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Going To The Chappel….

Last week K’s niece got engaged to her boyfriend. He gave her a four carat diamond. I don’t know a lot about diamonds but it looks like a big stone in the picture she sent. I sure there will be a lot a wedding drama because he is the great-grandson of a former president. From what I’ve heard his mother likes to throw the family name around. This could get interesting.

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Updates 6/22/11

The department I work in has been reorganized and folded into a similar organization that was part of the company that was purchased last fall for a billion dollars. I find it strange that the leaders of the new organization are all from the company that was purchased in bankruptcy. The new senior leaders of the organization are in Ireland.

Chatty Cathy is upset with the changes. He can no longer chit chat with our leaders on a daily basis since they are all across the pond. He’s made a career out playing office politics and kissing up to the senior leaders. There’s only so much one can do over the phone.

I will be accompanying K on a business trip to Reims, France in September. He’s attending the 14th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management. Reims is less than an hour east of Paris so you know where I’ll be most days.

Since I’ll be going to France in September I’ll need to post pone my trip to St. Louis until October. I’m going to wait a while before I tell my mother and brother.

The kitchen remodel is taking longer than expected. Dmitri is tied up on a big job in Boulder so we have not had a back splash for a few weeks. Gary started painting the kitchen on Monday. The first bid electric bid is a bit high so I’m trying to get other bids.

One of the developers is leaving at the end of the month. I wonder if this will motivate my office mate to quite. She’s on a two week cruise to Alaska celebrating her sixtieth birthday. She’s always said she would quit working when she turned sixty. I have a feeling she’ll change her mind and keep working.

K and I went to Pride Fest last Sunday. The parade included numerous floats with Latino drag queens. With each passing float the wigs got bigger and the costumes more outlandish and revealing. The parade also included numerous politicians, church groups, dykes on bikes, the leather boys and the bears. We had a good time but crowd seemed really young. Or is it that I’m getting really old?

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What Are They Thinking?

The president of the homeowners association sent an email advising that our neighborhood will hold its first 4th of July parade on July 2nd. The parade route will be down our street. Our street is two blocks long. Only the 160 residents of our covenant controlled neighborhood are invited. Does this sound stupid, or, am I just a sourpuss? I think it would be fun to borrow Mike’s new convertible BMW and drive in the parade with a bunch of outrageous drag queens waving to the crowd. That would have the tongues wagging.

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Updates 6/10/11

This week flew by. I can’t believe the weekend in here.

The Art Students League of Denver is having their annual summer art market sale this weekend. Over 200 hundred artists will be selling their art.

K and I are doing the demolition on the kitchen back splash this weekend. Our friend, Gary, will be painting the kitchen. I need to pick the color. That could take another six months. I may need to get Sheila and Gary’s opinion on the color. Looks like I’ll be heading to Homo Depot for paint chips.

The new stainless steel refrigerator was delivered on Tuesday. I can’t believe how different the kitchen looks with the new fridge.

While I was at the gym this afternoon I noticed a new hunky hairy young guy working out wearing flip flops. Flip flops don’t comply with the gym dress code but the gym never enforces the dress code. At the end of my workout he came over to use the bench next to me in the free weight area. It was at this time I noticed his toenails were painted pearlescent pink. The pink toenails were a nice contrast to his hairy legs.

K and I are going out to eat tonight.

I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

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Table for Sixteen

Getting ready for the business dinner was a lot of work but it was worth it. It turned out to be a great evening.

Cindi showed up around 3 to set the table. As you can see she did a great job. The first guest arrived around 6:30 and the last guests left a little before 4. The dinner started with Mexican shrimp cocktail, followed by a cantaloupe and mint intermezzo, rack of lamb with orzo pasta salad and roasted radishes for the main course and finally an apple butter and vanilla sundae topped with a ginger cookie.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was good to meet some of K’s peers and their spouses. I just hope his peers don’t expect a dinner like this every time K signs a contract with a new client.

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Updates 6/3/11

K came home last night from New Mexico. He spent the evening finalizing the menu for the dinner tomorrow.

I took my car in for service yesterday to get the turn indicator fixed. The indicator worked but it blinked at an incredibly fast rate. The dealer gave me a beautiful dark grey 2011 335i to drive for the day. That car is sweet but it was only getting 18 miles per gallon. It was probably due to my lead foot. The dealer billed BMW $585 for the repair but I paid nothing because the car is still under warranty. Remind me to trade this car when the warranty ends.

This week I had to work with Stan, one of our worst developers. He is notorious for not keeping promises, missing due dates and socializing in the hallways. Stan told me on Monday that he was delivering the code on Tuesday morning for testing. The test cycle was closing on Wednesday so he was cutting it close. The lazy ass didn’t deliver to code until Thursday morning. My manager was aware of the situation and was not pleased because one of her objectives is to close the test cycle on time. Thankfully, I was able to complete testing in an hour so the cycle closed only a half day late.

I have postponed my trip to St. Louis until September. My mother said she was too weak to do anything if I visited in June. I haven’t told my brother or SIL. I’ll need to call then this weekend.

Have you seen the new show on Bravo about the LA interior decorators? It’s another train wreck of manufactured drama. Does one really need a $25,000 rug for a bedroom? I guess want and need are two different things.

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Updates 6/1/11

The weekend passed without any significant fun. K and I worked around the house and in the garden. K invited two neighbor couples over for dinner (Tom & Sheila and Jim & Terry) on Saturday night. K wanted to eat in the rear courtyard but it was a cool evening so we dined inside.

The big business dinner is on Saturday. It’s going to be a lot of work. The rental company is dropping off the tables, chairs, linens and dishes on Friday. Cindi is coming over on Saturday with the flower arrangements and other décor items for the table.

Did I mention that K is in New Mexico visiting the Los Alamos client? He comes home on Thursday night and is planning on taking Friday off to start getting ready for the dinner. How much do you want to bet that K will end up working part or all of Friday?

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