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What A Trip!

Cindi is taking a month long vacation in September. Her trip started out as a horseback riding safari in Kenya but has morphed into a travel adventure. At the beginning of the month she flies to Chicago and then on to London. From London, Cindi flies to Nairobi to meet up with her girlfriends for the safari. After the safari she flies back to London and stays a day or two. Then Cindi flies to Munich and catches a train to Austria. Cindi is meeting up with a guy she been seeing who is guiding bicycle tours in Austria. After a few days in Austria she’s taking a train to either Paris or Reims to meet up with K and me. When we fly home Cindi is going back to Austria to meet up with the guy again. Then she’s taking a train back to Munich in order to catch a flight to London. Cindi flies from London to Dallas and then back to Denver. Cindi managed to use miles for all of her flights. That explains the convoluted route.

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Come and Gone

K took a red eye home from Hawaii and got home around 9 Monday morning. He worked from home on Monday taking conference calls most of the day. He left for New Mexico at 8 Tuesday morning. He wasn’t home a full twenty four hours and he was gone again. He’ll be back on Friday night. His trip to New Jersey next week has been cancelled. Things change every day so I will not be surprised if he flies off to some other place next week.

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Updates 7/22/2011

K was in Toronto last week. This week he’s in Hawaii. Next week he goes back to Los Alamos, NM and the week after somewhere in New Jersey. This fall he’ll probably start a six month stint in St. Louis. Remind me again why we don’t have kids.

The company laid off nine people in my department this week. Eight were in India and one was here in Denver. This was a surprise given my groups new leader told the team in a staff meeting last week that there were no layoffs on the horizon. Either she’s a liar or she got blindsided. I’m tending to believe she’s a liar. I thinks she’s probably related to Rupert Murdoch.

The monsoons have calmed down. There’s been a rain storm every day but they are not the region wide torrential storms we had earlier in the month. The water company has said usage is down 34%.

My mother is still smoking. My brother suspects that she taking more than just a few puffs a couple of times a day. I find this really upsetting but it’s her life and her choice. I’m not going to nag her for it.

My mother is still too frail to dial the phone. I left her a message last Saturday and she still hasn’t returned my call. She hasn’t called my brother or sil either.

My sister found a new job as a title clerk at automobile dealership. It’s amazing how fast she found a job. It may have something to do with running out of unemployment benefits.

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Rain, Rain, Rain

Monsoon season is in full swing in Denver. We’ve had rain every day for the last ten days. There’s more rain coming today. Some of the storms have been violent torrential downpours with hail. The other day one storm had over 1,100 lightning strikes. Streets are flooding every afternoon. Planes have been damaged by hail at the airport causing flight delays and cancellations. We’ve had at least five inches of rain in the city this month. The average monthly precipitation for July is 1.56 inches. Monsoon season usually means a daily light rain shower somewhere in the area. Not these huge storms that range from the far south suburbs to Boulder and the far north suburbs. I’m waiting for some right-wing religious nut down in Colorado Springs to blame the storms on gay marriage.

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Dr. Bachman described gays as barbarians. I found this in an online dictionary.

a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person.
a person without culture, refinement, or education; philistine.
(loosely) a foreigner.
(in ancient and medieval periods)
a non-Greek.
a person living outside, especially north of, the Roman Empire.
a person not living in a Christian country or within a Christian civilization.
(among Italians during the Renaissance) a person of non-Italian origin.

Wow! I don’t fit in any of these descriptions. I guess I’m not gay afterall.

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Cindi called last night to tell me about her misadventures with a contractor that was installing a shower in one her bathrooms. She fired the contractor for mismanaging the job and unnecessary cost overruns. The morning after she fired the contractor she discovered he sent her a series of harassing emails starting at one in the morning. Cindi read some passages from his emails. We had a good laugh over his poor grammar, misspellings and word choice. For example, “So enjoy your lonly miserable life producing unapreciated shit for the wealthy that you only wish you could be a part of you hate-filled ignorant frigid bitch.” Frigid! Really? How could he possibly know Cindi is frigid? He comes off as a bitter angry man lashing out at a woman because he is insecure and incompetent. Thankfully, Dmitri’s friend, Travis, is going to finish the job.

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Weekend Blur

The weekend flew by. It seemed like one minute it was Friday night and the next it was Monday morning.

K and I attend a surprise 50th birthday party for our friend Sue. Sue’s sister, Joanne, hosted the party at her house in the far southeast suburbs. Joane and her husband and son live in a huge McMansion in a gated community with a guard house. However, when we arrived the gate was open and there was no guard on duty. The neighborhood sits on rolling terrain so almost every house has a walkout basement with a patio. All of the houses are two-story with three car garages. The landscaping is Iush and manicured. All of the streets are named Starhill something or other so it was confusing as hell to find the house. The party was well attended and everyone had a great time. We left around ten for the schlep home.

On Sunday K flew to Toronto and I ran errands. I didn’t sleep well the night before so I took a nap after breakfast. I felt out of sorts all day. I did manage to go to the nursery, do a little gardening and get in a workout. It was a hot day but we had another torrential downpour around five in the afternoon which cooled things down. I parked myself in front of the TV on Sunday night and watched True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then it was off the bed after taking a shower and washing down a sleeping pill with a shot of tequila.

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