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Drunken Cougar

I went out with Helena, Jeff and Jana last night to celebrate Helena’s 53rd birthday. After a nice dinner we headed to a bar over by Denver University to listen to a blues band. We arrived at the bar only to find it was rock night and not blues night. The crowd was younger. The men were bearded, inked and mostly dressed in t-shirts and crummy jeans. The women were painted for war, inked and had their racks out for display in low cut tops. The crowd had a biker/rockabilly vibe to it.

I lost count of the number of shots and rounds of beers that were ordered. Jeff had stopped drinking shortly after we arrived at the bar. I only had two tequila shots all night. Helena and Jana got smashed.

What started out as a festive birthday celebration turned into a drunken spectacle of epic proportions. Helena was flirting and mauling almost every guy who walked by. The guys were polite as they removed Helena’s hands from their body and ran for shelter in other parts of bar. Most had a look on their face that clearly expressed disdain for the drunken cougar who was attacking them. Helena was loud and obnoxious and out of control while Jana was flirting and doing shots with a trio of lesbians. Jeff finally told Helena it was time to leave a little after ten.

It makes me sad that Helena can’t control her drinking. It’s a shame that she has made a drunken fool of herself every time we socialize. Helena needs professional help. I need to talk to Helena about her alcohol abuse but I know it will probably end our friendship. She will probably continue to drink. It’s a situation that will not end well for either of us.

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Protect The Rich

The Chase Bank near our house was robbed this afternoon. The van used in the robbery was found abandoned nearby. The police have had the streets blocked off in the western section of our neighborhood for the last two hours. This part of the neighborhood has large wooded lots and most of the über expensive homes. A police helicopter is flying over the neighborhood. The streets in our part of the neighborhood are unprotected. I guess they have to keep the judges and the titans of industry protected from the underbelly of society. The rest of us can defend ourselves.

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The Offer

I finally received the new salary offer from the contracting company. The offer includes 10 vacation days, 10 holidays, and 8 sick days along with medical, dental, vision and a poorly matched 401k. The company pays the monthly medical premium but only covers $1,000 for dental and $300 for vision. I am currently paid by the hour with no benefits. The salary is better than I expected but less than what I want. The offer expires on the 15th. I’m contemplating rejecting the offer and countering with the same benefits but a higher base pay. The offer is 25k less than my base salary just four years ago. I don’t feel like the offer takes into account the raise in hourly rate I requested in September. I feel like I’ve been on a downhill salary slide that will never end.

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Couch Surfing

I’ve been lying low all weekend nursing a cold. I’m bored as hell but I don’t feel like doing anything partly because I’ve been dosing myself with a generic multi-symptom relief cold medicine that claims to be non-drowsy. I did manage to do a load of laundry and clean the kitchen yesterday.

It’s going to be almost 70° today. It’s dryer than a tree day old piece of toast in the desert. We need some moisture. There’s a new wildfire burning in Rocky Mountain National Forest that has forced 1,100 people to evacuate their homes. The west coast is getting pounded with rain yet the weather forecasters expect it to bypass our area.

It’s going to be a dry and brown holiday season here.

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