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A Change In Plans

Yesterday K emailed his travel plans. He was coming home Friday night and would be home all next week. K just called me with a change in plans. It seems the DOE business needs immediate attention so he will now be coming home on the 18th. Sigh!

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Gym Rant 5

To the young man wearing the red sleeveless T-shirt with Che written across the front, long black workout pants, black athletic shoes and black bandanna on your head, it is not appropriate to pick your nose between sets of reverse pec deck flyes. In fact, it is rather gross considering other members, including me, have to use same equipment you are using with your snot and bugger infected index finger. I’m sure your mother taught you better. Stop picking your nose on the workout floor.

To all of the women who insist on wearing workout pants that end in mid calf, have you never watched What Not To Wear? Stacy and Clinton know what they are talking about. The Capri pant length is not flattering on 99% of the female population. These pants make your legs look like short stumps. Do yourself a favor and buy either shorter or longer workout pants.

It is not appropriate to go commando at the gym. This is especially true if you are wearing short gym pants, or, if your gym pants are so tight that I can determine that you are circumcised. After all, this is a coed facility. I’m not sure the female members enjoy seeing your goods when you are doing military bench presses, or, any other exercise that will possibly allow your genitalia to be exposed. This particular item is directed at the red headed thirty something porn actor looking man at the gym yesterday. If in the slim chance you forgot to bring a jock strap or underwear, you should tailor your workout so that you are not exposing yourself. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy looking at make genitalia but I think there is a time and place for such viewing. Be respectful of the female gym members because I bet the majority share my opinion.

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A Blue Day

I’m having a blue day. It’s cloudy and only 40 degrees here. I’m depressed about being unemployed. I miss having unlimited funds for discretionary spending. There are no immediate job prospects on the horizon. I’m also lonely and I miss my man. I’m not sure when he is coming home. It could be Friday. However, there’s a possibility that he will have to attend DOE (Department of Energy) meetings in Tennessee in order to pursue a new revenue stream for the company. His trip could be extended into next week. I’m heading to the gym because a good workout always makes me feel better.

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No Plans Today

I never made it to Kate’s studio last night. The photo shoot lasted almost seven hours. Three views were taken including an incredible twilight shot showing the evening sky through the skylight. It was a lot of fun. I find it fascinating to work with Jackie. She is a master and I always learn something new.

After the photo shoot I had a quick dinner at home and then picked up a six pack of Fat Tire before heading over to Carlos’ house for the Batttlestar viewing party. The crowd really enjoyed the show. After Battestar, Theresa threw everyone out of house, including her husband, because she was not feeling well. The guys were trying to decide to go to either Shotgun Willie’s (a titty bar) or Bull and Bush (local pub). I called it a night and headed home.

I don’t have any plans for today other than to watch a few shows on the Food Network and hit the gym for a cardio workout. I’m so sore from working out with Carlos yesterday. I feel like someone beat my back with a stick. Oddly, it’s a good feeling.

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My Day

I’m meeting Carlos at the gym for a back and biceps work out later this morning. After lunch I’ll be assisting Jackie on a photo shoot at our neighbor’s house. Sheila has decided to start an interior design business and is using her house to start her portfolio. Jackie will be shooting her master bathroom. Jackie decided to throw Sheila a bone and give her a highly discounted fee. It should be a fun time.

This evening I’m going to preview Kate McGuinness’ next art show at her gallery. Her show officially opens on February 13th at ZIP37 Gallery. K and I have several of Kate’s pieces in our house. She is an amazing woman and always has something interesting to say.

After Kate’s I’m going to Carlos and Theresa’s house to watch Battlestar Gallactica. K got me hooked on this show. Carlos and Theresa are BSG freaks. Carlos always invites an interesting crowd over to watch the show. It’s quite an experience to watch BSG with a group of science fiction nerds. You are only allowed to speak during the commercials. They pay attention to every minute detail. After the show airs they analyze every aspect of the show and speculate what will happen next.

Welcome to the trilling world of the unemployed!

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Getting Organized

I find that being unemployed gives me the luxury of wasting away my days. I make a conscious effort to pursue employment and visit the gym every day but that’s about it. I’ve decided I need to give myself at least one goal every day in addition to job hunting and working out. This weekend one of my goals was to complete my income tax preparation booklet that the accountant sends out every year. The task is 99% complete. I’m missing a 1099 from Smith Barney. Unfortunately, my last statement from Smith Barney includes a message advising that the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” gives them until February 15th to send out the needed forms. My weekend goal remains incomplete and I have moved the tax papers to twilight zone area of the office desk. Yesterday my goal was to inquire about renting a place in P-town in August. This goal was complete in a matter of minutes. I even achieved my stretch goal of inviting Terry and Mark to join us in P-town. Today my goal was to sign the P-town lease and call our realtor friend in Dallas, K, to drop a check off at the landlord’s office. This goal was also completed in short order. In my former professional life I was very organized and kept a very clean desk at the office. However, I’ve been plagued with unorganized matters in my personal life for a while now. This is especially true when it comes to my important personal papers and documents. Tomorrow my goal is to finish organizing all my financial statements. I’ve been stuffing bank statements and credit card bills into the file cabinet in the office. I was horrified to find out I had at least four years of statements crammed into to hanging files. I started organizing all of the files. I’ve shredded stacks of papers that didn’t need to be saved because I have a fear of getting my credit compromised. I find this all amazingly relieving but I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because I need to purge some habits from my life and look forward to a promising future free of clutter.

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What Was She Thinking?

Yesterday at the gym I saw tall woman with porcelain skin and jet-black hair cut in a short, choppy punk rock style. She was wearing a pink, white and black printed top with a v-neck and an umpire waist, a black accordion pleated skit that was hemmed several inches above her knees. Underneath the skirt she wore bright pink tights that ended just above the knee. To cap off her outfit she wore black patent leather Mary Jane pumps with a three-inch heel and large bright pink hoop earrings. Overall, she looked cartoonish, liked a pumped up Betty Boop. She wasn’t one of the stick think women at the gym so she definitely stood out in this outfit. In fact, heads were turning as she made her way to the women’s locker room. I couldn’t help but wonder what this woman was thinking when she put this ensemble together. Unfortunately, I never saw this woman in work out attire. I bet that was something to see too.

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