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Another elder lady in the neighborhood moved on and now her house is for sale. You can pick up her three bedroom, three bath house on about a half acre for only $1,050,000. Buy it now before a developer snaps it up and tears it down.

If you need bigger digs you can buy the house two doors down. This spec house is a five bedroom, 8 bath house with 6200 square feet of finished living space and 3,900 square foot basement. The house also has a pool. It can be yours for only $3,785,000.

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Food & Art

I’m having dinner with Lena, Pat and Dave tonight at El Noa Noa on Santa Fe. After dinner we’re heading up the street to check out the Sue Simon show at Spark. Sue is a very talented painter. Early in her career she created illustrations for science textbooks. She incorporates scientific formulas and images into her work, which in my opinion, is outstanding. K loves her work too. I hope it’s a good show.

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Will It Ever End?

Yesterday the boyfriend threatened to trash the house, kill Cindi and her dog. A new restraining order is now in place. For some reason I don’t quite understand there wasn’t an active restraining order. The boyfriend should be moving out on Saturday with the police on site for Cindi’s protection. The boyfriend is now making monetary demands. This is a real mess. Will it ever end?

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State Of The Union

The man can deliver a great speech. I liked most of what Obama said. I’m not going to provide a political analysis. There are other blogs that will a better job of the analysis than I can. I will say I think the republicans are still acting like a bunch of bitchy queens.

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Passing The Buck

I don’t get to talk to Chatty Cathy very often since our move to the first floor. He’s on a different aisle and has a private office to himself. Yesterday I was testing code for a product line that Chatty Cathy oversees as the model lead. I couldn’t get my laptop to download the new software load so Chatty Cathy had me delete the file from my directory. That turned out to be big mistake. I ended up working with TJ, the department’s top software developer, for an hour and half to get the directory restored. TJ told me to never ask Chatty Cathy for assistance with software downloads because he doesn’t know what he is doing. Later in the afternoon I talked to Chatty Cathy about the discrepancies I found between the engineer’s specifications and software load. Instead of taking accountability for the errors Chatty Cathy blamed the discrepancies on the engineer. He accused her of changing the documents without informing the developers. I was a little stunned. I’ve worked with this engineer on several occasions. She always follows the official process. All of the other model leads get the issues corrected without blaming anyone. Chatty Cathy always has to blame the engineer. What a prick! I guess some things never change.

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My job will not be moving to India. My manager could not find enough qualified candidates with good English language skills. The management team decided to move the work to Argentina. However, the office in Buenos Aires does not have sufficient space to accommodate the new workers. It has been decided that new employees will be hired in Denver. They are looking for new college graduates who will work for an entry level wage. My manager has yet to discuss any of this with me. I was given an off the record briefing by an employee friend.

I’m not sure if my contract will be extended past March 31st. I have work assignments for April, May and July but that doesn’t mean much. The assignments can be changed at the click of a mouse.

I can be rehired as an employee. Unfortunately, becoming an employee will violate the fee agreement with my lawyer. I will owe him a sizeable amount of money if I become an employee with benefits.

My job search will need to pick up steam. I have a distant possibility to work for a business partner that sells the company’s products. The business partner has an immediate need for a systems engineer. The job would involve spending about a week each month at a customer’s office in Chicago. There’s no guarantee the opening will not be filled before my contract ends. I don’t want to terminate my contract early because I don’t want to burn any bridges.

I’m not sure I want the job at the business partner. I know I can do the work. I’m not trilled about it. I’ll probably have to renew all of my certifications as mine have expired. It’s a task I don’t want to do. But want and need are two different things.

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K has only been away for two weeks but for some unknown reason it seems like four. He’ll be away for two more weeks.

The boyfriend did not move his things out of Cindi’s house yesterday.

Cindi told me she gets a smile on her face every time she pulls into the garage and sees the box labeled gay porn.

Lena was sick this weekend so we postponed our dinner until next weekend.

Sue Simon has a show opening at Spark Gallery on Friday night. I’ll have to check it out. K and I love her work.

The weekend flew by and now I’m at work on Monday morning. I have no motivation today. I have a document review in an hour so I’m killing time until the meeting starts.

Last week I was in a document review where the use of “an” or “a” before a word beginning with vowel was discussed for ten minutes. At first I was amused and silently listened to the many viewpoints. I finally had enough. I googled the subject and read a passage from a rules of style website. A consensus was achieved. Didn’t these people pay attention in school?

I decided to return one of the shirts I bought last week. It was a bargain because it was marked down $110.00 but it’s too similar to another shirt I own. Returning the shirt will help relieve my buyers remorse.

I should know more about the future of my job tomorrow.

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