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Art Night

Aaron and I are going to the Denver Art Museum tonight for their last Friday of the month program. Tonight’s program is titled “Bound”. It looks at artistic constraints and will be produced in collaboration with Opera Colorado. I think this will be a fun event.

Kate McGuinness opened a new show at Spark last night. She’s hosting an artist reception tonight. Kate is one of my favorite local artists so I’d like to get by Spark to see her show too.

I also hope to get by Redline sometime this weekend to see the photography show.

I think it’s going to be a good weekend.

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The Mean Girls

Miss Z and Miss MBA are now known as the mean girls at work. They were up to their usual antics at the weekly review meeting today. I can’t help but wonder if they don’t realize how condescending and mean they can be to others. Their ire is usually directed at Miss G, who can be a little scatter brained, but is actually a very intelligent woman with heart of gold. The mean girls will give Miss G a set of instructions one week, but will change it the next week so it looks like Miss G doesn’t know what she is doing. I’ve seen this happen many times. Sometimes working in corporate America is just like being in high school.

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A Film Project

My cousin and her film producing partner have announced plans for their new documentary film about retired homicide detective who now heads a crime scene cleaning company. A web funding campaign has been started on Indiegogo. The film is being produced through Evolution LA. Check out the sizzle reel at the link below:


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Off To A Bad Start

It’s Monday morning. I’ve only been working for an hour. I had to reboot my laptop out of the gate. The reboot took twenty minutes due to a new software download. I spent another ten minutes trying to log onto the VPN so I could access the programs I use every day. Now there’s an email and IM storm going on concerning one of my projects. There are so many messages flying back and forth I can’t keep up with them. This needs to stop. I suggested getting all parties on conference call to discuss the issues but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. This is a crappy way to start the work week.

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This is the new house under construction one street west of our house. The architect told us the project (scrape existing house, build new one) budget is $2.5m. A father is building the house for his son and daughter in law. This could be the fate of our house if we end up selling it.

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Spring In Denver

Eight inches so far with another four expected.

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Updates 3/22/2013

We’re expecting rain later today which will turn to snow overnight. The forecast calls for up to eight inches of snow on Saturday and up to four additional inches of snow on Sunday. We desperately need the moisture. We’re still having a drought. New water restrictions are being implement which will reduce lawn watering to two days a week.

Trish invited me to dinner at her house tonight. She’s been taking guided snow shoeing day trips for last few weeks. Last night she was describing the beautiful blue eyes of the guide who happens to be a physically fit man in his fifties. Trish went on and on about how nice he is. I have a feeling she’s got a crush on this guy and will end up sleeping with him. Just because a man is nice to a woman doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with her. I don’t know why Trish feels like she needs a man in her life. Dinner will be interesting.

The mother of the pizza delivery man, who police think may have been murdered by Evan Ebel, works for the company that holds my contract. An email was sent out alerting workers to the woman’s loss. There are several thousand people working in the building. I don’t know the woman but I am saddened by the tragic circumstances of her loss.

Jesse gave me one of his sculptures. I think Jesse, and his wife, Deb, are trying to cheer me up. It’s like a sorry your relationship ended gift. I wonder if there is a gift registry at Crate and Barrel for such occasions.

Jackie has been on back to back shoots for the last week. She hasn’t had time to post the pictures of our Friday night adventure to her website. Jackie’s business is seeing a sudden burst in client requests which is welcomed after a two year lull.

Aaron and I have tentative dinner plans on Saturday night. The snow may interfere with our plans since he lives about twenty five miles north. I like spending time with Aaron. He’s an interesting guy who can carry on a conversation on almost any topic.

I talked to Sam on Monday. As usual, San steered the conversation to the guys he’s chatting with online. It’s all he wants to talk about. He’s turning seventy one in a few months. There’s got to be more to life than searching for dick online. At least I hope there is.

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