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Off The Ledge

K has come in off the ledge. It was a pretty tense week but K managed to survive. He didn’t quit his job but hasn’t ruled out looking for a position with another company. K’s worthless manager finally made himself available but proved to be ineffective when dealing with the client. K’s manager falls into the category of promoted to his level of incompetence. K’s project is going to lose money. It’s his first unprofitable project ever. He’s really taking it hard. Never mind that the senior executives fired the project manager K hired for unexplained events that happened in Afghanistan. The senior team forced K to use a replacement project manager who turned out to be a complete idiot in spite of a glowing recommendation. The replacement project manager ran the project into the ground and then fled to Afghanistan. K has an extremely unhappy and hostile client along with an unprofitable project in New Mexico that he’s trying to manage from St. Louis. To make matter even wore the project will probably end up in litigation. I wish he was here so I could hold him in my arms and tell it that it will get better.

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Change Is Good

K and had a talk last night and it looks like he may quit his job. He feels abandoned by the senior management, especially his manager. He’s in crisis mode and I feel like he’s going to have a nervous breakdown. I told him I would support any decision he makes.

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Cool Threads

Check out the beautiful clothes in the Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012 menswear collection posted over at The Sartorialist. Now check out the price of a Lanvin suit at Barneys. Beauty does have its price.

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Feeling Fucked

Today, the media is all about Mitt Romney’s 14% tax rate for the past two years. My marginal tax rate for 2009 and 2010 was 28%. I haven’t sent my 2011 taxes to accountant yet but I expect to be in the same percentage. I’m feeling fucked today.

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Updates 1/19/2012

K comes home tonight but he leaves on Monday.

My dad is now being sued by the passenger in the car he backed into a year ago. She wants $7,000. The insurance company has taken over the matter. The insurance company knows it’s a fraudulent claim but it costs less to settle than to go to court. My mother is really relieved. Now she has to come up with a new reason for smoking.

Cindi’s friend from England arrived in Denver last night. He’s staying with Cindi while he sells all of his possessions here. He’s made it clear to Cindi that he’s sticking with his girlfriend in England even though the woman has never given a blowjob and refuses to try it. Cindi likes spending time with this guy but it’s a dead end street. I had to remind Cindi how frustrated she was when she arrived in France last year. She needs to get this guy out of her life because he’ll never grow up.

The new owners of a mid century ranch house at the other end of our street have decided to scrape the lot and start over. They initially wanted to remodel and expand the house but the city would not approve their plans. The only logical thing to do is tear it down and build a new two story house. They only paid 510k for the unrenovated house so there’s no reason to save it. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

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Sentence Of The Day

I received an email at work this morning that included this sentence:

“Please let me know if you need anything more and I’m going to add these comments now and please let me know if you need anything more.”

This is just a sample of the horrendous sentences that I see from this person on a daily basis. You would think that someone making six figures would know how to write a decent sentence and proof read their emails. I’m getting off of my soapbox now.

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He Needs A Kick In The Ass

One of the idiots responsible for K’s company losing almost $25m is retiring. I googled his name and found this. It was the first link that came up when I googled the former rear admiral’s name. Did anyone think of doing this before he was hired?

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Cold and Snowing

Yesterday it was 63°F in Denver. Today it’s 21°F and snowing. It’s typical weather for Colorado.

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A Dozen Eggs

I’m hoping that someday I can have a conversation with Patty where she does not mention her late husband or her ex-boyfriend. The other day I was talking with Patty on the phone while she was getting ready to make dinner. As she pulled a carton of eggs out of the refrigerator she came to realization that the eggs were just like her marriage. Each egg represented one year of her twelve year marriage. I couldn’t help but wonder how she comes up with this stuff. I told her to start buying the eighteen egg carton in case she marries again. Thankfully, she laughed.

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Updates 1/6/2012

My father is being sued for a minimum of $25k by a woman who my father backed into in a parking lot a year ago. The woman claims her injuries are preventing her from working. My father’s car was not damaged and there was only minor damage to her car. At the time of the accident the woman said she was not hurt. I think she’s just an ambulance chaser. My mother manipulated the situation into being about her. My mother can’t understand why this is happening to her because she has so much going on. Like what? My mother doesn’t drive. She’s no longer in treatment but goes for the required follow ups. She hardly ever leaves the house. How can she have a lot going on?

Cindi’s house is back in foreclosure. Earlier this year she filed suit against her bank, whose initials start with B and end with A. The bank claims she missed a payment. Cindi has proof of all of her payments. Cindi’s lawyer is dumbfounded and thinks the bank is retaliating because of the lawsuit. Cindi was going to refinance her warehouse and use the equity to pay off her mortgage so she can get the bank out of her life. However, the bank has ruined her credit rating and she can’t get a new mortgage on her building. She’s been fucked by B_A.

K’s mother now needs to have her knee scoped. The doctors want to repair the knee before she has her hip replaced in early February. K’s older brother has demanded that K be in Durango for the procedures. This has caused all kinds of drama. K is stressed beyond belief. He’s got two projects in two different states that are in danger of losing money due to other people’s mistakes and now he’s got family drama added to the mix. I was hoping his brother would call the house so I could tell him how this was going down. The brother is no position to give K, or myself, orders to be in Durango. I would refrain from telling him to fuck off but would politely tell him a visit will be arranged on our terms, not his. His actions open up old wounds that need to be left in the past.

It took three software developers to fix the cluster fuck on the rocket ship going to hell. The load has been completed and will get delivered to the servers on Saturday morning. Now there’s a new fiasco brewing with a new product line I’m testing. At least I have today to catch my breath and take a break from the action.

I haven’t heard from the woman who I met at Lena’s New Year’s Eve dinner. It may have been a case of party talk.

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