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Holiday Drama

K’s father called a few weeks ago to let us know they wanted to come to Denver for Thanksgiving. K’s brother and sil who live in Durango were spending Thanksgiving with friends in Ft. Collins. K’s parents didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving and K’s mother has retired from cooking Thanksgiving dinners so we were the second choice. We told K’s parents we were going to Ft. Lauderdale for Thanksgiving so they made plans to go to a casino in New Mexico.

Yesterday K’s mother called K to let him know she was having hip replacement surgery on November 23rd. We knew she was having some pain but had no idea she needed a hip replacement. She’s having major surgery the day before Thanksgiving. K’s brother and sil have cancelled their trip to Ft. Collins so they can be in Durango for the surgery.

I was stunned by this news and K was upset. He’s been working really hard and was looking forward to a relaxing holiday in Florida. If we don’t cancel our trip it looks like we’re selfish and don’t care about K’s mother. K’s brother will surely use this in an argument with K. K’s brother thinks we are spoiled so this will just add fuel to that fire. K didn’t know what to do. I told K that we were not cancelling our trip and I was going to call his mother.

I talked with K’s mother about the surgery. She told me the doctor wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible and the 23rd was the first open date. I reminded K’s mother we would be in Florida but would like to be there for her. I suggested she talk to the doctor and push the surgery out a week or two. K’s mother didn’t seem to like this suggestion. Her reluctance to reschedule her surgery didn’t sit well with me but I didn’t go down that road with her. I told her we would look into a trip to Durango after Thanksgiving. If she wants us to be there for the surgery she’ll have to reschedule the surgery. She doesn’t have a life threatening condition so there’s no reason why she shouldn’t reschedule

K’s brother may think we’re selfish and self centered but we’re not cancelling our trip to Ft. Lauderdale. I think it’s ridiculous that K’s mother would agree to have surgery the day before Thanksgiving knowing the impact it will have on other people’s holiday plans. K’s brother may allow himself to be manipulated by his mother but I’m not allowing it.

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I Like My Kangaroo Rare

Last night K and I went to a Project Angel Heart fund raiser at the Hyatt Regency downtown next to the Convention Center. The event had thirty tasting stations serving delicious offerings from some of the best local creative culinary minds. One of my favorites was the kangaroo with butternut squash, arugula, parmesan and pomegranate vinaigrette from TAG Restaurant. Root Down served a great soup and Biker Jim’s Dogs served a rattlesnake pheasant sausage cassoulet. Gateaux had a great selection of mini pastries and cookies and one of the local culinary schools offered truffles and petit fours. The food was great. Cindi was there along with our neighbors Mike and Chris. We got a chance to catch up with a lot of people we haven’t seen in a long time. We ran into Matt & Kevin, Sharky, Gator & Jeff, Alex, Lee, Terry & Mark, CL, Andy, Ned and Brad. It was a great time.

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A Pleasant Surprise

For the last week I’ve been nagging K about getting our tickets to Ft. Lauderdale for Thanksgiving. He surprised me last night by cashing in miles and getting first class tickets. What a sweetie! He still has almost a half million miles. He leaves next week to start his six month stint in Missouri and he doesn’t come home until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The first class airfare is sort of like saying he’s sorry for having to be away. That’s my interpretation not his.

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I’m sure you’ve heard that a certain media whore is divorcing her husband after seventy two days of marriage. She started dating her husband last December, got engaged in May and married in August. She probably doesn’t understand what marriage counseling means. I wish this woman and her whole family of fame whores would disappear. But somebody else would take her place. I think we’re stuck with her.

We only had fifty one kids come by for treats last night. We were prepared for 100. We don’t have a lot of candy left over because K was giving two candy bars to each kid.

I got and email and a voice mail from Kelly Services advising me they are hiring seasonal truck drivers for FedEx Ground. I’m not sure I could drive a FedEx truck without wrecking it. Pass the word on to your unemployed truck driver friends.

There’s another snow storm moving in tonight. The rain will start in the late afternoon and turn to snow overnight. The forecast calls for five to eight inches in the city. I’m so happy I get to clean out the gutters again this afternoon after work.

Here’s a picture of the last weeks damage.

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