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A Job Opportunity

G called to tell me about five positions available at a global communications solutions provider with an office in Denver. Both G and I have worked for a version of this company a few years ago. The company we worked for was purchased by a European telecommunications company about two years ago. Our mutual friend, S, works at this company. S told G about the positions that were available. G and I had a conference call with S yesterday afternoon. The positions are the same level I had with my former employer. The hiring manager called S to see if she knew of any qualified candidates for the positions available. S gave the hiring manager our names and contact numbers. The hiring manager has asked for our resumes.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have to rewrite my resume to fit the job. The hiring manager may fly to Denver next week for interviews. I’m nervous because I haven’t interviewed in years. I’m also nervous because I have never done this type of work before but I have the skills to do the job. S informed G and I that one of our former colleagues, T, is currently doing the job. S said that if T can master this job then we should be a success too. I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic so I don’t get my hopes up for nothing.

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K’s Schedule

K ‘s flight from Boston lands around 8:30 this evening. He leaves tomorrow afternoon for Phoenix. He’ll be home about eighteen hours. He already has his clothes laid out in the spare bedroom for the Phoenix trip. He’ll come home from Phoenix on Thursday night and will fly to Knoxville, TN on Sunday. He’ll be in Knoxville until that Friday. After Knoxville we both fly to San Francisco for the company’s annual leadership meetings. The company will be entertaining the spouses while the leaders attend meetings. After San Francisco I fly home to Denver while K flies to Boston. He’ll be in Boston for a week and then back home. He may be going back to Festus, MO after Boston. I may be wrong about the last trip. It’s so hard to keep up with his schedule at times.

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A Sad Tale

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my friend and former colleague, G. G was laid off from the company in December 2007. Other than a three-month contracting gig G has not worked. I commiserated with G about job hunting. G told me that he is on the verge of financial ruin. He told me about the outcome of the real estate deals he invested in before he was laid off. I remember G telling me about the investments and I thought it sounded fishy.

G somehow got hooked up with a guy who found people who were about to loose their houses. This man found buyers for the properties. The buyers financed 100% of the purchase price with no money down and a penalty for paying off the loan in the first year. The original owner rented the property from the new buyer. The man split the equity in the houses with the buyers for his finder’s fee. G bought two houses and a condo. G was suddenly flush with cash from the equity of the three properties. Then G got laid off. Soon after being laid off the condo renter moved out. About a month later one of the house tenants stopped paying rent. Soon after that the other house tenant couldn’t pay their rent either. In short time G was out of money and was behind in payments on all three properties. If G sold the properties he had to pay the early payoff penalty. In the midst of all this the real estate market tumbled. G had burned through his savings. All three properties ended up in foreclosure. G was able to short sell one house for $239k that he bought for $350k. G had to sign a 60k promissory note in order for the bank to approve the sale. The other two properties have pending short sells waiting for bank approval. A house that G paid 350k for is going for $298k while the 250k condo is going for 59k. Once the short sells are completed G will declare bankruptcy.

G’s once outstanding credit rating has been ruined. Thankfully, G’s partner is still working and was not involved in the real estate deals. G’s partner has been paying the mortgage on their house that is in G’s name. The man who devised the real estate investments is currently under investigation by Fannie Mae, the State of Colorado and the county that G lives in. G is also one of twenty investors involved in a class action lawsuit against the man.

It’s a sad tale. It’s also a tale that is not unique to G. I have empathy for G but I have hard time understanding why he got involved in this scheme. G is an intelligent man. I can’t help but wonder if it was greed that drove G to try a make a quick buck in the real estate market. G is now 49 years old, unemployed and broke. Thankfully, he has an understanding partner who is helping him get out of this mess.

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What an Idiot!

John McCain attacked President Obama over the cost of new fleet of 28 helicopters. I guess he didn’t realize that former President Bush approved the requisition for the helicopters. McCain, once again, made a fool out of himself. I am so thankful McCain lost the election.

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Neighborhood News

The lesbian couple who are expanding and remodeling a house around the corner are in hot water with their neighbors to the south. The women decided to build a brick wall along the south side of the back yard that matches the existing wall the runs along the north and east sides of their yard. The neighbors who live to the south are not happy because the woman did not get the approval of the architectural board. While I agree that the women should have asked the board for approval I don’t see why the neighbors to the south are complaining. The new brick wall replaced an ugly old chain link fence. The new wall is open weave pattern and is only four feet high. If anything, the new wall increased the property values of both houses.

One of the A-gay male couples in the neighborhood has put their house up for sale for just under $5 million. Rumor has it that the couple never sold their previous house and is tired of the carrying costs of two pricey homes. Both houses are up for sale in the hopes that one will sell. One member of this couple is an heir from a local beer dynasty. They don’t socialize with K and I.

The young couple next door had their first child on Valentine’s Day. The man usually spends two weeks a month in Hawaii on business. I wonder if he will be spending more time at home, or, if they will hire a nanny.

Coyotes were recently spotted in the neighborhood. I wonder if the resident fox population will defend their turf against the coyotes. I hope the coyotes were just passing through. There have been numerous local news reports of coyotes attacking people and pets.

That’s all for now.

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I turned 52 today. I’ll be spending the day by myself. K flew to Boston this morning and will be back on Friday night. I’m going to have lunch at home and then check out an art exhibit. I’ll probably go to the gym for a cardio workout in mid afternoon (I need to work off the birthday dinner that K treated me to last nigh.). Later I’ll fix dinner and then watch the Oscars. I have such an exciting life!

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He Won!

K was named Colorado’s Healthiest Male Executive this morning at an award breakfast hosted by the International Center for Performance & Health. Twenty-five executives were nominated for the award. The program recognizes male and female senior leaders in Colorado (for-profit, not-for profit, government, education, businesses large and small) who model healthy lifestyles and actively promote performance and health within their organization.

I’m so proud of my man!

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A Quick Update

The photo shoot was fun but hectic. The project manager neglected to tell Jackie that the library that was being photographed was having their soft opening. Employees and patrons were walking into the shots. Jackie almost pulled a Christian Bale but was able to compose herself. I had to act like a traffic cop at times. Overall it was fun and she took me to dinner after the shoot.

I’m going to see my radiation oncologist this morning for a check up. There’s nothing like a rectal exam to start one’s day.

The lock on the front door is broken, the garage door is broken (the opener was broken a few weeks ago), the pond seems to be leaking and the fence between our yard and Tom and Sheila’s was blown down by the heavy wind yesterday. My unemployed former colleague, Gary, is coming over later to help with a few of these items. He’s a gay guy that is very handy with tools. Hopefully, a few of these items will get fixed.

K is flying home tonight. The project in Tennessee is working his last nerve as the result of the actions of a notoriously ineffective Vice President. This man needs to be put out to pasture.

That’s all for now.

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Another Photo Shoot

I’ll be assisting Jackie on a photo shoot at a new library this afternoon. The client only wants two shots so the shoot should only take four hours. I’ll be having dinner with Jackie after the shoot.

I’ll have to do my cardio this morning since I’ll be on the photo in the afternoon. It’s a completely different crowd at the gym in the morning. Lots of senior citizens and housewives that don’t work outside of the home. I prefer going in the afternoon when there is a lull in attendance.

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The Car Wash

I had a rather surreal experience at the car wash today. I took K’s truck to the car wash after a long work out. I thought it would nice for him to come home to a clean truck. I was the lone male in a sea of young women. I felt like I was at a casting call for young upper income stay at home mothers who drive expensive vehicles and carry designer handbags. Luckily, I had a pen and paper in my backpack so I could take notes. Here’s a sampling of the women. Woman with Coach handbag driving a black Cadillac Escalade, woman with Louis Vuitton driving a taupe X5 BMW, woman with Prada handbag driving a white Volvo XC90, woman with Coach handbag driving a brown Infinity FX45, woman with Christian Dior handbag driving a silver Mercedes ML63 AMG, woman with Fendi handbag driving a white Cadillac Escalade, and a woman with a Gucci handbag driving a black BMW M5 sedan. And there I was in Target work out wear sporting a fifteen-year old black GAP faux leather backpack, driving a Nissan Frontier pickup truck and playing the part of an unemployed corporate slave.

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