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The Assistant

My assistant is moody today and wants lunch.

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Garden Pictures

A few pictures of our garden. The purple iris are my favorite. The snowball bush fromm Sheila’s yard hangs over the fence by the pond.

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It’s Friday

It’s Friday and the weekend is full of promise. It’s also first Friday so the art galleries will be open in RINO, Santa Fe Art District, Cherry Creek North, Golden Triangle and Navajo Street Art District. Denver has an incredible number of art galleries for its size. I want to check out the Jean Smith show at Zip37 over on Navajo.

It’s also Cinco de Mayo so there will be a huge celebration on Saturday and Sunday in Civic Center Park. They’re expecting more than 400,000 people to attend the festivities. It’s the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the U.S. It should be a lot of fun.

I need to clean the house as we will be hosting K’s niece and fiancé next weekend. I may have to clean the house during the week so I can have some fun this weekend.

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I went to the HOA meeting last night. There were about twenty-five homeowners present, of which at least ten were attorneys. An election was held for a new board president, vice president and secretary. Mrs. L was elected president. She’s been broad president before and has a master degree in urban planning/historic preservation. Her husband is a former attorney turned judge. She’ll be an asset to the board.

Mrs. L took control of the meeting and set the tone for the night. The attendees were to behave as if children were present. The meeting was civil and rules of order were followed.

The first agenda item was a new house proposal. A 1952 ranch house is being scrapped and replaced by a single story 2,200 sq. ft. house. The attendees were surprised that somebody is building a small house instead of another McMansion. The new owners will be submitting plans to the architectural review board in a few weeks.

The next item of business was the contentious lot split issue. The recently resigned board president sought legal advice concerning the lot split without getting board approval for the expenditure. The HOA now has a $2,500 legal bill. The selection of a law firm for representation was discussed. With ten lawyers in the room there were as many opinions. The board decided to discuss the selection in a private meeting. The lot split was also discussed at a high level. A decision was postponed until the board selects legal representation and obtains expert legal advice. The property owner’s legal team seems to want to head straight to court instead of trying to resolve the issue without litigation.

I was expecting drama but the meeting was peaceful. I think the board is headed in the right direction. Several of the resident lawyers have volunteered to sit in on legal discussions along with the two lawyers on the board. The property owner may have deep pockets but the board has a lot of legal expertise available in addition to the formal representation that will be hired. The near future should be interesting.

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Cindi lost three employees in less than a week and is firing a fourth today. An industry peer told Cindi that her bookkeeper was been telling spreading rumors about Cindi’s business. The bookkeeper told people the business is about to go under or be seized by the IRS. The bookkeeper also told people that Cindi pays herself $150k a year but only works ten hours a week. None of it is true. Cindi found out that three of her employees left because they felt they were underpaid while Cindi was raking in the cash. The bookkeeper also told Cindi that she forgot to make an IRS payment. Cindi is firing the bookkeeper this afternoon. Cindi has been at her wits end. Wedding season is just around the corner and she has to hire new staff and get them trained before the busy season. She can’t understand why the bookkeeper started all these rumors. Cindi feels betrayed and disappointed. Cindi has been down before but she’ll survive and come back stronger than ever. She always does.

Here’s a picture of the broom in bloom:

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