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A Quick Update

The photo shoot was fun but hectic. The project manager neglected to tell Jackie that the library that was being photographed was having their soft opening. Employees and patrons were walking into the shots. Jackie almost pulled a Christian Bale but was able to compose herself. I had to act like a traffic cop at times. Overall it was fun and she took me to dinner after the shoot.

I’m going to see my radiation oncologist this morning for a check up. There’s nothing like a rectal exam to start one’s day.

The lock on the front door is broken, the garage door is broken (the opener was broken a few weeks ago), the pond seems to be leaking and the fence between our yard and Tom and Sheila’s was blown down by the heavy wind yesterday. My unemployed former colleague, Gary, is coming over later to help with a few of these items. He’s a gay guy that is very handy with tools. Hopefully, a few of these items will get fixed.

K is flying home tonight. The project in Tennessee is working his last nerve as the result of the actions of a notoriously ineffective Vice President. This man needs to be put out to pasture.

That’s all for now.

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Another Photo Shoot

I’ll be assisting Jackie on a photo shoot at a new library this afternoon. The client only wants two shots so the shoot should only take four hours. I’ll be having dinner with Jackie after the shoot.

I’ll have to do my cardio this morning since I’ll be on the photo in the afternoon. It’s a completely different crowd at the gym in the morning. Lots of senior citizens and housewives that don’t work outside of the home. I prefer going in the afternoon when there is a lull in attendance.

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The Car Wash

I had a rather surreal experience at the car wash today. I took K’s truck to the car wash after a long work out. I thought it would nice for him to come home to a clean truck. I was the lone male in a sea of young women. I felt like I was at a casting call for young upper income stay at home mothers who drive expensive vehicles and carry designer handbags. Luckily, I had a pen and paper in my backpack so I could take notes. Here’s a sampling of the women. Woman with Coach handbag driving a black Cadillac Escalade, woman with Louis Vuitton driving a taupe X5 BMW, woman with Prada handbag driving a white Volvo XC90, woman with Coach handbag driving a brown Infinity FX45, woman with Christian Dior handbag driving a silver Mercedes ML63 AMG, woman with Fendi handbag driving a white Cadillac Escalade, and a woman with a Gucci handbag driving a black BMW M5 sedan. And there I was in Target work out wear sporting a fifteen-year old black GAP faux leather backpack, driving a Nissan Frontier pickup truck and playing the part of an unemployed corporate slave.

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Isn’t My Life Exciting?

It took me almost an hour to complete my online unemployment claim today.

K is flying from St. Louis to Memphis on a commuter jet today. That makes me nervous given the recent event in New York

The cat has thrown up twice today. The first time was on the bed at 4:40 a.m. and the second was late this morning on parquet wood floor in the family room. He’s been throwing up food that I did not feed him. He must be eating over at Crazy Barb’s.

That bitch down the block has been parking her Escalade in the front yard again. I’ve complained to the president of the homeowner’s association.

I started watching Burn Notice on demand last night. It’s a cool show. I may watch an episode today before heading off to the gym.

Judy helped me pick out new glasses Friday night. I went back on Saturday to make sure they were not too trendy.

I bought new workout shoes last night. They only cost me $11.00. Cheapest shoes I’ve ever bought.

Isn’t my life exciting?

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Californie Here I Come

K called me yesterday to let me know his company’s annual leadership meeting in San Francisco will be held in mid March. The company has invited spouses again this year. We are arriving on Tuesday, March 17th and I return to Denver on Sunday. K will be flying to Boston for a week of meetings instead of returning to Denver. The company has events planned for the spouses while the employees are attending meetings. It will be five fun filled days of living on the company dime.

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Continuing Carnage

I spoke with a friend who still is employed by my former employer. The company has cancelled bonus payments indefinitely and has stopped matching 401K contributions. In addition, the remaining workers have been told that the workforce will be reduced by an additional 14% by the end of 2009. My friend said that morale is in the toilet and that the new owners are creating an environment that will motivate workers to leave on their own. Even though I’m unemployed I’m relieved that I’m not working there.

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Carlos is in the doghouse. His wife, Theresa, is furious with him. The last time I saw Carlos he wanted to show me something on his iPhone. He pulls up a sonogram. Theresa is pregnant. Carlos’ first mistake was showing me the sonogram. His second mistake was telling Theresa he told me she was pregnant. Carlos has a hard time keeping a secret. He told me a few months ago that they were planning on having a family. At the time I warned him not to tell anyone until the Theresa gave the go ahead. He didn’t take my advice and now he’s paying the price. He’s got a very pissed off wife.

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