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Work Is Hell

Work has turned into a cluster fuck on a rocket ship headed to hell. It’s just out of control. I’m thankful I only work forty hours a week. Everyone is stressed. Tempers are flaring. This is just the first week of the production cycle.

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Friend or Acquaintance?

I received an email invitation to a party hosted by Scottie and his husband at their lavish Hilltop manse. Upon further investigation, the party is a fundraiser for a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the nutrition and health of HIV-affected and at-risk populations through sustainable gardening. The organization operates in third world countries. Scottie has a new cause to support and he’s inviting his friends over for a dog and pony show with the goal of getting his guests to write checks. I guess I’m more of an acquaintance than a close friend since I only receive invitations when I’m expected to support a cause.

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Spring Snow

It was 84° on Sunday. The heat broke a record. Today it’s 30° and snowing. The humidity feels so good.

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