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I talked to Patty last night. She’s an emotional mess again. She’s ready for a new relationship but the man she’s dating is still grieving over the death of his wife. Patty probably should not have started a relationship with a man she met in grief therapy. He needs more time. Patty’s not sure if she wants to wait. It’s a mess. The good thing is Patty is writing some great poetry.

Cindi has a dinner date on Saturday night. She met the man in June and sparks were flying. A mutual friend told the man Cindi is now single. They’ve been chatting on the phone all week and have a lot in common. Both pay their taxes and neither has been arrested for felony menacing. He’s picking Cindi up at our house on Saturday night because Cindi didn’t want to drive back to the canyon to get ready and then drive back to Denver. The guy is fifty and no longer has to work. She’s not sure if he has family money or was a wise investor. I’m hiring a private investigator to do a background check and a credit review.

K is coming home late Saturday afternoon. He has a meeting on Monday morning in Denver and then flies back to St. Louis. It will be nice to have him home.

I’m just kidding about the private investigator.

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25 Days Left

Counting today I have twenty five work days left to my contract. I need to step up my job hunting actions. The end of March will be here soon. Hopefully, I’ll still qualify for unemployment if I don’t find a job. I have no firm prospects at this time.

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Why Does This Continue To Happen?

There’s been another school shooting in Colorado just a few miles away from the horrific Columbine School massacre that happened almost eleven years ago. Updates have been streaming across the bottom of the TV all night. I’m beside myself. I’m sad and furious at the same time. Why would a thirty something man try to kill the innocent children at the school? I can’t imagine the horror the children at the school experienced today. Our nation has to something about gun violence. It is out of control.

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Today was my 53rd birthday. It was an uneventful day with the exception for a handful of happy birthday emails from friends and a card that Tom and Sheila dropped off. K emailed and called to wish me happy birthday this morning. I was certain he would forget my birthday so I was prepared to walk two blocks over to Murray Motors and write a check for a new BMW on his money market account. K will be bringing a present home from Missouri on Saturday afternoon.

The day started out cloudy but the sun started to peek out around eight this morning. By noon it was a bright sunny day; a sunny day that I’ve only experienced in Colorado after a snowy day. The sun was beyond bright and it felt warm even though it was only 28. People were arriving at the gym in shorts and light warm up jackets.

I worked from home so I didn’t have to endure a hellish commute on the icy roads. I had a peaceful and productive day testing code that Chatty Cathy wrote. After I finish this post I’m grilling a small steak for dinner. I’ll probably watch the Olympics for a while and then head to bed so I will be refreshed for another day in corporate America.

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I ‘m working on getting my tax papers together for the accountant while waiting to be picked up for brunch. I was looking over my W-2 forms and was shocked at what I found. Even though I was unemployed for three months in 2009 I paid over 42k in federal and state taxes. I hope I can get some of that back.

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A Few Things On My Mind…

Have you seen the Louis Vuitton ad in the New Yorker with Annie Leibovitz and Mikhail Baryshnikov? I couldn’t stop looking at his gnarly feet. It was like a train wreck. I was so mesmerized by his ugly feet I didn’t even see the Louis Vuitton in the bottom left corner. One would think that the art director would have covered his feet with something. Unfortunately, his feet became the focal point of the photo.

People at the gym are so fucking lazy. The magazine rack has been moved about twenty feet closer to the door. One would think that members would walk the extra twenty feet to put their magazines away. After all, they are there to exercise. But no, they throw the magazines on the floor where the rack used to reside. What a bunch of lazy fucks. Once again, your mother isn’t at to gym to pick up after you. Start acting like adults.

Yesterday I received and end of year (2009) statement from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and a 1099 from Foothills Securities. Why in the world did it take this long to send these statements? It’s good thing I haven’t send my tax papers to the accountant. Was Morgan Stanley Smith Barney too busy counting their TARP money?

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Such A Shame

I’m working from home today but there’s a system outage so I can’t test code. I’m stressed and bored at the same time. I have two major loads of code to test but I can’t do anything until the system outage is cleared.

I’m watching old Talk Talk videos on You Tube on the home computer while I type this on my work laptop. I’m in a mood for trip down memory lane. For some unknown reason I started thinking about Keith Reagan as I drove down Garfield Street on my way home from the gym last night. Keith was a good friend in Dallas who died from AIDS. When Keith got sick his über religious family cut him off from his gay friends and took control of his life. His mother asked me not to call him. She told me his friends were not welcome to call or visit. She went on to say that he only needed his family. Only one female friend was able to visit and relay messages back and forth. He died without any of his friends by his side. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how he died, held captive by his family that he loved but despised for their religious beliefs. He desperately wanted to see his friends but he was too weak to fight his family. To borrow a Talk Talk song title, such a shame!

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It Was Bound To Happen

Medical marijuana is now legal in Colorado. People need written documentation from their physician recommending the use of marijuana. They are registered with the state and issued an identification card allowing them to legally possess no more than two ounces of marijuana or no more than six marijuana plants. Medical marijuana dispensaries have been popping up all over the state. In Denver there seem to be more dispensaries than Starbucks. In was inevitable that some enterprising entrepreneur would open a marijuana dispensary in the high end Cherry Creek north shopping district. After dropping big bucks at Hermès and Chanel fashionistas can now pick up an ounce or two of pot on the way home. I wonder if they are hiring.

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Weekend Plans

K and I are invited to an open house at nearby neighbor’s house on Saturday afternoon. I have mixed feelings about going. The couple stopped by to chat early last fall when K and I were working in the yard. The new neighbors turned a friendly chat into a bitchfest about the covenants and architectural review board. At the time K was head of the architectural review board. As I was listening to the conversation I wanted to ask the new neighbors why they purchased a house in need of renovation in a covenant controlled neighborhood. The house was bought at a rock bottom price so quit complaining about the covenants. I imagine we’ll probably stop by for a few minutes to see how the renovations turned out. Hopefully, the changes will be better designed than their invitation.

Sheila called to tell me one of the gay couples on her street put their house up for sale. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with 1997 square feet on a 12,000 square foot lot. The asking price is $845k. She said B & R called to tell her about putting the house up for sale but didn’t offer any details. You can see the house here.

K and I have appointments with Helena for haircuts on Saturday. I’m hoping she doesn’t ask if Patty liked her haircut. I still haven’t seen the haircut.

I’m feeling rather lack luster today. I’ve had a headache all day. I started feeling odd last night and ending up hugging the porcelain throne around 1:30 this morning. I don’t think I will make it to the gym today.

I didn’t make dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day because Miss Louis Vuitton, aka Jennifer, was going to be in town for a visit. I didn’t find out until Thursday that she cancelled her trip. She hasn’t returned my call so I don’t know why she cancelled.

I’m sure the weekend will fly by as usual. Sunday evening will be here before I know it. K will be packing his bags and calling the car service for a pickup. I’ll spend another month alone.

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Still Not Home

K arrived at the airport in St. Louis on Thursday only to find out his flight had been booked for Friday. He’ll get home tonight and now he’s leaving on Monday for another month. K will really only be home for two days. Yuk!

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