floral arrangements. Two of Terry’s friends who flew in from Amsterdam last night put on an impromptu drag show. They sang a raunchy but very funny song about Terry that was set to a song from the Sound of Music. Thankfully, the children in attendance were too young to understand most of the lyrics.  K and I had a great time.

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Gym Rant #3

Please leave your cell phone in your locker. The gym is for exercising. You should not be talking on the phone while you are on a machine. I don’t care to listen to you talk about how horrible your mother-in-law is while I am on the treadmill. Your private life is not my concern. Also, if I can hear your conversation while listening to Joy Division on my iPod, you are talking too loud. Hang up your mother-fucking phone.

If you spill talcum powder on the locker room floor have the decency and common courtesy to clean up your mess. I don’t like getting your mess on my pants when I’m changing clothes. Stop being a pig and clean up after yourself.

While I’m on the subject of cleaning up after oneself, wipe up the locker floor if the snow has melted off your shoes and has formed a puddle of muddy water. Do you really think I like getting my clothes wet with your mess? Once again, stop being a pig and clean up after yourself.

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Weekend Plans

K comes home today. I’ll be picking him up at DIA around 5. I miss him so much.

Carlos and Theresa wanted to meet for dinner tonight but we decided on lunch tomorrow instead. We have two holiday parties to attend on Sunday afternoon and a birthday party to attend on Monday night. K and I will be finalizing our Christmas dinner menu this weekend. The guest list is still in development. Several friends still have not committed. Nothing else is planned. It should be a relaxing weekend.


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Show and Tell

This morning I played show and tell with my colon rectal surgeon. I show her my rectum and she tells me if there is any irregular tissue, or, if I need another biopsy. I’m all clear for now. I’ll see her again in three months. There’s nothing like a rectal exam to start your day off on a high note.

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Angels With Double Ds

I finally got around to baking cookies last night. I made the best ever butter cookies according to the recipe in an ad in Food & Wine magazine. The cookies turned out like little bricks. I think they may be the worst ever butter cookies. I reread the recipe. Seems I left out the baking powder. I was talking on the phone while mixing the dough and overlooked a key ingredient. Baking at a high altitude is already a challenge but when a key ingredient is omitted the results are disastrous. I then tried icing the cookies but I couldn’t find the pastry bag so I used a plastic bag with the tip cut off. I made the hole too big so my attempt at piping icing made a mess. You can check out my angels with double D’s below. I’m going to try a different recipe today.


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Financial Advisor #2

Today, I met with R, my financial advisor at Smith Barney. As I suspected, he wants to take control of all my investments. I told him I was a little hesitant to turn everything over to him when I have only had a few conversations with him and only met him face to face for the first time today. I told him that S, my other financial advisor, had done a great job of protecting my assets under his control during the last few turbulent months in the financial markets. R needs to prove himself before I will entertain the idea of giving him control of everything. R has a plan to invest in a stock portfolio in order to reap the certain gains of the recovering market while S has all my investments in mutual funds and money market accounts at this time. S also has a plan for reaping the rewards of a recovering market. Both men want to take control of my 401k. I need to have another conversation with S to so that I can compare proposals. R’s plan has the potential for creating taxable short-term gains that will need to be overcome by a great performance in the portfolio. I also need to review the 401k package that I received from Fidelity today. I’m still waiting for the pension package from the Company. The pension package will have an option for a monthly payment or a lump sum distribution. I’ve got a lot of decisions to make.

After my meeting with R, I came home, had lunch, and then headed to the gym to work on chest and triceps. I only did 35 minutes of cardio today. I’ve been doing cardio six days a week and I’m still gaining weight. I think the recent reintroduction of Chili Cheese Fritos and cookies into my diet have something to do with this. This revelation did not prevent me from making sugar cookie dough before writing this post. I’m enjoying the break from the rigorous diet that Carlos put me on. I’ll start back on the high protein low fat diet after the holidays. In the meantime I’ll do cardio six days a week.

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My Day

It’s almost five in the afternoon and I still have not showered. My hair looks like an ad for TIGI Bed Head. I had all intentions of getting cleaned up this morning but I got sidetracked. I got up at eight and had breakfast. I watched TV until ten. I talked with K’s mother for a while and then K called. It was good to talk to him. I miss him and wish he were here. I shoveled the driveway, walkways, sidewalk and back patio. By then it was after eleven. I had lunch and watched the L Word while addressing holiday cards. Soon it was afternoon and I wanted to go to the gym around two. I thought it was useless to shower if I was working out an hour or so later. After doing cardio and abs at the gym I came home and worked on the holiday cards. I just returned from the Post Office a few minutes ago. Tonight I plan on making cookies and watching TV. And so goes the exciting life of the unemployed.

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