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Crazy Colorado News

Did you hear about the man accused of mangling a shopper’s finger while stealing an iPad at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver? The accused had been in jail two weeks before the iPad incident for shoplifting $1,700 worth of goods from the Louis Vuitton store in the same mall. Check it out here:


Did you hear about the hit in run in Boulder two days ago involving a plane and car? The pilot fled the scene on foot carrying a black bag. He later returned to the scene. Check it out here:


Looks like we’ll have apples this year:

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Work Is A Bitch

It’s only Wednesday morning and this week is already a bitch and a half. I’ve rejected almost every piece of code I’ve tested this week. Some deliveries have been rejected three times already.

My office mate has been in a bad mood since she returned from vacation last week. She took a month off and now is complaining she is broke. She told me she doesn’t want to work but can’t live off her retirement check. She also told me she spent all weekend in bed because work wore her out last week. She only works four days a week as it is. She needs to get a grip. We don’t do anything physical. We sit on our asses and test code with a laptop. It may be mentally challenging at times but it’s not physically exhausting. There must be something else psychologically happening.

I forgot to put collar stays in my shirt this morning so my collar was limp as a fresh tortilla. I had to scrounge two large paper clips to use as collar stays. I hate when I do that.

Last night there was an accident on the highway on my way home. Three cars rear ended each other just four cars ahead of me. The car that caused the accident had Alabama license plates. I felt sorry for the guy from Alabama. It must be a huge headache to wreck your car hundreds of miles away from home.

It’s time to end this post. My officemate arrived so now I get to listen to her eat cottage cheese and tuna fish. She has it every morning. She’s a noisy eater too. She scrapes her food bowl with a spoon to get every last morsel. It’s as if she hasn’t eaten in a week. She eats at her desk every day. A little later she’ll start munching on carrots and celery. Early in the afternoon she’ll have a salad the size of North Dakota. Munch, crunch, munch, crunch, munch……

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Yesterday I booked a trip to St. Louis to visit my parents and to see K. I’ll be going the weekend after Mother’s day. I used miles on United since the airfares on United, Southwest and Frontier sucked. It will be a quick trip. I’ll leave on Friday night after work and return to Denver on Sunday evening. I wonder if K will book a room at the Four Seasons again.

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This morning K and I went to his god child’s first communion in the far southwestern suburbs. Overall it was a nice ceremony but spending an hour plus in a Catholic church is not something I want to do on a Saturday morning. As a reformed Catholic I want nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

K and I went to Tiffany last night to pick up a first communion gift for his god child. She’s only seven so there weren’t a wide variety of items that were age appropriate. K bought a simple Elsa Perettii cross on a chain. You would never know there was a recession ending by the number of people in Tiffany on a Friday evening. We had to wait almost a half hour to get assistance.

I got my first retirement check while I was in Mexico. The check covered the last eight months so it was a nice surprise. I have officially retired from the company that laid me off last July. Now I need to figure out what to do with money. I plan on banking the retirement check and living on my salary from the contracting job. It feels a little strange to get a retirement check when I don’t qualify for Social Security for another nine years.

K and I turned on the sprinkler system this afternoon. Three heads need repairing so we’ll probably head to Home Depot after he gets home from his haircut.

K leaves Monday for another month in Missouri. He’ll still need to travel to Missouri for a week or two in June and possibly a few days in July.

My mother got out of the hospital last Monday. She seems to be doing well. I’m contemplating a weekend trip to St. Louis soon. K has still has an apartment in Missouri so I can either stay there or at my brother’s house. Either one is a schlep to my parents house since they live in the far north suburbs.

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While we were in Cabo San Lucas our yard turned into an explosion of color. The picture above was taken in the backyard on Tuesday.

Mike called last night to see if I saw the article on our new neighbors in the Denver Post. He proceeded to tell me about a conversation he overheard at the car auction for dealers. A man who owns several car dealerships in the area asked another dealer if he saw the faggots on the front page of the paper. Mike was appalled at the remark but not surprised because the man is from a small town in Kansas and known for not being open minded. The remark doesn’t surprise me either. While our neighborhood seems to be welcoming the new gay couple with open arms I’m sure not all people think it should be splashed across the front page of the newspaper. These people need to get a grip. We’re here, we’re queer and we want our civil rights. I applaud the Denver Post for running the article on the front page.

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The Rumors Were True

Look what’s on the front page of the Denver Post this morning:


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Lover’s and Divorce

In the early afternoon we took a water taxi to Lover’s Beach on the Sea Of Cortez. We spent most of out time on Divorce Beach which is on the Pacific side. You can’t swim on the Pacific side so it was less crowded. We spent about three hours out there before coming home and snacking on chips and guacamole. Here’s a picture on taken on Lover’s Beach while waiting for the water taxi to pick us up. The picture below it is from Divorce Beach.

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The Last Full Day

It’s the last full day in Cabo San Lucas. The week has flown by. The weather has been great. It’s been sunny everyday although it can be a bit windy at times. Being perched on the top of a mountain probably adds to the windy condition.

On Friday we drove up the coast to Todos Santos, the home of the Hotel California. It’s a small art community and a quaint little town. We took in the art, did a little shopping, had lunch and then headed back towards Cabo. We stopped in Cerritos where K went surfing and Barbara, Cindi and I noshed and drank in the shade of an umbrella at a beachside café. It was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.

Yesterday we camped out at the beach near the marina and had a relaxing lunch on the terrace of one of the beachfront hotels. After lunch we bought dorado off the fisherman at the end of the marina. Barbara and Cindi made bouillabaisse for dinner last night. It was absolutely wonderful.

Today we’ll probably lounge by the pool or take a walk down to the beach. We’re planning on having dinner at a beach side hotel. It should be another wonderful lazy day.

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Still In Hospital

My mother is still in the hospital. The heart is fine but now there’s a problem with her lungs. I should know more late today.

Update: My mother has a pneumothorax. It’s a complication caused by the pace maker procedure. She’ll be in hospital until Monday. The doctor also put her on nicotine patches to help her quit smoking.

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At The Marina

Here’s where we bought fresh marlin for dinner last night. The steaks were grilled and served with a green sauce (avocado, cilantro, olive oil, garlic) and zucchini stuffed with chorizo and cheese. It was delicious.

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