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Better Parted?

K and I have decided to end our relationship. We had a twenty year run. The details aren’t important. We are currently trying to finalize an exit strategy. There’s real estate to deal with, joint bank accounts to separate and insurance policies to unbundle. Thankfully, we have the gay version of a prenuptial agreement so that will make most of the financial decisions easier. The emotional decisions are trying at best.

The decision was made a few months ago but I could not bring myself to write about it. I still find it difficult so most of the details of how and why will remain private. There are a number of friends who have not been told and I’ve haven’t figured out how to tell my family.

I never thought I’d be fifty-five and single. It’s the new reality for me. I trying to view the year ahead as a new adventure but that’s just me trying to put on a brave face. I’ve been though worse times and I’m sure I’ll get through this mess with a few more emotional scars. It’s time to move on.

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