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I’m sure you’ve heard that a certain media whore is divorcing her husband after seventy two days of marriage. She started dating her husband last December, got engaged in May and married in August. She probably doesn’t understand what marriage counseling means. I wish this woman and her whole family of fame whores would disappear. But somebody else would take her place. I think we’re stuck with her.

We only had fifty one kids come by for treats last night. We were prepared for 100. We don’t have a lot of candy left over because K was giving two candy bars to each kid.

I got and email and a voice mail from Kelly Services advising me they are hiring seasonal truck drivers for FedEx Ground. I’m not sure I could drive a FedEx truck without wrecking it. Pass the word on to your unemployed truck driver friends.

There’s another snow storm moving in tonight. The rain will start in the late afternoon and turn to snow overnight. The forecast calls for five to eight inches in the city. I’m so happy I get to clean out the gutters again this afternoon after work.

Here’s a picture of the last weeks damage.

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