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Updates 2/14/11

K popped into town on Wednesday night. He returned to Denver to rescue a bid that was going to hell. One of the key people working on the bid called K a few days earlier from the Denver airport with the news that he was on his way to Kabul. The man didn’t give K any notice that he was leaving the project. K had to come back to get the project back on track. He worked long hours on Thursday and Friday and also worked most of Saturday. K flew back to St. Louis on Sunday morning.

I need to call my mother today. I’ve been dreading calling her. I’ve put off calling her all weekend. I just don’t want to talk to her.

It’s cloudy and overcast this morning in Denver. I’m working from home and I don’t have any motivation.

The mediation for my EEO complaint is scheduled for Wednesday. This has been dragging on for two years. I’ve got to read over the documents tonight and tomorrow night to prepare for the mediation. I can’t wait for this to be over.

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Here are a few items I found on blogs in the last few days that various public figures and politicians have said about gays:

Iowa GOP State Rep. Dwayne Alons says he agrees with The Family Leader, the right-wing group spearheading the battle against marriage equality in Iowa, that homosexuality is a public health crisis akin to smoking

Georgia GOP Rep. Bobby Franklin Compares Gays to Thieves, Adulterers, and Unrepentant Drug Dealers

Eugene Delgaudio, the self-titled Public Advocate of the United States, writes us today with the news that radical homosexual pirates were running amok at last month’s annual Gasparilla Festival in Tampa.

Former Minnesota governor and likely 2012 GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, siding with the Iowa group that says same-sex marriage is worse for your health than smoking.

I guess I shouldn’t nag my mother about smoking because she doesn’t nag me about being gay. I don’t recall ever committing adultery but back in the 80’s a peer’s husband accused me of having an affair with his wife in his divorce filing. Of course, it wasn’t true. I do have a notorious past involving recreational drug commerce so I have to accept that comparison but most of my gay friends have not been involved in such activities. And I’ve never been a thief or a pirate. I guess two out of five isn’t bad.

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Like CD Stuck On Replay

Patty called yesterday afternoon wanting to get together. It wasn’t until after I agreed to meet her after the gym that I found out her relationship with her boyfriend had been put on hiatus in the morning. I hadn’t heard from Patty since before Christmas. Now I was stuck meeting her and I was sure she wanted to talk about her relationship. I met Patty at her house and we talked for while and then went to dinner. As I suspected, most of the conversation was about her relationship being put on hold until the boyfriend can finish grieving for his late wife. Doesn’t this sound familiar? When we stopped by the house on the way to dinner she asked if the Mini Cooper was at the airport. Patty was so consumed with talking about her relationship that she didn’t even notice that she was in K’s new Audi. I told her K sold the Mini four years ago when he bought the truck that was traded for the Audi she was sitting in and that I traded the Acura for the BMW. Perhaps guys pay more attention to cars than women. Soon the conversation turned back to her relationship. The relationship was also the main topic of conversation at dinner. I wanted call her on the fact that she only calls when she has relationship issues but I was tired and didn’t want to open that can of worms. So I listened to her talk and missed all of the Super Bowl commercials that I wanted to watch. I got home just as the game ended.

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Cabin Fever

It’s -12 here today and I’m working at home with a cat that has cabin fever. Ferdinand is bored and can’t understand why I don’t have time to entertain him. He’s now sitting in the corner of the office facing the wall like a child in time out. He’s meowing like an opera singer at the Met. I think Ferdinand likes the amplified sound of his meow as it bounces off the wall and fills the room. I think I’ll put him in the garage for a few minutes.

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