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Entertaining The Boss

K’s boss and his wife came over for dinner last night. Tom and Sheila, our neighbors, also joined us. I felt like I was in one of the episodes of Bewitched when Darrin invited Mr. Tate over for dinner. I’ve never invited any boss over to dinner. I’ve never felt the need to entertain my boss. Things seem to be different at K’s company. It’s not a large Fortune 500 company so things are a little more intimate.

I was nervous at first but the evening turned out to be a lot fun. Tom and Sheila always have the most entertaining stories from their many years in the theater and world travels. K cooked a great meal. The dinner started off with a salad of arugula, orange, grapefruit and pomegranate seeds topped with pan roasted scallops and shrimp. The main course was rack of lamb with roasted cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes, and sautéed haricot verts. Dessert was a vanilla cardamom pound cake topped with brandied peaches and whipped cream. I’m not of fan of cauliflower or Brussels sprouts but they were roasted which really changed their flavor. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner and the guests stayed until almost midnight.

A, the company president, has asked K why he has never been invited over for dinner when he has been in town. He knows other people from the company have been to our house and I guess he feels left out. Thankfully, he will be in Afghanistan or Iraq for the next several months. But the next time he’s here we’ll be hosting him. That gives me a while to come up with a guest list. Helena, our cougar friend, would probably scare the pants off him. Helena is big flirt so it would be fun to watch her flirt him up. I can’t wait.

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Patty Has A New Man

K and I had lunch with Patty on Sunday at Houston’s in Cherry Creek. We had a very nice and relaxing time. Houston’s is a very beautifully designed restaurant with a staff that looks like they were hired off the roster of a modeling agency. The staff is all white, tall and beautiful. Even the men are beautiful. It’s so typical of Cherry Creek.

Over lunch K and I decided to host a holiday dinner on Christmas day. We invited Patty to come. Then she dropped what she thought was a bomb. She’s been seeing a man she met in her bereavement group. He’s about ten years younger than Patty and has two sons from his first marriage. He second wife died from breast cancer around the same time that Steve died. Patty almost seemed afraid to tell us. Both K and I thought it was great new and told Patty how happy we were for her. I reminded Patty of the conversation we had after Steve died when she told me she would spend the rest of her time alone because she lost her soul mate. We all had a good laugh about that.

It’s good to see Patty in better spirits. This may not be the man she spends the rest of her life with but at least she has some straight male companionship.

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The Good Wife

I’ve been tipped off that my mother is being nominated for a Tony award for best actress in the week long drama called “My Husband Had A Heart Attack”.

My brother filled me in on the drama today. My mother insisted on being at the hospital every day so she could play the part of the loving wife by holding a bedside vigil during visiting hours. My parents got along incredibly well. Both were amazingly polite cordial to all of the doctors, nurses and other assorted hospital workers. One nurse joked that my father should be nominated for patient of the year since he obeyed all orders, ate every meal and didn’t complain about anything. I’m guessing that my father will get a nomination as well. As I was hearing the recap of events I started to wonder if my parent’s bodies had been inhabited by some uber friendly and caring alien being.

When my brother and sil brought my parents home everything changed. They were not home more than five minutes when a heated argument broke out filled with god dammits, son of a bitches and go to hells. The only thing missing was a fuck you. Oddly, I’ve never heard my parents utter this phrase. My brother and sil were in another room so they didn’t even know the cause of the argument. About a half hour later another intense argument erupted with another course of cussing. At this point my brother and sil went home.

The caring and loving façade that my parents erected during the week long hospital drama was reduced to ruins in a matter of minutes after arriving home. This behavior is so puzzling to me. Why put on the act in public? My mother was so nice on the phone this past week. I almost fell for the act. I thought for minute that my parents would be able to put aside their differences and live out the rest of their lives together in peace. But then the act fell apart once my parents were at home. I guess some things will never change.

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Update on Pops

My father is still in the hospital. The doctor’s think he may have a kidney problem and may be diabetic. My mother could not articulate the reasons why the doctors think there are other problems. It doesn’t surprise me at all since he never goes to the doctor. His father’s death was caused by diabetic complications (he drank almost a case a beer and lapsed into a diabetic coma and died). One thing I find humorous is that my racist father now has a black nephrologist. According to my mother he is the most professional and personable doctor who has attend to my father. I wonder if my father regrets all the hateful things he has said about black people including his use of the “N” word. Perhaps karma is trying to teach my old man a lesson.

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It’s Only A Matter Of Time

The company I’m working for is in the final stages of the acquisition of a division of a bankrupt Canadian telecom company. So far 96% or around 6,000 employees of the bankrupt division have agreed to follow their jobs to my company. I’m sure the company saw a cheap way to get rid of one of its competitors. There has always been a rivalry between the two companies with each one claiming their products are better. It’s not the first time the company has acquired a competitor in order to gain market share and increase revenue. Migration plans will be developed to move customers off the bankrupt company’s platforms. Slowly the acquired company’s products will be killed off and layoffs will begin. I almost feel sorry for the people that are joining this company. When I started working for this company in 2000 there were 30,000 employees. Today there are less than 18,000. I’m sure the private equity owners have plans to get rid of most of the new 6,000 employees. It’s only a matter of time.

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Junk Food Caused The Heart Attack

My father is still in the hospital but may be released later today. My mother had a different story to tell regarding the timing of events. In her story there was no three hour delay in calling my brother. My mother says she’s really exhausted but says she can’t take a nap and isn’t sleeping well. She will not take anything to help her sleep. She always wants to play the martyr. My mother says that she has been cooking healthy meals for my father and that all the junk food he eats caused the heart attack. That’s an interesting tidbit of news given the fact that my mother told me she stopped cooking for my father years ago and that he was responsible for feeding himself. Who knows what to believe? I guess I’ll have to plan a trip home sometime soon. I dread going back to St. Louis. It’s so much easier to stay in Colorado and ignore what is happening back there.

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The Heart Attack

My brother called me around 9 this morning to tell me my father had a heart attack around 12:30 last night and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Since my mother doesn’t drive she stayed at home. One would think she would call a cab but she didn’t. My mother called by brother at 3:30 a.m. to tell him about the heart attack. My mother waited three hours before calling my brother because my dad didn’t want my brother disturbed. My brother lives about an hour away from my parents so he didn’t get to their house until a little before 5 a.m. My brother and mother arrived at the hospital a little after 5. By that time a heart specialist put in a stint and my father was in stable condition.

This behavior is so typical of my parents. Why rush to the hospital? It’s perfectly fine to wait a few hours before calling my brother knowing that it will take him an hour to get to their house. Why would my mother not call my brother sooner? She doesn’t seem to care about upsetting my father any other time so why follow his foolish instructions when he’s had a heart attack. Isn’t a heart attack a serious event that necessitates picking up the phone immediately to call one’s children? Apparently not in my family.

Can you say dysfunctional?

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