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Postponed Again

K needs to fly to New York on Sunday for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. The trip to Durango has been postponed again. I wonder if we will ever make it down there.

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We’re Not Moving

K got home from England around 8:30 last night. He bought me a really nice Paul Smith shirt in London. K had a really good time at the conference. K is excited about all of the European projects that are on the drawing board. He could easily get a job at any of the companies that are involved in these projects. We are not moving across the pond at this time. However, if the right opportunity comes up we may sell the house and move to Europe.

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Back In The Day

Here’s part of a conversation I heard in the men’s locker room between two forty-something overweight men. They were reminiscing about clubbing in the eighties.

Man 1: Do you remember that hot red head who always wore the high heels?

Man 2: Ya, she was hot. What ever happened to her?

Man 1: I ran into her at Costco a few months ago. She totally let herself go. She’s fat and looked like hell.

Man 2: What a shame. She was smoking hot back in the day.

It wasn’t until I heard the fat remark that I looked up and noticed that both of these men were at least thirty pounds overweight. A fat man was being critical of woman for gaining weight. Is he not aware of the extra pounds he is carrying around? Does he think it is acceptable for man to gain weight but not a woman? Even thought he is at a gym he is far from being in shape. This could lead into a major discussion of how society and the media put pressure on women to look a certain way. However, I don’t have time for that discussion today. You can discuss that among yourselves.

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I received an email from K today. He’s having a good time in Liverpool and the conference has been very beneficial. Then I read the following sentence:

What do you think about moving to the UK or Europe?

Pause for a moment. Get excited. Then come back to reality. This isn’t the first time the idea of moving across the pond has surfaced. The last time he went to Cumbria he was approached about a high level position with a company based in England. Then there was a position with the IAEA in Vienna. It seems that opportunities arise but nothing ever comes to fruition.

I would love to live in another country just for the adventure. However, there are many questions that need to be addressed. It would be great if the company offered domestic partner benefits and provided K with a salary that will enable me to be a man of leisure.

Don’t get too excited about me blogging from Europe. I’ve been down this road before and I’m still Denver.

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Down Time

I’m off work this week. I slept in again and did a few chores around the house. I’m off to the gym soon for a chest and triceps work out. After the gym I’m running an errand in Cherry Creek. I think I may make some ginger cookies this afternoon.

I talked with K’s mother earlier today. K’s father is doing a lot better. He spent yesterday afternoon at the casino. That’s always a good sign.

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My Saturday

We had our first snow today. It looks like someone sprinkled powered sugar on everything. The western suburbs have had snow before but it’s the first time in our part of the city. I slept in until 8:30 and watched TV for a few hours after breakfast. I managed to get cleaned up, go to the grocery store, bake peanut butter cookies, talk to my mother, hit the gym for a back and biceps workout and drop off some cookies for Patty to enjoy when she gets home from work at Homo Depot. Now I’m listening to industrial dance music from 2006 while catching up on blogs and doing a load of laundry. Tonight I’m watching Crash (the TV series) on demand. Later tonight I plan on taking a long hot bath before bed. I love having the luxury of doing anything I want on a Saturday.

Speaking of the gym, I saw Mike Jones (of the Ted Haggard fiasco) at the gym. He was wearing a rentboy.com t-shirt. I think that should have read rentman.com. I’ll have to Google it. That’s all for now.

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Another Business Trip

K leaves for Liverpool later this morning. He’ll be back on the 18th. He’s planning on spending the last two days in London. I’m sure he’ll make a stop at Ted Baker. I wonder if he’ll buy me anything.

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Heath Care Out Of Control

A few weeks ago it was time for my semi-annual cancer check up. I had a CT scan, chest x-ray and saw my oncologist. The hospital billed $6,950 for the CT scan and chest x-ray. The insurance company paid the negotiated charge of $341. The oncologist office visit was $116 and the negotiated rate was $47. If a person can’t afford health insurance how can they be expected to pay these inflated rates? This is a clear example of why heath care reform is needed in this country.

I really don’t understand why the general population seems so upset by heath care reform. Did people really believe there would be death panels? If, so these people are complete idiots for believing what they are told and for not actually reading what is in the bill. These people need to be removed from the gene pool.

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In Mourning

On Monday Conde Nast Publications announced it is closing down Gourmet magazine. I love this magazine. K and I have used many of the Gourmet recipes when we have hosted dinner parties. Every month I look forward to paging through the magazine looking for new and interesting recipes to try. The November issue will be the last issue. I feel like I’m losing a good friend.

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Gym Rant 6

Why is it that some guys at the gym wear a colored t-shirt over a white t-shirt when they work out? I find this rather odd. One man changes his colored t-shirt before leaving the gym but never takes off his white t-shirt. I don’t understand the need to wear two t-shirts. The gym is usually on the warm side so two shirts are not needed to keep warm.

There’s a very handsome married breeder guy I see at the gym who never uses a locker. He carries his gym bag around the workout floor. At first, I thought he was visitor who didn’t have a lock for the locker but I see this man every week now. Another curious thing is that he never changes clothes in the locker room. However, on a number of occasions I have seen him in the parking changing into a clean shirt while standing next to his Range Rover. The man has a hot body. I wonder why he doesn’t change in the locker room. Unless of course he’s trying to attract some female attention that he can’t get in the men’s locker room.

Why is it that the women at the gym seem to be getting thinner while the men are getting fatter? I’ve noticed an increase in the number of rail thin women at the gym lately. The social x-rays (term borrowed from Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities) tend to congregate in the cardio area and are rarely seen in the free weight area. On the other hand, there are a number of formerly in shape men who have packed on the pounds in recent months. The former hunks usually hang out in the free weight area and are rarely seen doing any form of cardio. Perhaps it’s just a strange coincidence.

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