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Once A Liar…

A few weeks ago I was perusing a professional networking site that a few of my friends in Dallas and some former colleagues have joined. I came across a familiar yet uncommon name. It was a name that caused me to pause and take a deep breath. I clicked on a link to the web page associated with the name. I was taken to resume of a man who was my first serious relationship. The relationship had its ups and downs but mostly consisted of downs. Mr. C had a habit of lying and cheating. His resume clearly showed that he had not stopped lying. The resume listed a degree from a university that had placed Mr. C on academic probation. He subsequently transferred to the school I attended. Mr. C and I finished our degrees together and graduated in the same semester. The resume also stated that Mr. C was on the Dean’s list. While he graduated with a better than average GPA he was never on the Dean’s list. I couldn’t verify his professional accomplishment since I severed ties with Mr. C many years ago. I’m sure there were a few overstated achievements and general liberties taken. Reading his resume confirmed I made a great choice by kicking his ass to the curb. Once a liar, always a liar.

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8 Inches

I worked from home yesterday so I was able to get to the gym a little earlier. It had been snowing all day but the snow was only accumulating on the lawns since the streets and sidewalks were still warm from the high temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday. By the time I left the gym the snow had picked up and the streets were staring to freeze. A woman driving an SUV rear ended another woman in an SUV in front of the gym. I nixed the idea of stopping by Target on the way home and headed to the grocery store for a few provisions. I fixed dinner and then decided to make banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. After the cupcakes came out of the oven I shoveled the driveway and sidewalks since the snow had tapered off. I iced the cupcakes and decided to try them since it was a new recipe in the April Bon Appétite. The cupcakes turned out really well. So well in fact I ate two cupcakes last night. I’ll need to pawn the rest of the cupcakes off on Sheila and Patty. I watched Caprica and then headed to bed early.

This morning Ferdinand decided to wake me up early by walking across my body and laying down on my chest and purring. I had breakfast and watched the Food Channel for a while. I read a few blogs and now I’m trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. The sun is so bright because of the snow. There’s only about eight inches of snow at our house but Boulder got two feet. I will probably lounge around for a while, have lunch and then hit the gym for a cardio workout. It’s a typical Saturday.

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More White Stuff

Yesterday it was 71º in Denver. The first day of spring is on Saturday. Can you guess what’s starting tonight?

WINTER STORM WATCH will be posted for Denver and the front range late tonight through late Friday night for the potential for 5-10″ of wet snow possible by early Saturday morning. Snow will begin around 11 p.m., leaving the potential for a messy morning commute on Friday. Overnight lows will be in the middle to upper 20.

I’ll be working from home tomorrow.

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I talked with my manager on Monday about my contract extension. She confirmed my contract is being extended but her boss had not completed his part of the process. Today I found out the company laid off five hundred people in another division that works closely with IT. A small number of the people are located in the building I work in. The others are spread across North America. There are rumors of additional layoffs due to the slump in sales. The rumor mill always goes into high gear when people are laid off. Most of the employees in my work area are concerned about their jobs. However, the company usually terminates the contractors in a department before employees are laid off. I’ve been expecting a round of layoffs. The company usually institutes a hiring freeze after an acquisition. The hiring freeze is usually followed by layoffs. It looks like history is repeating itself.

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Random Thoughts

It was nice having K home for four days. The time together flew by. The car service will be picking him up this morning. He’ll be back home in a month. We’ll leave for Cabo three days after he gets home.

We spent most of Saturday and three hours on Sunday working in the yard. It started snowing early Sunday afternoon so we were forced to stop working. The front yard is almost done. I’ll need to finish the north and south yards as well as the back yard. It will probably take me the next few weeks unless I hire a yard service to help. At least it will keep me out of the mall.

I have not been contacted about the contract extension. One of my peers turned down his offer. The new offer was 7% lower than his current wage. I’ll turn down the offer too if it is lower. If we stick together the company will have no choice but to meet our demands if they want to maintain their current product introduction schedule. I plan on talking to my manager today.

The gay couple around the corner sold their house in twenty days for close to the asking price. They will close in three weeks. I continue to be amazed at prices of the houses in our neighborhood. I find it hard to believe that people are willing to pay over $800k for a two bedroom house. I guess it all comes down to location.

The University of Denver has decided to sell the mansion in our neighborhood that is used as conference center. They are asking $9.2 million for 6.5 acre property. It is being marketed as a private single family residence. Thankfully, there are restrictions in place that prevent the house from being torn down and the land subdivided.

This week K’s company is having its annual Leadership conference in San Francisco. K will not attending this year because he is needed in Missouri. I’ll miss getting wined and dined on the company dime. I love spending time in San Francisco and there are a few wives that I’ll miss. There’s always next year.

That’s all for now.

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Bored On Friday

I’m working from home today. I’m waiting for the developers to complete their code so I can start testing. I have nothing to do at the moment. I’ve got a ninety minute conference call at 10:30. Other than that I stuck waiting for code to test. It’s nice to have a break today. Yesterday was a bitch and a half. I came home with a pounding headache. A trip to the gym for a cardio workout relieved my stress and got rid of the headache.

I’m bored so I’ve been organizing my email and reading blogs. I watched the Céline 2010 Fall/Winter fashion show online. Looks like platform shoes with a clucky heel will be in style next winter. The clothes were mostly black with a few white blouses thrown in. It’s a fasionista’s dream.

Project Cabo is coming along. I lost about five pounds and I’ve been doing my ab exercises religiously. I need to buy a new swimsuit. I may head to Target later today. Was that a gasp I heard? Yes, I do shop at Target. I’ll buy a swimsuit or workout clothes there but that’s about it. Here’s the house that Cindi and K placed the winning bid on at one of her charity auctions. There’s an empty bedroom. Anyone want to join us?

K’s going snowboarding today. He’ll be leaving in a few minutes. It’s nice but strange to have him home. I’m not used to having another person in the house.

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Cancer Free!

I finally got the results from the CT scan and chest X-ray last week. I’m still cancer free. I have now been cancer free for two years. I’ll have another CT scan and chest X-ray in six months. I’m hoping this trend will continue.

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