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I’m sad today. Yesterday I found out my friend, David, died on the 20th. I met David at an HIV support group in the early nineties. The last time I saw him at the gym we made tentative plans to meet for lunch or dinner. David hadn’t been at the gym for a month or so, which was not unusual given that his job often consumed his life when deadlines were pressing. David was diagnosed with cancer about three weeks prior to his death. He was told he had six months to live. He made travel plans with his partner, Brad, but died before they could depart. David’s memorial service will be held on Wednesday afternoon. I think I’m going to have a quiet day baking or working in the garden.

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There are four houses for sale on our street. The house to our north is now on the market. The wife of the couple is a real estate agent so it’s for sale by owner. She wants to move because the ranch house behind theirs is being scrapped and replaced by a two story. I not thrilled about having a two story being constructed on that lot but our bamboo provides a lot of privacy.

Bitch across the street’s house is languishing on the market. Everyone thinks it’s overpriced. Bitch finally lowered the asking price by 20k. No offers have been received. It looks like we’re stuck with her for now.

There’s a rumor circulating in the neighborhood that the rich guys who bought the mansion are spending $32 million on renovations. The neighbors are stunned that they are spending this much money but it takes a lot of cash to renovate a 33,000 square foot mansion on six acres. They’re flying in European craftsmen to work on the project. A double wide construction trailer is now sitting on the front lawn just behind the hedge.

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The company continues to lay off people. Every week there is news of another round of terminations. The other QA Analyst in Colorado had his contract cancelled at the beginning of July. That left my peer in New Jersey and my manager, Mrs. C. Mrs. C got fed up with the management team across the pond in Ireland so she found a new position in the R&D department. She’s currently negotiating her release date for her new position. When she leaves I’ll report to a man in Ireland who I’ve never met. It will be interesting to see what happens when Mrs. C leaves. I have a feeling that my job will be moved to Ireland and my contract will be cancelled. I guess it’s time to revise my resume.

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Looking Forward

Sometimes life can be as bleak as a hot cracked paved street next to a succulent garden. We have to hope that a better day is around the corner. I’m having a sad day so I spent so time in the garden. I felt much better after admiring nature’s beauty.

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It’s a sad day here in Denver. We’ve had another senseless act of violence. This time it’s at movie theater. The last time it was a high school. Say your prayers.

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I found this bug on the front porch. It hung around for a few days. I’ve never seen one before. It reminds me of the Talk Talk’s Colour Of Spring Abum cover. Any idea what it is?

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Updates 7/16/2012

Mike went back to work even though he doesn’t have a hip. He still gets IV antibiotics every day. He can’t get out of his BMW without help so he’s buying another car. I saw a new Acura SUV in his driveway on Saturday.

Brian, a friend who moved to Ohio a few years ago, was in town for a few days. Brian borrowed Pam’s Cherry Creek house for a small bring your own liquor cocktail party on Thursday night. Brian is known for doing things on the cheap. It was good to see him and catch up.

Jackie and I went to the member’s preview of Now Boarding at the Denver Art Museum on Saturday morning. The show details the history of airports and the construction of five airport projects by Denver based Fentress Architects. It was a fantastic show. Jackie has photographed several Fentress projects in Denver. After lunch I took Jackie to the Botanic Gardens to see the new bamboo sculpture exhibit. We had a fun day hanging out. We made tentative plans for a photo shoot at junk yard near Ft. Collins.

I met up with Brian and his friend, Tom, for a really late brunch at Steuben’s on Sunday. We headed over to beer bust at the Wrangler after brunch. Eight dollars buys a cup for all you can drink draft beer. The bartender with the mohawk gave me a bottle of water since I was not drinking. I left Tom and Brian at beer bust a little before six to head home.

It was a fun weekend and I’m having trouble getting back into work mode this morning.

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