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Updated 8/21/2011

Lena got a mention in the Denver Post society column on Sunday for creating an Eifel Tower sculpture for an outdoor dinner charity event.

Patty’s car was totaled a few weeks ago. She was stopped at light and was rear-ended by guy in truck who was texting while driving. She’s been looking for a used car to buy because she can’t afford to buy a new car. Her boyfriend is letting her drive his car. Yes, she’s back the guy she met in bereavement therapy.

Cindi is getting an award for her charitable volunteer work. The foundation giving her the award is having a dinner and award ceremony on the infield of Coors Field. The man who heads the charitable foundation is one of the owners of the Rockies. Cindi invited K and I to the dinner. The last time I attended this event I had to buy a ticket but this time it’s free for everyone sitting at Cindi’s ten top.

My mother is finally going to get her hearing checked. She thinks it’s only been bad for a month. I’m wondering if her memory if failing. She also has a lump on the inside of upper arm. That’s not a good sign at all.

K is home all week.

The gay guy around the corner who bought a condo the Ft. Lauderdale Four Seasons has officially put his house on the market for $2.8 million. His house has been sitting empty but fully furnished for the last nine months. I wish him luck selling the house but I doubt he will get 2.8 for it. No other house on that block is worth more than 1.5.

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Good News!

The launch date for the project from hell has been delayed a month. I’m still under to gun to get code tested but at least it’s not going out the door a complete mess. And I don’t have to work this weekend.

I went to the doctor yesterday. My t-cells are 479 and my viral load is undetectable. This is the highest t-cell count I have ever had. It’s still below normal but a lot higher than it used to be. A few years ago my t-cells were in the single digit range. Better living through chemistry seems to be working.

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Work Has Been Hell

Work has been incredibly stressful for the last two weeks. This week I’ve had to be in the office because the woman running the project from hell decided that the team should meet in Denver. Two guys flew in from Buenos Aires. Their last minute round trip airfare cost $7,000 each. The other two people flew in from Florida and North Carolina. Yet the woman in charge delayed her arrival until next Monday.

K comes home from Boston tonight. Tomorrow he heads up the Ft. Collins to prepare for the Tour De Cure diabetes fund raiser. K raised $7,000.

It’s time to get on a conference call to start another wonderful day!

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I’m working on a project with my manager that goes out at the end of the month. It’s a huge endeavor that is behind schedule so the deliverables have to be scaled back. I spent most of the day testing error messages. The error messages are poorly written. They read as if they were written by a person who learned English as a second language. Punctuation is missing or incorrect, words are misspelled and there is an epidemic of run-on sentences. After I failed forty error messages I was told that grammar and punctuation are no longer important. I should only make sure the error message is presented to the user when the appropriate conditions are met. I was stunned. Do they think the end users are idiots? It’s more important to get the product out to door than to deliver a quality product at a later date. It sounds like someone is trying to meet their performance objectives and sacrificing the reputation of my department in the process.

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Updates 8-8-11

K flew to Washington, D.C. this morning for meetings. He’ll be back late Wednesday night. He goes to Boston next week for meetings.

K has a new boss. He’s working for a guy who doesn’t have clue about what K’s team does. The transition to the new boss is not going well. K is contemplating moving to a different firm. It will not be hard for him because he is always getting offers from the competition.

My sister was fired from her job. It seems she was taking too long to learn the job so the owners let her go. She told my mother she only has 10k in left in savings and she was going to drive her truck into the river and end it all. My mother offered to pay my sister’s house note for the next three months to alleviate some of the financial stress.

The weekend flew by. We really didn’t do anything noteworthy after having cocktails with Carlos on Friday night.

Work has been really stressful. My boss is about to break. To make matters worse, my laptop crashed late Friday morning. I had to drive to the office to pick up a loaner while my laptop was sent out for repairs. Most of Friday was wasted dealing with the laptop fiasco.

That’s all for now.

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Explain This One

K and I saw the strangest thing on our way to meet up with Carlos for cocktails in Cherry Creek North on Friday evening. We were stopped at the intersection of Colorado and Alameda. There was a woman in her mid thirties in the driver’s seat of a Prius in the lane next to us plucking hairs off her chin with a tweezers. That wasn’t the strange part. I then noticed her male passenger was photographing the woman tweezing her chin. He has a 35mm camera with a telephoto lens. How bizarre is that?

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