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Thougth For The Day

I find it rather odd that the Catholic Church opposes a rule a controversial rule requiring religiously affiliated employers to provide full contraception coverage to women but often failed to take action against priests who were molesting children. It’s perfectly fine to molest children but don’t even think of helping women with their contraception needs. Just another reason why I regret being raised Catholic.

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Updates 2/6/2012

The snow was about sixteen inches deep at our house. There were some drifts that were about thirty inches deep. The front sidewalk had four feet of snow in some place because the snow plow pushed the snow onto the sidewalk. I cussed the city with every shovel load. Homeowners are required to clear sidewalks within twenty-four hours of the end of snowfall or risk getting a $150 ticket. I spent Friday and Saturday nights lying on the sofa watching TV while enjoying an Oxycodone buzz.

I managed to clean the kitchen and family room this weekend while doing a couple of loads of laundry. I also made cookies from a recipe I saw on a Food Network show.

I thought Madge did a good job last night. I was unimpressed by the commercials. I watched most of the game but switched over to watch an Anna Wintour interview on 60 Minutes. Then I switched over to Nova on PBS to catch the end of a show on the Snowmass archeological dig. Our friend, Joe, was in a few of the clips I saw. By the time I switched back the game it was over. I was rooting for the Patriots because Tom Brady is married to the supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Since I could care less for either team I had to root for the team that had a connection to the art world. Since fashion is artistic I rooted for the Patriots. I know it’s shallow, but then, I’m not really a football fan.

The Colorado caucus is being held on Tuesday. It’s all over the news here. I’m over it already.

Yesterday, Tom and Sheila sent over an extra copy of the New York Times they received. I like reading “the times” but it has too many good articles. I read about the start of the performance art movement in New York in the late fifties/early sixties, a review of books that Downton Abbey is based on, and an article on levees in the Midwest. I could have spent half of Sunday reading “the times”. That may explain why Tom and Sheila spend most the Sunday morning in the summer relaxing on the patio while reading “the times”. Dinner last night was prepared using a roasted chicken recipe from the New York Times Magazine. The dish was easy and very tasty so it’s going into my recipe binder.

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Updates 2/3/2012

Our neighbor, Katy, finally sold her house. Her house was on the market for eighteen months. She closed last Friday, moved out on Saturday and the new owners started renovations on Monday. Katy told me the new neighbors are family with three children and an au pair.

Work was out of control earlier this week. Things have calmed down and the load has been locked down. The load will be globally delivered starting with the servers in Asia tonight. The next cycle is already behind schedule. Development was due to be completed next Friday but it hasn’t started. I have nothing to test today.

Cindi’s been wrapped up in drama with the guy that’s here from England. He’s giving her all sorts of mixed singles. He’s been sleeping in her bed instead of the guest room but insists he’s still with his girlfriend in England. It’s a mess and Cindi made the mistake of getting involved in it. I fully expect the meltdown phone call when he goes back to England at the end of the month.

Patty is reading some of her poems at an open mic night at the Tattered Cover bookstore on the fifteenth. I’m looking forward to the event but I bet the poems are about her late husband, death or her ex-boyfriend.

K comes home next Thursday. It seems like he just left. I guess I’ll clean the house this weekend since outdoor activities will be limited.

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Just Another Blizzard

We’re having a blizzard in Denver. It started snowing Thursday night and the forecast calls for snow until Saturday morning. I shoveled the walkways at six this morning. The snow is at least ten inches deep so far. Thankfully, I’m working from home today.

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Work Is Hell

Work has been like hell with a paycheck this week. Everything is late and it’s turning into another cluster fuck. I’ll try to post later this week.

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