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17 Years and Counting!

K and I are celebrating our seventeenth year anniversary today. It seems so hard to believe it has been that long.

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It Was A Blast!

Cindi’s party was a night to remember. She let her designers do whatever they wanted and the décor turned out fantastic. One guy used one of Cindi’s tractor trailers as the trailer trash lounge that included a bathtub filled with PBR. Another designer made a huge skull with fog coming out of its mouth. The tent was lined with red velvet draping while the main building was covered floor to ceiling with black fabric. Cindi brought in a fortune teller but I never got around to it. The booze was flowing and the food was provided by the three best caterers in town. The after party included drunken karaoke and dancing. I ran into several people I have not seen in years. Lena, Cindi’s former girlfriend and business partner was there. It was great catching up with Lena. K and I had a great time. I am so happy for Cindi’s success. She built a business from the ground up that has turned into one of the best award winning décor companies in the area. I am so proud of her success.

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The Party Is Still On

I talked with Cindi last night. The party is still on. The tent company erected the tent on Tuesday before the snow storm. She’s had to heat the tent so the falling snow will melt instead of building up and collapsing the tent. It should be a fun time tonight.

There’s about eighteen inches of snow at our house. In some place places it’s almost three feet deep. Cindi has four feet at her house.

The roads are a mess this morning. Here are the road closures. NB I-25 Wellington to the Wyoming border; I-70 Aurora to Kansas; I-76 Brighton to Nebraska; CO 61 Sterling to Otis; CO 59 Cope to Kit Carson, I-76-Yuma; US 36 Byers to Kansas; US 34 Brush to Nebraska; US 40 Limon to Kit Carson; US 24 Limon to Calhan; CO 71 Ordway to Brush; Hwy. 14 to Nebraska; CO 86 Kiowa to I-70; Hwy 93 between Hwy 58 and 128; Hwy 385 between

A BLIZZARD WARNING continues until 9 a.m. for Yuma and Kit Carson Counties.

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Cancel The Barbeque


A colleague sent me this picture of his grill. It’s been snowing here for thirty eight hours. I’ve shoveled the driveway and sidewalks twice. There’s about sixteen inches of snow so far. Some places have thirty inches. Cindi had two feet last night at her house in the canyon. It should snow all day today and stop sometime tonight.

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Let It Snow!

Were having our first big winter storm. We’re under a winter storm warning until 6 p.m. Thursday. Thankfully, I’m working from home today because the roads are a mess.

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Time to Party

Cindi is throwing a big party on Friday night to celebrate her business ten year anniversary. She’s having a tent erected in the parking lot and is decorating it like a haunted house. Cindi is bringing in four of the city’s top caterers so the food should be good. I’m sure the booze will be flowing too. There will be a lot of local special event industry guests in attendance. It should be a fun time. Plus K will be home Friday afternoon so he’ll get to go too. I can’t wait. I haven’t been to a good party in a long time.

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More FF Miles

K left for Buffalo this morning in order to attend a walk down on Monday. He flies to Las Vegas on Wednesday for meetings at a military facility on Thursday. He’ll come home on Friday afternoon. He’s only been home ten weeks so far this year.

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