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Updated 1/11/13

The contract negotiations have come to a halt once again. The contracting company is blaming the client while the client’s procurement department is pointing fingers at the contracting company. My management team in Ireland is now getting involved. My management team recognizes my value and doesn’t want to lose me but the procurement department doesn’t want to increase my compensation even though I’ve taken on additional responsibilities over the last three years. Contract discussions are set to resume toward the end of next week.

I need to get my compensation package finalized so I can get prequalified for a mortgage. The house is held in joint tenancy so I either have to buy K out or move. Yesterday I started looking at houses on line to get an idea of how the housing market is performing. There’s only one house for sale in our neighborhood. It’s on the market because the gay owners are also divorcing. The house in 9,200 square feet and is listed for $3.1m. Clearly, this is too much house and not even close to a price range I can afford. I looked at houses in the neighborhood to our west but they are either older 1,200 square foot houses in 600k range in need of renovation or they are new 4,000 square foot houses in the seven figures. There seems to be no middle ground. It looks like I’ll have to expand my search to other central neighborhoods.

Sheila called from New York to tell me the book launch has been huge success. The lecture at the National Opera Center of New York was standing room only. Tom’s book is now in the window of the bookstore at the Julliard School. The book is also available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Trish left this morning for a month long road trip to New Mexico and Arizona. I just don’t get her. At times she talks like money is really tight but takes a month off from work for a vacation. Trish still brings up the ex-boyfriend every time we talk. I am sick of hearing about him. She needs to get over him and stop talking about him. I’m glad she’s going to be away for a month.

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And You Think It Looks Good?

The gym is being “remodeled”. So far, they have only repainted. The cheery blue and yellow color scheme has been replaced by terra cotta and baby shit brown. It’s dark and depressing now. There’s nothing like working out with the scent of latex paint in the air.

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Tom’s Book

Tom’s biography of a well known American opera composer will be published next week. Tom and Sheila are flying to New York on Monday for several days of festivities that includes a launch party on the 10th. Later in the month the book tour will kick off in Seattle. Tom has spent six and half years researching and writing the book. Tom is generously giving K and me a copy. I look forward to reading the whole book since I’ve only read a few pages of select chapters. I hope it is a good read.

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Better Parted?

K and I have decided to end our relationship. We had a twenty year run. The details aren’t important. We are currently trying to finalize an exit strategy. There’s real estate to deal with, joint bank accounts to separate and insurance policies to unbundle. Thankfully, we have the gay version of a prenuptial agreement so that will make most of the financial decisions easier. The emotional decisions are trying at best.

The decision was made a few months ago but I could not bring myself to write about it. I still find it difficult so most of the details of how and why will remain private. There are a number of friends who have not been told and I’ve haven’t figured out how to tell my family.

I never thought I’d be fifty-five and single. It’s the new reality for me. I trying to view the year ahead as a new adventure but that’s just me trying to put on a brave face. I’ve been though worse times and I’m sure I’ll get through this mess with a few more emotional scars. It’s time to move on.

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