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Why is it that some people will talk about any detail of their personal life in the office? Today, Simone was talking about her son-in law’s fourth drunk driving conviction and subsequent incarceration for seventy eight days. Tina was recently discussing her brother in law’s stint in a halfway house after completing a sentence for embezzlement. She talked freely about his conviction as if it were a common occurrence. Julie talked about the foreclosure on her rental house in Florida. The mortgage payment doubled and the value dropped by 50%. She can’t refinance the house so she stopped making the mortgage payments. I’m constantly amazed and amused by the topics of conversation in the office.

Is it normal to discuss these types of personal issues in the workplace? Do my peers lack an outlet in their private life so they feel a need to discuss these things at work? If my life involved any of these things I would never discuss them in the workplace. Most of my peers are not my friends. They are my coworkers and I don’t feel they are on the same level as my close friends. I can discuss problems with my friends that I would never discuss at work. There is a time and a place for everything. I don’t feel the work place is a suitable environment to discuss DUIs, incarcerations or foreclosures. Am I wrong?

Perhaps I’m the one with the issues.

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Cindi called on Saturday to fill me in on the latest drama in her life. You’re not going to believe this.

Cindi’s eighteen year old niece, Jane, is moving to Colorado from Arizona. She’s moving in with Cindi’s ex and his eighteen year old son. Jane got to know the ex’s kids while she stayed with Cindi a few weeks each summer over the last few years. Jane claims they are just friends but Cindi doesn’t believe it. Jane knows about the horrible break up with the ex and the felony assault charge. I guess it doesn’t bother Jane because the ex’s son has a felony conviction for extortion. The ex’s other son, who is not living in the house, has a felony drug conviction. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Jane’s father is Cindi’s brother. He is against the move. He remarried in February and Jane doesn’t want to live with her father and his new wife. Jane’s mother doesn’t have any issues with daughter’s decision to move to Colorado and bought Jane a car. The car enables Jane and to get to Colorado.

Cindi wants to keep her ex and his family out of her life. She’s moved on and doesn’t want any contact with the ex or his children. In a few weeks Jane will move into Cindi’s ex’s rental house which is a few miles further up the canyon. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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