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Miscellaneous Updates

Cindi has moved back into her house. Unfortunately, the boyfriend is still there. She tells me she is not sure if they are getting back together. They have a contract that outlines what type of behavior is acceptable (i.e. he can’t call her a cunt, bitch, whore or a slut). Cindi says they are not friends with benefits. I don’t understand why she moved back home with the boyfriend still in the house. It makes me very nervous.

K left for Cape Cod today. He needs to check up on a project at a place called MMR. I’m not sure what it is but it’s connected to the military. He comes home on Thursday evening.

Carlos and Theresa had their baby about a week ago. We stopped by for a visit on Sunday to check out the kid. Archer is a cute baby. He weighed over eight pounds and was twenty-one inches long at birth (I’ve never understood why these statistics are important. It seems like most women want to know the details. Do you get a merit badge for a big baby?).

My mother’s cat, Fang, was attacked by a pit bull on Saturday. The police shot and killed the dog in my parent’s yard. A huge ruckus followed because the owners were upset that their dog was killed. The police told my mother the dog had chased a child, then attacked a small dog and finally attacked Fang. Fang seems to be okay physically but is shell shocked. I think the cat was attacked for its bad karma. Fang is mean as hell. Fang has a habit of biting my father for no apparent reason. My mother is the only one that can pet Fang. The cat is so mean that the vet puts it under anesthesia when it needs an exam.

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Just Say Hello

Some of the people I work with will not speak to me unless I start the conversation. Most of these people will not say hello unless I say greet them first. For a while I thought it was because I present a more professional appearance. I dress better and am groomed better. I keep my kitchen clean unlike some of these guys who only get their kitchen cleaned when they get their haircut every six months. Then I thought it was because I’m gay. I seem to be the only gay person in this department. Then I finally figured out why. Most of these people are socially retarded. They have been playing video games, writing code and tinkering with computers for most of their lives. They never learned how to properly interact with people. They are complete social misfits. Now I make it point to say hello, force them to make eye contact and participate in conversations. I get a perverse sense of joy watching them feel uncomfortable while socially interacting with other people. Perhaps I am the odd one here.

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Chatty Cathy Takes A Vacation

Chatty Cathy (CC) is on vacation this week. He’s actually taking a staycation. CC has been replying to emails and he made sure to let everyone know he can be reached on his cell phone. The office is really quiet without CC. One could almost hear a pin drop except that the office has carpeting. Last week I had to endure another twenty minute dissertation from CC. I found a mistake in his code so I was subjected to another excessively long explanation of his coding methodology. No other software developer subjects the testers to unnecessary explanations of their work. They simply write a fix and redeliver to code for another round of testing.

One more thing while I’m on the subject of CC. Last Friday he wore shorts (The company allows employees in this building to wear shorts during the summer. It has something to do with being mostly a lab environment. I’ve seen some of the ugliest legs on men in this building). CC looked like a character from the Peanuts comic strip. His shirt was too big, the shorts were too long and he was wearing white socks with deck shoes. Doesn’t that paint a lovely picture?

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Mission Accomplished

K rode 100 kilometers in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure on Saturday. He was the fifth highest fundraiser out of 1,800 plus riders. He raised $6,465.00. Congratulations to K for exceeding his goal.

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Severance Pay

I was excited to find out I received my severance payment from the company that laid me off in July. Then I realized they withheld 20k in taxes. Lump sum payments are taxed at a higher rate than normal paychecks. Now I’m hoping for a large tax refund next year.

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Thought For The Day

Listening to the news reports about the ruckus being raised at the various health care town hall meetings around the country has confirmed one of my worst fears. The United States is full of idiots. The ridiculous questions being asked clearly shows the ignorance of these people. I’ve also come to the conclusion that the term birther is a synonym for racist.

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I’ve been busy gathering documentation for the rebuttal to the Company’s answer to the EEO complaint. I’ll try to post something tomorrow.

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