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Just What I Expected

When I returned from Ptown there was a letter from the EEOC in the stack of mail that the house sitter piled on the dining room table. The company that laid me off last November finally responded to my EEO complaint. The response was what I expected. They said the claim has no merit. Now it’s my turn to provide a rebuttal. The lawyer has asked the EEOC for more time to respond since the documents should have been sent to him first. It looks like I will be spending the next several evenings crafting my response so that the lawyer can add his legalese. The EEOC will review the rebuttal and decide if the complaint should proceed to conciliation. I’m hoping this wraps up before the end of the year.

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Ptown 2009 #3

It’s our last day in Ptown. We’re going to Bistro 404 tonight for dinner. After dinner we’ll stroll through town for a while then head home to pack. We’re on the 10:30 ferry to Boston tomorrow morning. It’s been a great week. However, only one of the single guys found a holiday husband. Can you guess which one?

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Ptown 2009 #2

We’re having a great time. Everyone experienced some type of travel drama – lost luggage, airplane mechanical problems and delayed flights. We’re hoping the trip home is uneventful.

We’ve had some long relaxing days at the beach. KB, the realtor, and I have been going for an early morning bike rides before breakfast. We’re usually back at the house by a little after 8.

The crowed seems a lot thinner this year. A lot of the guest houses have vacancy signs posted. However, it’s hard as hell to get a decent dinner reservation. It seems that most of the popular places only have 5:30 or 9:30 or later seating available. We managed to snag a 7:30 table at The Mews last night. The food and service were great. We ate at Jimmy’s a few nights ago after tea dance at The Boatslip. Friday night we’re having dinner at Victor’s.

It’s overcast and cool today. We’ve been watching TV, playing cards and reading. K and I may walk down Commercial Street a little later. The Marc Jacobs store has very reasonably priced cashmere sweaters. I may have to pick one up.


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United Airlines advertised flights to London from Denver for $279 each way. The cheapest fare I can find is $822. The flight is only $426 but the taxes and fees are $396. WTF! The taxes and fees are $30 less than the airfare. I found another itinerary on Air Canada for $796. This flight costs $396 but the taxes and fees are $400. Why are the taxed and fees higher than the cost of the flight? A third option was on American Airlines for $792. The American flight is $618 and taxes and fees are $174. Why are the taxes and fees lower on American than United and Air Canada? None of this makes sense to me. Can anyone explain this?

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Ptown 2009

We’re flying to Boston tomorrow and then taking the ferry to Ptown on Saturday. KB, the realtor from Dallas will be joining us again this year. P, the D.C. uber lawyer, will be staying with us too. KB and P will be able to prowl the town for holiday husbands since they are both single. It should be a fun time. I can almost taste the malasadas from the Portuguese bakery.

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An Executive Cluster Fuck

One of the top executives of this company failed to respond to a major supplier on a timely basis concerning the future needs of a certain piece of hardware provided by the supplier. The supplier discontinued the hardware. As a result the company had to find a new supplier for this hardware that is used in a large percentage of the product lines. Hundreds of people, including me, are scrambling to make sure that the transition to the new hardware will be seamless and not affect sales in the final fiscal quarter. R & D has to test every software package on the hardware to ensure compatibility. My team has to make sure changes are made in the design and ordering systems so that the new hardware will be provisioned on an order. Marketing has to create the message to be delivered to the customers. The warehouse and stocking locations have to prepare for the new inventories. The list of people involved goes on and on. All of this has to be done by the end of September. Can you say cluster fuck?

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Hard Times

I talked to my friend, J, last night. She runs a small service based business. She is the sole employee of the business with the exception of an assistant that is occasionally hired. J was telling me that business is really slow. The next three months are her usual busy period. J only has one $5000 job scheduled for the next three months. She normally pulls in around 100k in the busy season. Her overhead cost run $650 per day. J is hurting but will survive because she has financial reserves to last at least a year before she has to start dipping into her savings. She is looking for alternative revenue streams and is actively trying to recruit new clients. J will survive. She is a great businesswoman and an expert in her field. I’m sure this is just a temporary setback. I don’t like to see her struggle.

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