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Updates 12-13-10

The couple wanting to tear down Mrs. Parker’s house and the man who filed the application for landmark designation came to an agreement. The man withdrew the application for landmark designation. Rumor has it that a “financial” arrangement was made.

It was 61° in Denver today. The forecast calls for a high of 65° tomorrow and snow on Thursday.

Cindi called me this weekend with some hot dirt. Her ex-boyfriend’s twenty-four year old daughter has divorced her husband and come out as a lesbian. Her Facebook page shows she’s in a relationship with a woman and has pictures of her kissing the new love of her life. I wonder who got custody of their one year old child.

Mike turned forty-eight yesterday. He’s having a laser chemical peel on the 23rd. His uncle is one of the high profile dermatologists in town so I’m sure he’s getting a good discount on the procedure.

I’m so happy the Nat and Kat won the amazing race. It’s about time two women won the race. However, Brook and Claire drove me crazy.

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Ferdinand’s Mail

Crazy Barb sent a holiday card to our cat, Ferdinand. We’ve only received two holiday cards and one was for the cat.

We don’t have any holiday parties this weekend.

My mother is doing better than expected. She’s been a little tired after her chemo treatments but has not been sick.

When I got to the gym this afternoon the front pocket on my backpack was open and my Bottega Veneta wallet that K bought me at Bendel’s in New York was missing. I panicked and stated thinking of all the things I’d have to do. Cancel the credit card and ATM card. Spend an eternity in hell at the DMV. Thankfully, I found it on floor in the back seat of the car.

There’s not much going on yet but the weekend is just starting.

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Size 6 or 16?

I called my mother last night to see what she wants for Christmas. She could not give me any ideas. I was contemplating buying her a cashmere sweater so I asked a few questions to try to determine her size. She told me she hasn’t measured her bust in twenty years. She also said she is 5’ 4” and weighs 128 pounds so she must be a size 14 or 16. I almost fell off my chair laughing. Clearly my mother has not bought clothes in a long time. I thinking she’s about a size 6. What do you think?

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Fala Inglés?

After considering Tokyo, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hawaii, Sidney, Budapest, Athens, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong, K and I finally settled on Lisbon for our holiday trip. K did all of the searching to determine which destination would be the least expensive and still allow us to snap a business class ticket using miles. We’ll split the cost of the business class ticket that was purchased at an unbelievable low price. A round trip business class ticket to Lisbon usually runs about $5,000. K also managed to get us seats on the Lufthansa non-stop Denver-Frankfurt route. I always had great service on Lufthansa flights so I look forward to flying with them again. Now we’re searching for accommodations. The Four Seasons was about $500 per night so it was crossed off the list. We’ll probably end up staying in a small boutique hotel. I think it’s going to be a great trip.

Fala inglés? = Do You Speak English in Portuguese.

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The neighborhood holiday party was a lot of fun. The couple hosting the party has an absolutely stunning home. Who knew a 10,000 sq ft home could be so comfortable and homey? The home was well designed and looks like it belongs on the pages of House Beautiful. The house still had a few decorations left over from a Harry Potter party the owners hosted the previous weekend for 500 children. The wife is a friend of one of the co-producers of the last Harry Potter movie. Several of the actors were flown to Denver for the party. One of the five Christmas trees was decorated in a Harry Potter theme. It was fun to catch up with the neighbors and enjoy a good meal. As we were leaving I noticed the wife’s Mini Cooper was parked in the circular drive just outside the double front doors. The house is so large it looked like a kid left their toy car in the driveway.

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Random Thoughts

Don’t you think the Republicans are a bunch of cunts? There are millions of unemployed people and the Republicans are threatening to filibuster all legislation until the Democrats give tax cuts to the highest-earning 2% of the nation. I wish I could take away their health care and vote them all out of office. It disgusts me.

The benefit we attended last night was a big snooze. They didn’t have valet parking and trying to find a parking space was a bitch. The event was unorganized, the presentation started late and went on forever and the special event room was packed and hot. The event was mostly attended by gay men as the power lesbians were nowhere to be seen. K and I got bored so we toured the upper floors of the museum and left a little after 8. At least it was for a good cause.

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It’s A Busy Week

It’s going to be busy week for K and me. Tonight we’re going to the Scotty’s benefit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tomorrow night we have the neighborhood holiday party. Friday night we’re going to our neighbor’s holiday party at their furniture showroom in the Design Center. Saturday we’re going with our friends, Aimee and Steve, and their young sons, Max and Eliot, to cut down a Christmas tree in a one of the national forests in the area.

We elected not to attend the Colorado Aids Project Red Ball on Sunday night. We think we’ll need some down time to prepare for the next work week.

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