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We’re in Paris and we’re getting ready to leave the apartment and make our way over the Louvre. It’s been a great trip so far. I’ll post more later.

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Updates 10-13-11

K and I have made some progress planning our trip to France. We have plane tickets with pending upgrades to business. We’ve got a place to stay in Rheims but still need accommodations in Paris. It seems like the apartments in Paris are high end or they’re dumps. I’m going to work on finding a place to stay in Paris tonight.

The project at work is turning into a cluster fuck of epic proportions. I can’t wait to go on vacation.

It was an ordeal trying to get bids for the kitchen backsplash installation. One guy came by and took measurements but never sent a bid. Another guy came to the house and subsequently announced he was too busy to help us. A few other tile installers had eight to ten week wait times. I played phone tag with Dmitri’s friend, Travis, for two weeks and never arranged to meet. I did get one bid but I didn’t have a good feeling about the guy. Finally, I emailed Dmitri last week and he called to say he could start on Tuesday of this week. The project is now underway. Perhaps the government should teach some of the unemployed to install tile.

My mother still has not had her hearing checked. Her right ear is worse than her left yet she uses her right ear when talking on the phone? When I asked her to use her left ear she said it felt odd. I have to practically yell when talking to her on the phone because she wants to use her right ear. So I decided to cut back on phone calls until she gets her hearing checked.

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Jumping The Pond

K and I leave for Paris on the 23rd. We don’t have plane tickets or a hotel in Paris. We do, however, have a hotel in Rheims where K’s conference is being held. We’ll probably spend this evening booking flights and a hotel.

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