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San Francisco Summary

K and I arrived at our hotel in the early afternoon. After settling in K was off to meetings until mid evening. I lounged around the hotel and then had dinner at a restaurant next door to K’s office. After dinner I returned to the hotel and watched TV while waiting for K to return from his meeting.

On Monday I rose early for a 6 a.m. boot camp led by S, the Wellness Director, and K. I didn’t mind getting up early because I wanted to get into the habit of rising early in preparation for starting work. Then it was on to breakfast and back to the room to relax before heading to Union Square. I visited my usual haunts (Barney’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Agnes B, Ted Baker and Banana Republic) and prided myself on keeping my spending in check. That evening K and I had a very enjoyable dinner with P & K, who also live in Denver. P put the tab on his expense account.

Tuesday started with a 6 a.m. fitness walk with S. After breakfast K and I went to the Ted Baker store in Union Square. K selected a number of things and got a 20% discount if he picked up the clothes on Thursday. After Ted Baker we had a relaxing lunch at The Rotunda (in Neiman-Marcus) before heading back the hotel so K could attend meetings in the afternoon. That evening K took his team and their spouses out to dinner on the company dime.

Wednesday morning started with a 6 a.m. yoga class. I had breakfast, got cleaned up and met up with the other spouses for a trip to the de Young museum in Golden Gate park. The Warhol exhibit and YSL fashion retrospective were outstanding. I also took in the Richard Diebenkorn exhibit and a photography exhibit about visual noise. The chairman’s wife treated a number of us to lunch at the de Young. After lunch I went to the California Academy of Sciences across from the de Young. Soon it was time to head back the hotel to get a few minutes rest before the company pool tournament. I didn’t play pool but I did enjoy the food and drinks. The company provided an open bar so a few in the crowd were well liquored.

Thursday I skipped boot camp and yoga and decided to sleep in. I attend a cooking class at the Ferry building with the other spouses. It was a lot of fun. The spouses were divided up into seven teams and cooked seven courses of food that served as our lunch. I was amazed at the number of women who had no kitchen skills. One woman remarked “I don’t cook because that what cooks are for”. Her husband’s income provides for a housekeeper and a cook. After class the spouses were dropped off at Union Square for a couple of hours. I picked up K’s clothes at Ted Baker, bought a birthday gift for one of K’s employees and purchased a shirt at the Paul Smith store. After shopping I was one of three spouses selected to ride back to the hotel in a limo while the other spouses rode back in the bus. That night there was another dinner on the company dime.

Friday started with another boot camp, breakfast and then a massage. I spent the day at the hotel attending a healthy living lecture given by S in the morning and a personality analysis and lecture in the afternoon. Friday night we attended another company dinner hosted by K’s boss. I had a great time talking with the wife of K’s boss. The booze was flowing freely and a few of the attendees were rather tipsy.

Saturday started with boot camp, yoga class and then a massage. I had lunch at the hotel and took a nap in the afternoon. Saturday evening the company hosted a dinner on a boat that sailed abound the bay. I had a great time socializing. At dinner I came up with an idea that turned into a really great thing (I’ll explain in a later post). A number of young women who work at the company ended up getting completely trashed. Some were puking in the women’s room and two were passed out in the dinning room. I guess the open bar was too much of a temptation for these young women. After the dinner cruise K and I returned to the hotel and chatted with a few people before calling it a night.

Sunday morning we showered, packed, and had breakfast. I headed to the airport to fly home. K stayed at the hotel for another hour before leaving to catch his flight to Boston. I came home to plumbing disaster but that is a story for another post.

It was a wonderful trip. I can’t wait to go back next year.

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Today is my first day of employment at the new company. I’m sitting at home in the office waiting for the new employee orientation conference call to start. Later today I need to pick up a new laptop at the local office in Highlands Ranch. I talked to my new boss once last week. Other than that I’ve had no contact. While I was in San Francisco I received a package with benefit information and a corporate overview. A second package contained my new ID badge. My new boss needed me on payroll as soon as possible but I’ve been given no direction or instructions for this week. That’s life in the corporate world.

Here’s a bit of information on the new company. It has a presence in 130 countries, annual revenues are $18 billion and it has 77,000 employees. I guess that should now be 77,001.

I’ve changed the name of the blog back to Corporate Slave since I’m now gainfully employed.

I’ll be posting a recap of the San Francisco trip later this week. It was a lot of fun. A truly wonderful thing happened last night.

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SF #1

The trip started out a little rocky. K lost his wallet, the plane was delayed, K’s luggage got stuck in the baggage system and the hotel reservation started on the wrong day. Yesterday I spent the day in Union Square doing my best to help the economy. Last knight was a nice dinner with two of K’s employees. Today, K and I are going to Ted Baker and having lunch in the city. I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tonight.

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I’m getting ready for the trip to San Francisco. Hopefully, I’ll have time to post an item or two while I’m away.

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For the last four months I’ve been unemployed. My days consisted of surfing the net looking for employment, reading blogs and going to the gym. K and I are leaving for San Francisco on Sunday. I start a new job on the 23rd. So why is that the sewer line gets clogged up at the worst possible time? For four months I had ample time on my hands to supervise repairs. But no, the line has to fail when I no longer have days of leisure.

A plumbing company came out today to snake the line. The equipment got stuck in the pipe for while. They finally got it out and called for another man to bring a camera to see what was causing the problem. It seems that the fifty five-year-old sewer line is in sad shape and needs to be replaced. It cost $300 to snake the line and run the camera through the line.  The estimate to repair the line is $8,500. The repairman told me that if the line ran out to the street is would be $15,000 for the repair. It’s cheaper since the city sewer line runs along the back of the property and the street does not have to be dug up and repaired.

K and I decided to get a second bid and to address the problem after K returns from Boston. I have to advise the house sitter not to shower, run the dishwasher and do laundry at the same time or she will be cleaning up a mess.

And I thought I had good karma because I landed the job so easily.

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I found out today that I passed the drug test and the background check has been completed. I’m due to start work on March 23rd. I’ve been busy completing paper work and providing information online. I faxed twelve pages of documents to the new employer today. I still have one other form to fill out but that can’t be completed until I officially start work. I’m going over to G’s house this afternoon to take pictures for our ID badges. The new employer requires employees to provide their own photo that is used on the ID badge. I’m still waiting for instructions on what to do on my first day of work. I also need to get a laptop. Hopefully, I’ll find out soon.

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What a Day!

The day started out with three emails. One from the new employer and two from a firm hired to conduct the drug test and background check. The new employer’s email contained a link to a web site and a login with a password. On the site I found seven documents to fill out and fax to the HR department. The documents included an employment application, an intellectual property questionnaire, a gender and race ID form, intellectual property employee agreement (not to be confused with the questionnaire), export-import compliance certification, an ID badge request form and a few others. I printed the documents and put them aside to fill out later. I called the 800 number for the drug testing center only to be told to call a local number. I called the local number and made an appointment for a 10 a.m. test. I made it to center just in time. I stopped by Cindi’s office on the way home from the drug test. After a brief visit with Cindi I came home and filled out the online forms for the background check. I had a quick lunch and started to fill out the documents from the new employer. A little after noon I headed to mall to compare prices on cell phones. After the mall I came home to find another email concerning conflicting information uncovered in the initial background check. I called the company to clarify the misunderstanding. Next I was off to the gym for a cardio workout. After cardio I stopped by Homo Depot to get keys made for the housesitter. I came home and made a coffeecake to take over to Carlos and Theresa’s house for a Battlestar Galactica viewing party (I was guilted into attending this party because K and I did not make it to either of Carlos’ band performances this weekend). While the coffeecake was in the oven I went back to Homo Depot the return the keys that did not work. K just came home so it’s time to cook dinner. Catch ya later!

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