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Red Tulips

These tulips are on the south side of the house by the side door.

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She’s Moving!

Bitch across the street (Bats) stopped her Lexus SUV in front of the house last weekend to deliver a monologue while I was doing spring yard clean up. As usual, she went on and on about her life and didn’t ask about our lives. Bats informed me she is putting her house up for sale. Bats thinks it’s the right time to sell because Matt and Kevin’s house sold in a week and another house on our street went under contract after only two weeks on the market. She wants to list her house in the high nines. Bats was complaining about the work required to keep up four houses (one in Denver, one in Vail and two in Scottsdale) and a ranch. She thinks they will rent a place in Cherry Creek while they build a new house on their ranch. Never mind the fact that she will once again have four houses when the new ranch house is complete. She went on and on and on. When Bats finished her monologue she drove off to do errands. I should have volunteered to help plant the for sale sign in her yard. Perhaps, I’ll have Cindi send a crew over to help her pack. She will not be missed.

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It’s Too Soon

There’s nothing like the smell of burning forest and houses to start a day. The Lower North Fork Fire is the first wildfire of the season. Twenty three houses have been damaged or destroyed so far. An elderly couple has died and there’s a woman missing. At least 4,500 acres have burned. It’s only March so it’s going to be a fire filled summer unless we get more rain or snow.

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Friday Night Felonies

My parents had a home invasion on Friday night that turned into a police standoff with the SWAT team. A schizophrenic neighbor barged into their house when my mother opened the front door after the doorbell rung. The guy was holding two butcher knives and grabbed my mother twisting her arm. The man was looking for my father who he found in the kitchen. The guy grabbed my father while holding the two knives and yelled a bunch of gibberish. Neither of my parents resisted the man and he left after a few minutes of yelling. A neighbor called 911 when she saw the man leave my parents house with the butcher knives in his hands. When the police arrived the man would not respond so the swat team was called. The standoff lasted at least four hours. Eventually the police shot out the windows with rubber bullets and threw tear gas into the house. There was still no response so a robot was sent in the house. The man had barricaded himself in the bathroom. The bathroom door was forced open and the man was tasered ending the ordeal around midnight.

The man was taken to the psychiatric ward for a ninety six hour hold. He was also charged with three felonies. The city condemned the man’s house because it was unfit for human habitation.

Thankfully, my parents were not physically harmed. They were both scared by the ordeal and my mother has had trouble sleeping. Their house is now a crime scene and the detectives are coming by today to interview my parents.

Here’s a link to the press coverage.

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Updates 3/23/12

I sent my sister a check for her birthday. She cashed the check but didn’t bother to thank me. I don’t know why this bothers me. I expected her to the thankful for the money since she’s been unemployed for almost three years. My mother also sent her a check which was not acknowledged. I found out that my father has been sending my sister $20 a week for gas for the last three years. Oddly, I received nothing when I was unemployed for four months. I guess I need to learn how to shake the money tree next time I’m unemployed.

Our neighbors, Kevin and Matt, broke up but have remained business partners in their real estate company. They listed their house for 1.3 and it sold in a week. A gay guy from Los Angeles bought the house and moved in two weeks ago. I’ve yet to meet the new neighbor. I told Mike he should host a cocktail party for the new neighbor since he lives next door. My suggestion fell on deaf ears.

A picture of Cindi and her new man taken at the ICON awards was in the paper last Friday. She looked great. Her company won award for best wedding décor.

Trish and I are going to the member’s preview of the YSL retrospective at the Denver Art Museum on Saturday. It’s the only U.S. venue for the exhibit.

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MIL Update

K’s mother didn’t have surgery yesterday. Her condition suddenly improved so there was no need to go under the knife. It was a relief for all of us. She’ll be in the hospital for a few more days. K is driving to Durango from Los Alamos on Friday evening after he gets raked over the coals by a client. He’ll get to spend the weekend with his family. K flies back to St. Louis on Sunday.

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Medical Drama

K’s mother had hip replacement surgery last week. She’s had some complications so she was moved to the ICU. She’s scheduled for exploratory surgery today. The situation is creating a lot of drama. K is flying to New Mexico on business later in the week and is planning on driving to Durango to spend the weekend with his family. I wish her well.

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The accountant called on Monday with a few questions about my tax papers. After I provided a few details on couple of the documents the account gave me the bad news. I owe another 13k in federal taxes and 2k to the state. I have to pay another 15k in addition to the significantly large amount I already paid. I wasn’t expecting a refund due to some unexpected capital gains and income on a 1099 that was not taxed. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pay more than 5k. The initial shock has worn off. I decided to be thankful for the income even though it is taxed at a high rate. The government is going to have to wait for their money. I’m not mailing the checks until April 15th.

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Hello, Goodbye

K got home late Thursday evening and left on Sunday morning. I missed him as soon as he left. We had a short but good time together.

I worked from home on Friday while K ran errands. Friday evening we rode the light rail downtown and had dinner at Le Grand. K tried to get a reservation at the restaurant in the Four Seasons but they were booked all evening. After dinner we walked over to the Grand Hyatt to catch the end of the ICON awards. Cindi’s company won a décor award for the Alice in Wonderland themed wedding they did last year. Cindi gave us one of the centerpieces she designed for the event. We schlepped it home on the train and it has been perfuming the house with the scent of jasmine ever since.

Saturday morning we worked on garden clean up in the morning. I picked up Qdoba burritos for lunch and then we strolled around the Denver Botanic Gardens in the early afternoon. K went to Helena for a haircut while I did the grocery shopping. I cooked dinner and we watched a movie on demand before heading to bed early.

Sunday morning buzzed by. I watched a few cooking shows while K got ready to leave. The car service arrived around ten and I was once again home alone. The rest of the day was consumed with a trip to the gym, a stop at home depot, a little garden work and an evening in front of the TV.

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Sentence Of The Day

I was copied on an email response today that consisted of only one sentence:

I’m not sure that I caught that piece Mike and I believe the issue is that all the things in this offer have to match the things included in that?

You can work in corporate America and earn a six figure salary while writing emails that don’t make sense. Sign up now.

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