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Lesson Learned

I’ll never watch American Horror Story and The Walking Dead back to back before going to bed ever again. I never want to have another dream about being chased by a zombie that looks like Jessica Lang. I’ll watch these shows in the afternoon so I can get them out of my head by the time I go to bed. Anyone up for House Hunters?

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been in Ft. Lauderdale all week. Flying home tomorrow afternoon.

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Bunch Of Dicks

Our trash truck drivers are a bunch of dicks. It seems that no matter where you place the trash bin they leave it a position that blocks the driveway. This happens every week. I wonder if they get some perverse joy in making people get out of their cars to move the trash bin before entering the driveway. This week the trash bin is at least fifteen feet from the spot I left it in last night. I guess I’ll have to move it twenty feet away next week.

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Violated And Disgusted

When I arrived at the office yesterday I was shocked to discover that my office had been cleaned out. The only things left were a monitor, a power strip, my chair and the phone. It turns out that the non-English speaking cleaning crew was given directions to clean out the empty offices on my row in preparation for the employees moving in from the south campus. They didn’t realize my office was occupied and threw all of my belongings away which were later crushed in the huge trash compactor in the basement loading dock. All my files were trashed including the ones containing proprietary information which have to be shredded. My coffee cup was trashed along with an engraved glass award I received last year for contributing to the success of a project. Every Post-It Note, paper clip, pencil, pen, marker, Hi-Liter, and push pin were thrown away. They even pitched the stapler and my wooden Neiman Marcus coat hanger I brought from home. Given I work at company where it is almost impossible to order office supplies if find it incredibly wasteful that all of the office supplies were thrown away. I received many apologies from the real estate building manager, the cleaning crew manager (who speaks English) and my department’s executive assistant but I can’t help but feel violated and disgusted by the wasteful actions of the cleaning crew. To make it even worse, several of my peers saw the cleaning crew cleaning out my office but failed to say anything. How’s that for camaraderie?

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Looking For Motivation

Yesterday morning started out as a beautiful sunny Colorado day. Within a half hour of getting out of bed the forecasted front moved in and turned the day into an overcast mess of rain and snow. I did my usual Saturday errands along with having Helena cut my hair and getting in leg and bicep work out. Saturday evening was spent doing a road test on persimmon-pumpkin pie recipe that I managed to screw up by using too much cinnamon. After baking I lounged on the sofa in the family room and watched a few shows on demand.

I’ve been having a lazy day so far. I planned on cleaning the kitchen, dining room and living room before meeting Mary for a late lunch at Steuben’s over in the Uptown neighborhood. I’ve only managed to have breakfast, watch T.V and read blogs. I haven’t showered and my hair is going in 10,000 directions. I guess I’d better sign off for now as the Dyson and Pledge are calling my name.

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It’s A Miracle!

My racist father voted for Obama! I can’t find the words to describe how shocking this is to me. I guess people can change.

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Updates 11-8-12

I’m meeting Cindi and her man downtown tonight at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center for a Project Angel Heart fundraiser. It should be a fun evening. I’m looking for to seeing Terry at the event. I haven’t seen him since his partner’s funeral. I’m sure Mike and Chris will be there too.

My contracting company wants to convert me from a contract by the hour employee to a salaried employee with benefits. They are in the process of writing an offer letter. My contract manager called me yesterday but he is really hard to understand given his thick Indian accent. I had to ask him to repeat himself several times. The parent company is based in Mumbai and the majority of employees are Indian. Why do I have a feeling I’m about the get screwed with a lowball salary offer?

It’s been in the 70’s here while the east coast is having another nor’easter. Snow is expected to move into Denver on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll have a great excuse for not raking leaves this weekend.

My mother turns 86 today while my father turns 86 on the 20th. My mother wanted fudge for her birthday so I sent her three pounds from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I’m sure my diabetic father will eat most of it.

The demolition company finally finished tearing down the house behind our house. It took a week the clear the lot. Excavation for the new basement will start next week. One other house on that street has been torn down and the lot has been sitting empty for two months. It seems strange that the house was torn down so far in advance of the construction of the new house.

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It’s A Great Day!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Mazie Hirono, Tammy Baldwin, Claire McCaskill and Tammy Duckworth. Goodbye to Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. It’s too bad loathsome Michelle Bachman was re-elected. They’ll get her next time.

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A Stinky Lesson

K’s Audi has been parked in the garage since he went back to St. Louis a few weeks ago. I decided to take his car to Pet Smart to pick up cat food on Sunday since it hadn’t been driven. I thought the Audi had an odd smell but I couldn’t figure out what it was. As I was passing the topless bar next to Target I realized the car smelled like puke. I found it odd that K didn’t tell me he got sick in his car. I couldn’t help wondering if his diabetes made him sick and he was too embarrassed to tell me he threw up in the car. I emailed K this morning about the Audi. He called me to tell me he didn’t get sick in the car but there may be something rotting in the car like an old partly eaten sandwich. I searched the car and found a moldy fermenting plastic protein shake bottle that was wedged under the passenger front seat. I almost threw up when I opened the bottle. I should have known better. The Audi still smells like puke so I opened the windows and the sunroof hoping the car will air out before K returns. If the smell doesn’t clear up it’s a stinky lesson learned for K.

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I’m A Survivor

I had my last visit to the oncologist today. The nurse gave me a five year survivor pin. I hope I never have to go back to the cancer center as a patient again.

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