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A Free Weekend

The trip to Durango has been postponed until after K gets back from Liverpool. K’s father asked us to come at a later date since there are some other relatives visiting this weekend. K’s father is doing well so there’s no need to rush down to Durango. I now have a free weekend to lounge around do nothing.

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Family Drama Update 4

K’s father got out of the hospital last Thursday. K does not need to pay for home health care since his father spent the extra time in the hospital due to the high fever. He’s able to get around with a walker. That sure is a relief. We’re still planning on driving to Durango this weekend. It will be a long drive but the aspens are changing color so it should be scenic. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow!

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A Conversation At The Gym

While on the treadmill at the gym I overheard this conversation between two twenty-something attractive women.

Woman 1 – Did you go out with that hot guy you met?

Woman 2 – Yes. He’s got a really nice place.

Woman 1 – Are you going out with him again?

Woman 2 – No. His bedroom is too girly.

I was puzzled by this conversation. I wanted to ask the woman if she slept with the guy but they got the treadmills. I wonder what the guy’s bedroom looked like. I guess he should have kept her out of bedroom until the second or third date.

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Skeleton Crew

I’m working from home today. Only a handful of actual employees are working today. Most have taken off because they have to use their vacation time by the end of the month. So far only two employees and seven contractors are working.

I have several software packages to test. I have worked on one for fifty hours and have rejected the package twenty seven times. The three developers working on the software code are not happy campers. The software is for the next major release of the flagship product so it needs to be perfect when it goes out the door. Currently, about half of the code is working correctly. It’s time to get back to testing.

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A New Office

My office has been moved from the third floor the first floor. The department is consolidating all the employees into one area of the building. I now share an office with T, another tester. I miss having a private office. I’m still getting used to sharing an office. It’s a little strange knowing that your office mate hears all your phone conversations and can watch you work all day. Thankfully, T only works four days a week and doesn’t come in until 9. She’s the best tester so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from her. Chatty Cathy has been moved into his own office that faces a conference room. I probably will not have very many Chatty Cathy stories going forward. The strange thing about the new office is that the floor shakes when someone walks down the hall. It’s a little scary. There’s a basement below this part of the building and there are three floors above me. If you read about an office building collapsing in the Denver metro area I’ll probably be under all the rubble.

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Family Drama Update 3

K’s father is due to get out of the hospital today if the low grade fever goes away. The doctors gave his dad a pacemaker on Saturday. K will be doing phone interviews with home health care people today. Hopefully, he’ll find a suitable candidate today.

In other news, today is K’s birthday. We’ll probably celebrate this weekend when he gets home from Missouri.

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It’s Too Early for Christmas!

When I was in Neiman Marcus last week shopping for shoes I noticed they had their Christmas holiday department already set up. It’s only September and they’re pushing the holiday season on us. It’s too early.

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Highway Vigilantes

This morning on my way to work I was stuck behind a highway vigilante for about a third of my commute. These are the people who drive at the speed limit in the left lane on the highway and refuse to move over to let the traffic behind them proceed at a faster pace. Highway vigilantes enforce the speed limit by not moving out of the way. They obviously don’t understand the highway signs advising drivers to keep right except to pass. If I choose to drive at a faster pace you should get out of my way. I’m willing to suffer the consequences if I get a speeding ticket. It’s not your responsibility to enforce the speed limit. If you’re not in a hurry to get to your destination why are your driving in the left lane and holding the rest of us up? You are being a rude fuck. At least I have to common courtesy not to flash my lights to get your attention. So be nice and move out of the way. The ten drivers behind you will be grateful.

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Family Drama Update 2

K’s father is getting a pacemaker installed today. He had a low grade fever yesterday so the procedure was postponed. K’s niece is flying to Durango for the weekend. Her boyfriend’s mother used airline miles for the ticket. No other drama yet.

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Family Drama Update

K called me last night to bring me up to date on his father. K’s father was never in a rehabilitation center. In fact, there isn’t a rehabilitation center in Durango. K’s brother and sil told K’s father that he was being moved to a rehabilitation center but in reality it was a nursing home. K’s father was really upset when he got to the “rehab” center. K’s brother and sil must be idiots if they thought they could pull the wool over K’s father’s eyes. The man has lived in Durango almost his entire adult life. He knows the town like the back of his hand. Did they really think the man would not figure it out? K’s father is refusing to go back to the nursing home. I don’t blame him. The situation was horribly handled. I’ll bet the entire scheme was plotted by that bitch of a sil.

The brother can’t understand why K can’t drop everything and fly to Durango. He thinks K should be able to negotiate a multi-million dollar contract over the phone. His brother’s ignorance never surprises me. The brother doesn’t understand why K’s trip to Liverpool, England in October is so important. He doesn’t comprehend how impressive and career savvy it is to present a paper and lead discussions at an international environment conference. He thinks K should cancel his trip.

K will be funding the necessary home care that his father will require. K and I will be driving to Durango on a Friday afternoon and driving back to Denver on a Sunday afternoon. Fourteen hours in a car for a short weekend visit. The trip will be squeezed in after K returns from Missouri and before he leaves for Liverpool. I look forward to seeing K’s parents. I dread the possible drama that could unfold. I will be expected to keep the peace and not cause a ruckus with the bil and sil. I would love to give each of them a good tongue lashing. However, it will not be the time or place. Someday my dream of putting them in their place will come true.

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