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IT Consltant

I finally received the new employment contract yesterday afternoon. I had to fill out numerous forms so that my new employer can process my employment and do a credit and background check. I am now an employee of a global conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company operates in seven business sectors: communications and information technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals. The conglomerate owns two car companies, a coffee company, a tea company, a hotel chain, a charter jet service and a chemical company. Their revenues are over $70 billion per year. There are 357,000 employees word wide. I guess that is now 357,001. My new title is IT Consultant.

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Still Waiting

It’s Tuesday and I still don’t have a contract. After my first conversation with the Indians I received an email stating I would join the company under a W2 and not a 1099. This contradicted what I was told on the phone. When I asked for an explanation the Indians didn’t answer my email. This morning I got a lame explanation. I’m still waiting for a formal offer.

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Swimsuit Shopping

Sometimes I question my ability to think rationally when buying clothes. Friday I decided I needed new swimsuits for the Cabo trip. My old swimsuits were a size too big and looked too baggy. I found one at Target that was age appropriate that I liked. It was only $15 so I decided to buy it. Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Old Navy to look for another swimsuit. I found one that was age appropriate for around $15 so I decided to buy it. I was across the street from the Colorado Mills outlet mall so I decided to see if the Tommy Hilfiger store had any swimsuits. I found a swimsuit that was originally $40 but was 30% off so it would cost $28. I decided to look at other stores because I thought it was still too pricey. I struck out at Eddie Bauer, Gap, Banana Republic and Saks. I found a Theory swimsuit at Neiman Marcus. It was marked down to $65 from $135. I tried it on and it was a good fit. I also tried on a shirt, two pairs of pants and a vest. I kibitzed about the swimsuit for about ten minutes. Finally, I decided against the Theory swimsuit. Why would I pay $65 for a Theory swimsuit when I didn’t want to pay $28 for a Tommy Hilfiger? I was trying to rationalize the purchase because Theory is a higher end clothing line and pricier than Tommy Hilfiger. Plus, Theory is only carried at a few select stores while Tommy Hilfiger can be found at many department stores. Does this justify spending $65 for a swimsuit? Was I out of my mind? Then I kibitzed about the vest. It was a John Varvatos vest marked down to $49 from $245. In my mind it was a deal at 80% off. I bought the vest, a pair of Theory pants ($65 market down from $165) and a Theory shirt (marked down to $105 from $245). I used my Neiman Marcus card so I got an extra 5% off. After Neiman Marcus I went back to Tommy Hilfiger and bought the swimsuit and two shirts for $10 each. Apparently, I do lose my ability to rationally think when it comes to clothes shopping.

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Sometimes I can be a big procrastinator. I wrote about having our sewer line replaced last May. I finally downloaded the pictures off the camera. They’ve been on the camera for ten months. This picture is looking west with Tom and Sheila’s house in the background.

Mike and I are going to the new Nordstrom’s Rack that opened near our house. Mike’s picking me up after he delivers two cars to clients. I suppose we’ll have lunch and then on to retailing since it’s too wet to work in the yard.

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Contract Negotiations

Yesterday the contract offer was only for two months. Today I get an email advising me the new contract will be for one year. Also, the new company wants to put me under a 1099 instead of a W2 at the same wage rate. I told them I wanted more money since a 1099 means I have to pay quarterly taxes and will be responsible for paying all of the employment taxes that I currently only pay half. I’m waiting for their offer. I’m hoping to get a 20% increase in salary to cover all the taxes. We now communicate by email. Their English writing skills are great. They just can’t speak understandable English. How strange is that?

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A New Offer

There’s 8.5 inches of snow so far and it’s still snowing. The storm should move out around noon. The roads are a mess. I’m glad I’m working from home today. Ferdinand is bored and is driving me nuts. He finally went out through the garage. It’s hard to type when there’s a cat sitting on your lap.

I received a verbal contract offer today effective April 1st. The new company is based in India. I could not understand the man’s name or half of the things he was saying because of his poor English language skills. The man said the HR department will be calling with the formal offer. It pleases me to no end to receive a job offer from someone I can’t understand. I guess I should be thankful for the opportunity.

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Jail and Snow

Guess who violated their parole and now has a court date on April 12th? You guessed it. Cindi’s ex-boyfriend is due in court on the day we leave for Cabo. Cindi doesn’t know what he did to violate his parole but it’s one of three things. He drank, did drugs or got caught leaving the state. Cindi’s victim’s advocate agreed to keep her informed concerning the outcome of the court proceeding. He’s such an idiot. He’ll probably blame Cindi if he ends up in jail. I think a little jail time would do wonders for the man.

In other news, the forecast calls for 5 to 10 inches of snow starting today and ending tomorrow morning. Thursday and Friday will be warm and sunny and the next round of snow will start Saturday morning. Looks like I will not be able to work in the yard this weekend.

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