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Solo Again

I did a cardio workout after work today. When I got home a made a pear and vanilla protein shake and set up the wireless on my new laptop. I was prepared to make a hundred calls to the Geek Squad but I it turned out relatively easy to activate. After catching up on some blogs I hit the phones to try to roust up someone to have dinner with and stop by a few art galleries. Sam, being the chicken hawk that he is, decided to meet up with a twenty something guy for “coffee”. Trish begged off because she was exhausted from her shift at Home Depot. Helena was already too drunk to go out. Mike and Chris were MIA. Cindi was exhausted from a tiring week and was heading up the canyon to go home and soak in the bath.

I ended up getting a chicken burrito at Qdoba before heading over to Santa Fe. I ran into Kate at Spark. She was dropping off cards for her next show which will open in two weeks. Kate told me that Nancy, a local bookbinder whose studio is a few doors down from Kate’s, died from a brain tumor a few weeks ago. Nancy was incredibly talented artisan. She created the most beautiful leather bound sketch books and portfolios. Each one was a work of art. I was saddened by the news of her death.

After chatting with Kate I checked out the art at a couple of other galleries. Vrba had some interesting Jackson Pollock inspired paintings at Core. Across the street I found some amazing photos of China and Russia that had been altered with Photoshop to look like abstract silk screens. Most of the other art was unimpressive and dull.

It was cold and I was not being awed by the art so I headed home. I picked up donuts on the way home for a bedtime snack. I’m hoping the hour long cardio workout cancels out the calories in the donuts.

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Updated 2/15/2013

It’s finally Friday and it’s been a stressful week. I had to buy a new computer and pay the Geek Squad to transfer to data from the old home computer to my new laptop. It seems like I made seventeen trips to Best Buy.

Work has been trying because Troy is out on bereavement leave due to his mother’s death. The team is so small that one missing player causes havoc on the work flow. Throw in the mandatory furlough leaves and it gets even worse.

K was scheduled to come home last week but something came up so he changed it to this weekend. A work crisis will keep him in St. Louis this weekend. I’m not sure when he will back here again. He hasn’t been in Denver since Thanksgiving.

Christopher, my salesman at Neimans, called to wish me happy Valentine’s Day. How sweet was that? He didn’t even try to lure me into the store to preview the new arrivals. He was the only one to call. To be fair, I didn’t place any calls either.

The weekend is only a few hours away. I’ve got to work on my taxes and find something fun to do. There’s a new show opening at Core tonight that has promise. I may swing by and see what’s going on over at the Santa Fe Arts District.

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Technology At Its Best

I’m waiting for a global video conference call to start. The main presenter is a V.P. in California. He’s sitting in a conference room picking his nose. I guess he has no idea his image is being broadcast around the globe. Ooops!

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We’re All Whores

Carlos called last night to move our workout time today. We had planned to work out together this afternoon. His wife has an evening work commitment so he has to pick the kids up from day care earlier. I wasn’t having a great day. I was feeling a little down and work was rather stressful yesterday. Carlos thinks I need to get out more often. He wants to take me to beer bust at the Wrangler on Sunday afternoon. Carlos thinks I need to get laid. That’s his answer for most things. This coming from a man with a master’s degree in topless bars and a PhD in lap dances. I promised to go the Wrangler with Carlos when the weather warms up and the patio is open. I told Carlos it will look like I hired a rent boy for the afternoon given he is twenty years younger than me. Carlos said we’re all whores in one way or another. That is true.

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House Hunting

Trish and went to a couple of open houses before the big game yesterday. First up was a two story stucco house in Mayfair. It was the only two story stucco house on a block of charming single story Tudor homes. It was a poor renovation done on the cheap. The 3,200 sq ft house was listed for $589k. Next up was another house in Mayfair renovated by the same developer as the first house. This one was a 2,900 sq ft stucco two story Cape Cod listed for 540k. The house was located on a busy intersection and was also poorly done. The next house was in Bonnie Brae. The 1,000 sq ft Tudor as priced at 534K. It was a cozy house that had been tastefully renovated and decorated. It had a small yard and a one car detached garage. The Bonnie Brae Tudor was the best of all three but was tiny and pricey.

Overall, it was rather depressing. The Denver housing market has turned into a seller’s market. Prices are rising quickly and the inventory is low. I understand why our neighborhood is so pricey. The houses and lots are larger and the renovations are done with an eye on quality and craftsmanship. A mid century ranch house down the street just hit the market. It’s 3,000 sq ft with a great floor plan and nice yard. The house sold in September for 935k. The new owner never moved in and has relisted the house for 950k. The house needs about 100k in renovations as the kitchen and bathrooms are circa 1954.

Overall, it was rather depressing. I wish I could keep the house but I’m not sure I can afford it. I don’t want to be house poor. Divorce sucks!

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Updates 2/3/2013

Mike called on Friday to tell me our neighbor, Fluffy, closed on his house on Thursday. The house went under contract at the listing price the first week it hit the market. Fluffy is now on his way back to Los Angeles. He didn’t even live here a year. I never met him.

Framing is nearing completion on the house under construction on the street to our west. I’m getting tired of listening to the incessant hammering and sawing. The house should be finished by October since it’s only a ten month build. The new owners just happen to be Mike’s clients.

Tom and Sheila are flying to Seattle this morning to kick off Tom’s west coast book tour. It’s a short tour so they’ll be back later this week. Sheila asked me to pick up the New York Times off the porch since she forgot to suspend delivery.

Sam and I went gallery hopping in RINO (river north) on Friday night. Aaron decided he needed a religious fix so he went to services instead of joining us. There was a lot of mediocre art on display. The shows at Redline were the best we saw all night. Redline has a juried exhibit of contemporary fine art prints in the smaller gallery. All of the artists live within 528 miles of Denver. The Art Students League of Denver has their 25th anniversary show in the main exhibit hall. Some of the greatest artist talents in town have their work on display.

Trish got back from her road trip of New Mexico and Arizona on Wednesday. She called yesterday to tell me she was sick. I had made a big pot of white bean soup with rosemary and ham for dinner so I dropped off a large portion for Trish. We made tentative plans to attend the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the Denver Art Museum on Saturday.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I don’t have any plans. I’ll probably turn on the game while I work on my taxes. It’s going to be warm and sunny so it may be a good day to work in the yard.

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$3 Million

One of the developers at work did a little internet research on the CEO. He found a recent SEC filling detailing the bonus payments given to the senior executives. The CEO was given a $3 million bonus while the rest of the senior leadership team received smaller payments that were all in the seven figures. The bonus payments were for the previous fiscal year which ended in September but that does not take away the sting of having to take a furlough week. The salaried employees have decided to only work eight hours a day instead of the usual ten to twelve until the furlough period ends. They realized their small protest will not really accomplish anything but it makes them feel better. The senior executive bonus payments are demoralizing given that most of the employees were not given raises or bonuses for the last fiscal year. This is just another example of corporate greed at its best.

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