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The accountant called on Monday with a few questions about my tax papers. After I provided a few details on couple of the documents the account gave me the bad news. I owe another 13k in federal taxes and 2k to the state. I have to pay another 15k in addition to the significantly large amount I already paid. I wasn’t expecting a refund due to some unexpected capital gains and income on a 1099 that was not taxed. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pay more than 5k. The initial shock has worn off. I decided to be thankful for the income even though it is taxed at a high rate. The government is going to have to wait for their money. I’m not mailing the checks until April 15th.

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Hello, Goodbye

K got home late Thursday evening and left on Sunday morning. I missed him as soon as he left. We had a short but good time together.

I worked from home on Friday while K ran errands. Friday evening we rode the light rail downtown and had dinner at Le Grand. K tried to get a reservation at the restaurant in the Four Seasons but they were booked all evening. After dinner we walked over to the Grand Hyatt to catch the end of the ICON awards. Cindi’s company won a décor award for the Alice in Wonderland themed wedding they did last year. Cindi gave us one of the centerpieces she designed for the event. We schlepped it home on the train and it has been perfuming the house with the scent of jasmine ever since.

Saturday morning we worked on garden clean up in the morning. I picked up Qdoba burritos for lunch and then we strolled around the Denver Botanic Gardens in the early afternoon. K went to Helena for a haircut while I did the grocery shopping. I cooked dinner and we watched a movie on demand before heading to bed early.

Sunday morning buzzed by. I watched a few cooking shows while K got ready to leave. The car service arrived around ten and I was once again home alone. The rest of the day was consumed with a trip to the gym, a stop at home depot, a little garden work and an evening in front of the TV.

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Sentence Of The Day

I was copied on an email response today that consisted of only one sentence:

I’m not sure that I caught that piece Mike and I believe the issue is that all the things in this offer have to match the things included in that?

You can work in corporate America and earn a six figure salary while writing emails that don’t make sense. Sign up now.

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No Polyps

I breezed through the colonoscopy. My colon is cancer free. I was given a two page report outlining my procedure that included three lovely pictures of my colon. What a wonder gift with purchase.

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Auntie Em

I received this email from my sister today:

“We’re surrounded by tornadoes right now. One to the east, one of the north side, two to the west (one in southern Ill and one headed to Mt. Vernon,IN) and one south in Kentucky coming north. CNN is broadcasting live a storm chaser chasing the one on the north side. It’s 71 degrees. I’m wearing shorts and a tee shirt & it is so eerie and quiet right now, no wind but getting dark enough the street lights are coming on…headed to the basement. This is fucking scary.”

If you had a lukewarm relationship with your brother, would you take the time to send an email to him if you were surrounded by tornadoes? On a positive note, I learned that the plural of tornado has two accepted spellings.

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Updates 3/2/12

Work has been chaotic this week. The monthly release was cancelled due to a high level directive to change product strategy. I have to retest all the code I tested for March. Thankfully, I’m paid by the hour.

I saw my infectious disease specialist yesterday. My t-cells are 412 and my viral load is undetectable. I was happy to hear things are holding steady. That’s good news for any HIV novices reading this post.

I have a date with my colon rectal surgeon on Monday morning. Instead of meeting for coffee and croissants we’re meeting at the surgery center for a colonoscopy. It’s a great way to start off the week.

K comes home next Thursday evening.

Cindi invited me to the ICON awards next Friday. The ICON awards are like the Academy Awards for her industry. Cindi’s company is doing the décor. It should be a fun evening.

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