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I hung out with Mike on Sunday. Mike’s partner was in Wyoming visiting family so I help him run a few errands. Mike still only has one hip as his surgery is scheduled for the end of the month. I made Mike put the top up on his BMW because I didn’t want to get roasted on red leather seats on a sunny 95° day. Also, I wasn’t wearing sun screen and I didn’t want to risk getting sunburned given I have had skin cancer twice. After a few errands we decided to have lunch at a Thai restaurant on South Broadway. Mike got a text while waiting for our food to arrive. The text was alerting him that a Jewish man died. Mike’s iPhone has an app that alerts him when a Jewish person dies. What will they come up with next?

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Professional Disappointment

My manager, Mrs. C, transitions to her new job in R&D next week. There’s a luncheon planned for her next Thursday. Mrs. C did a really strange thing this week. She moved most of completed projects into her name so it looked like she did the work. This was very uncharacteristic of Mrs. C. She gave me a ridiculous explanation when I asked why my projects were moved to her queue. I was really confused as to why she wanted to take credit for my work until I queried her projects in the project tracking system. Mrs. C only had three small projects for the month. She was taking credit for my work because she needed to look productive for the month. This was a huge disappointment. I really liked Mrs. C but now I feel she has compromised her ethics. I’ll get over it but the feeling of being let down will linger for a while.

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Saying Goodbye

David’s memorial service was held yesterday afternoon. It was a simple non-denominational service with a few readings. A reception was held in the mortuary’s social room after the service. I skipped the reception. I don’t know why but I just did not want to go to the reception. I’ll send a condolence note to Brad in a few days. It was hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful man.

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