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Taking One For The Team

Yesterday, I was testing engineering rules written by Miss MBA. Five team members had reviewed the document a few weeks ago and suggested changes which were incorporated into the final draft. While testing the engineering rules I noticed that a period was missing at the end of a sentence and “upto” was used instead of “up to”. Miss MBA had a meltdown and wanted to know why these items were not found during the review. She blamed me even though four other people reviewed the document and the developer didn’t bring up the issue when the code was written. I pointed out that the focus should be on the fact that the issues were found before the code was released to production. Miss MBA didn’t like this. She continued to blame me in a series of emails. Thankfully, I stopped myself before I asked her if she knew how to check spelling and grammar when she authors a document. No other team members responded to her emails. It was as if they were all ducking for cover. I was left alone to incur her wrath.

Miss MBA shouldn’t be blaming me for her inadequate writing skills. Also, four other associates reviewed the document. Why was she putting the focus on me? Why was she so upset about two simple corrections that will only take seconds to correct in the code. Clearly, there must be something else bothering her and she’s taking it out on me.

Today, two of the other associates who reviewed the document contacted me to express their support. They thought Miss MBA was out of line. They don’t understand why Miss MBA blamed me when she wrote the document. I took the high road and told my peers it was my turn to take one for team. It’s best to move on and put it behind us.

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DJ, one of the unhappy millennials, IM’d me yesterday to tell me he got a low rating on his mid-year performance review. Raises and bonuses are not given to associates with low performance ratings. DJ has six months to bring up his rating. DJ’s manager offered to give him more complex work to help improve his visibility but he turned down the offer. DJ will only take on more complex work unless he is given a raise or promotion. DJ wants more money before he has proven himself. DJ went on the trash most of his peers in the subsequent IMs he sent.

DJ thinks he’s the smartest one in the room. If he really was that smart he would know how to play the game. DJ thinks he should be rewarded for an average performance. Most of the developers on his team have many years of experience and give 120% every day. DJ gives less than 100% and his performance review reflects his effort. DJ is intelligent but he has no concept of how the business world works. It really is sad that a person with a lot of talent is so lazy and doesn’t want to work hard to prove their abilities and commitment to the company. DJ has another interview this week so I’m sure he will leave in the next six months. I don’t think anyone will miss him.

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DJ, one of the millenials at work, was given the responsibility to maintain and trouble shoot one of the data bases our team uses on a daily bases. He was given training but never bothered to read the system administration guide. Instead, DJ chose to surf the net and maintain his girlfriend’s blog in his down time. Last week I could no longer make updates to the data. I was the only one in the group who was having an issue. I called DJ for help. He spent about fifteen minutes trying to trouble shoot the issue and gave up. He told me he didn’t know how to resolve the problem and didn’t have time to investigate the issue any further. DJ told me Ari, the previous system manager, would need to resolve the issue. Ari was on vacation until today. Ari called me this morning to see how he could help. He didn’t know how to fix the problem but told me the resolution should be in the system administration guide. Imagine that! Ari researched and resolved the issue in less than a half hour.

I now have a stack of test updates to make because DJ was too lazy to help or even bother to research the issue. DJ should have been able to resolve this issue had he read the system administration guide when he was given responsibility for the data base. DJ’s manager was copied on emails so he knows DJ failed to do his job. I let DJ’s boss know that Ari resolved the issue in just a few minutes. DJ is claiming he was not properly trained. Boo fucking hoo. DJ doesn’t get a gold star today. And he wonders why he didn’t get that $20k raise.

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Helping The Economy

Is it a bad thing to spend more on an outfit for a wedding than the bride spent on her dress? I hope not. K and I went a little overboard shopping this weekend for something to wear to his niece’s wedding in July. The rehearsal dinner is a black tie sit down dinner at the Strater Hotel while the wedding is in the late afternoon in a meadow on a ranch. We can’t wear the same outfit to both so we headed to the mall. We haven’t gone shopping for a while. It was great to spend time together.

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K flew back to Denver yesterday for meetings. He goes back on Sunday but will be back for Memorial Day weekend.

Cindi wrecked her SUV on the road that snakes up her canyon. A tire blew on her way home late one night. The SUV went off the road and slid into a tree. Thankfully, Cindi didn’t go plunging down the side of the mountain. The insurance company totaled the SUV so she’s been shopping for new one with Mike.

The house across the street that was on market for three years finally sold. The new owners haven’t moved in yet. Another un-renovated house around the corner sold in three days. The surveyors have been out so it looks like it’s going to get scraped. Bats’ ovepriced home is not getting any offers.

My nephew graduates from high school on Monday. He’s going on to college but doesn’t know what he wants to do.

My mother seems to get weaker and weaker. I don’t think she’ll be around much longer. She seems to be tired all the time. My dad says she just lies on the bed all day. My mother tells a different story but I tend to believe my dad.

Both of the millennials in my office are looking for jobs outside of the company. They’re upset that they didn’t get the $20k raises they asked for. I hope they leave. Their “I am great” attitude is tiring and their work ethic sucks.

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The Fiancé

K and I hosted his niece and her fiancé on Friday night. They were in Colorado for her brother’s community college graduation. I was meeting the fiancé, M, for the first time. M is a nice guy. He’s polite and was easy to get along with. The more time I spent with M the more questions I had. Some things did not make sense to me. M talked about his family’s lake house in upstate New York, his company’s plantation in Mexico, his travels around the world, his mother’s position in society, his aunt’s vast wealth that affords her a six bedroom apartment in New York and two homes in the Hamptons. Clearly, everyone in his family has secure financial resources. It went on and on. I felt he was trying to impress me with what he has access to. K’s niece let it slip that M did not have health insurance but got it reinstated hours before going to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Also, their oven is broken and they can’t afford a new one. Finally, his car is worn out but they can’t afford a new one so they have been looking at a 2006 model that has been sitting on a car lot for a few weeks. I got the impression that M likes to brag about what his family has but he doesn’t have much. He’s got a socially prominent surname and is related to a former president. I guess those things don’t help pay for health insurance, new ovens or car loans.

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Last night K (he flew in yesterday morning) and I were talking to our neighbor, M. M and her husband have been married for forty-one years. They are devout Catholics who did a tour of duty in the Peace Corps. M is a psychiatric nurse who recently reopened her practice. Her husband is a psychiatrist. M told us how she now deals with the underbelly of society and it’s not a pretty picture.

M told us how happy she was to hear Obama announce his support for same sex marriage. M said it is such a non issue and doesn’t understand why so many supposedly religious people are against it. M told us how she has been exposed to horrors created by heterosexual married people who abuse each other and neglect their children. Yet they are legally married while gays who love each other can’t get married. M said there are so many other important issues that need to be the center of the national debate. She said same sex marriage should not be an issue. M went on to say she made a contribution to Obama’s campaign after his announcement. If only there were more people like M.

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The Assistant

My assistant is moody today and wants lunch.

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Garden Pictures

A few pictures of our garden. The purple iris are my favorite. The snowball bush fromm Sheila’s yard hangs over the fence by the pond.

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It’s Friday

It’s Friday and the weekend is full of promise. It’s also first Friday so the art galleries will be open in RINO, Santa Fe Art District, Cherry Creek North, Golden Triangle and Navajo Street Art District. Denver has an incredible number of art galleries for its size. I want to check out the Jean Smith show at Zip37 over on Navajo.

It’s also Cinco de Mayo so there will be a huge celebration on Saturday and Sunday in Civic Center Park. They’re expecting more than 400,000 people to attend the festivities. It’s the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the U.S. It should be a lot of fun.

I need to clean the house as we will be hosting K’s niece and fiancé next weekend. I may have to clean the house during the week so I can have some fun this weekend.

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