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Back to Work Again

I got a job offer.  They met my price and I’m scheduled to start on Tuesday. I’ll take a drug test on Monday.  They have asked me to start before the background check is completed and the drug test results are received.  The contract will be terminated if I fail either one.  That should not be an issue since I went through this process in March and I’ve been behaving myself.  I’m still not trilled about the commute but I’ll try to get my hours changed after I get settled in and prove I’m worth my asking price.

I can’t believe how fast this happened.  My head is spinning.  It will be a little strange working for the company that I’m suing.  My lawyer has given me permission to take job since I’m actually working for an employment staffing firm and not directly for the company.  I had my lawyer approve the deal because I was thought it might violate one the provisions of my fee agreement.  Better safe than sorry.  I didn’t want to owe my lawyer the equivalent of two years pay.

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An Interview

I had an interview for a contract position at my former employer this morning.  A few weeks ago I received an email from D, a man who wanted to hire before I was laid off.  At the time I told him I was gainfully employed but thanked him for considering me for the position.  After I was notified I was being laid off from my current employer I called D and set up an interview.  I was to interview with D and L, the woman I would report to. We met in the building lobby.  D told me to lose the coat and tie and we went for a walk around the grounds.  We ended up in the courtyard between the two buildings.  The remander of the interview was held at one of the outdoor tables under an umbrella.  They told me that they were given great recommendations from people in their department that knew me.  I think the interview went well overall.  However, there are a few things that I’m not happy with.  First of all, the hours are 8 to 5 and I must work in the office. This means a horrendous commute during the morning and afternoon rush hours.  Also, the contract will only run until the end of September.  I will have to take a sabbatical in July when the department closes down for a week to cut costs.  Finally, the pay is lower than I expected.  I’m not sure what to do.  I’ll be on payroll with my current employer until the end of July and I’ll only get five weeks severance pay.  I’ve got a lot to think over.

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Easy Come, Easy Go

I got laid off today.  I’ll get my official package via FedEx tomorrow.  Sigh!

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The plumbing company came out on Monday to replace our sewer line from the house to the city tap. They were installing a new Perma-Liner that only required access at the house. About an hour after work started I get a call from the man who prepared the bid. He informs me that the sewer line increases from four inches to six inches about ten feet before the city tap. They will be unable to use a Perma-Liner and now have to switch to the pipe burst method. This means that the cost increases ($2,200) and that they need to bring a trackhoe into the yard in order to dig a hole at the city tap. Two fences have to be removed and the trackhoe needs to be place in our neighbor’s yard (Tom & Sheila). The trackhoe will run over anything in its way so we have to move any plants that we want saved. K took off yesterday to get the yard ready for the project. He took down three sections of fence between our yard and Tom and Sheila’s yard and dug up as many plants as he could. Our backyard is all garden with no grass so there were a lot of plants to move. Some were sacrificed and will need to be replaced. The work has been completed and the workers are getting ready to leave.  We now have to rebuild the fence between the properties, rebuild the fence along the side yard that was removed so that the trackhoe could access the back yard, relay the flagstones on the patio on the lower level seating area by the pond, repair the sprinkler system, replant the garden and relay the pavers in the courtyard patio. The plumbing company will tear things up but will not replace the items they remove or tear up. There’s no way we can get this done this weekend. K leaves on Tuesday for three more weeks in Missouri. So whatever we don’t finish may have to wait until K comes back. Our priorities will be the fence and sprinkler system. The flagstones and pavers can wait. I can handle replanting the garden while K is away. My dream of having a long relaxing weekend has turned into a nightmare.

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Work Overload

I’m getting my butt kicked at work. My workload has gone from almost nothing to complete overload. Everything seems to be a rush and each salesperson thinks their customer is more important that the others. Everyone wants a bigger discount in order to close the deal. I’m also dealing with a lot of Euro to US Dollar conversions. I would love to choke the living hell out of one particularly aggravating sales person. I also have a customer in London who is the biggest penny (they have pennies in England, a single pence is called a penny) pincher I have ever encountered in my career. I still have a lot to learn and I get confused every day.

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Where Did We Go Wrong?

K’s niece, S, was in town last week on business and decided to stay over for the weekend so she could squeeze in a visit with us. She arrived on Saturday afternoon just as we were finishing up a yard project. K and I cleaned up and then headed to Cherry Creek Mall with S for a little retailing. After the mall we decided to have dinner in Cherry Creek North. That’s when the bomb was dropped. S tells us she is dating a young man who is a republican and is the great grand son of a former republican president. Her boyfriend has political ambitions and she may soon be dating a man running for office. K and I have always tried to be good democratic role models for S. S grew up with republican parents in a small town in southwest Colorado and supports the Republican Party. We have tried to convert her but it looks as if we have failed. Where did we go wrong? At least she wants us to meet him before she introduces him to her parents.

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I’m in the process of finalizing my objectives for this calendar year. I know that the year is almost half over but big corporations often run at a snail’s pace. After my last post I find it rather ironic that one of my objectives for this year is to treat all communication with the highest level of respect. I had to chuckle when I read this item in the email my director sent outlining the team’s objectives. Now if only this was a company wide objective. Do you think people will start answering my emails and returning my calls?

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