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Snow & Ice

I decided to work from home today. It snowed all day yesterday and the streets have become an icy mess as the temperature is in the teens. I didn’t feel like risking my life driving to the office for a two hour meeting.

I had a cup of tea after I came in from scraping an inch or two of snow off the ice covered driveway and walkways. I’m having a hard time waking up. I feel like I could go back to bed and sleep another five hours. I think I’ll have a cup of coffee before I dial into the conference bridge for the meeting. I want to be fully awake in case I have to I defend myself against the mean girls in the event they gang up on me instead of Miss G.

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Spring in Colorado

I awoke to nine inches of snow this morning. Some of the western suburbs got up to eighteen inches. Another inch or two is expected later this afternoon. The color of spring in Denver is white.

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Jumping Off A Cliff

I feel like I jumped off a financial cliff. I signed papers on Friday to refinance the mortgage in my name. I’m moving to a thirty year note which will dramatically reduce the monthly payment. The taxes and insurance are actually more than the monthly principal and interest payment. I didn’t want to be pressured by a large payment in case I find myself unemployed at some point in the future. Also, I want to be able to afford to have fun and buy the occasional new shirt or pair of jeans, or shoes, or plane ticket…..

Speaking of new shirts, I found myself in the mall on Friday afternoon talking to Christopher and trying on shirts. Christopher and I had a nice chat while he showed me the new Robert Graham and Theory arrivals. I passed on the Robert Graham shirts as they were not to my liking and the price was too high. I tried on a few of the Theory shirts but ended up leaving the store without a purchase. I suddenly came to my senses in the dressing room and realized that I’ll need to pay closing costs about the same time the Neiman’s bill will be due. Besides, I already have at least eight Theory shirts hanging in the closet. I didn’t really need another one.

I spent most of Saturday on the annual architectural tour of Denver. I went with, Fred, a new friend I met at last month’s gay professional networking event. Fred invited a coworker and her husband joined us. I instantly felt comfortable with Fred’s friends which doesn’t usually happen when I meet new people. It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful warm sunny day. I had a great time on the tour.

It started raining last night a little before midnight. It was too warm for snow in city but Beaver Creek got fifteen inches overnight.

I have to get my ass in gear and do some yard work today. I need to spread more mulch before the forecasted snow storm arrives tomorrow. It’s a typical spring in Colorado, warm one day and snow the next. I’m glad I didn’t put away the snow shovel.

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Updates 4/12/2013

The man finally caved and the woman got the additional work approved. It was all really silly. The man was being a dick.

I mailed my tax checks yesterday. I only had to pay an additional $2k this time. Last year it was $15k.

I talked with Trish last night. She went snow shoeing with the dreamy eyed male guide again. She went on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on about him. What should have been a ten minute call turned into forty minutes. She talked about how nice his is, his dreamy eyes, speculated on his age and why she thinks he likes older women. She rehashed this at least five times. I was so glad to get off the phone. Just because a guy is nice to you doesn’t mean he wants to bang you.

The fish made it through another winter. There are two new fish; a small black baby koi and a small dark orange baby goldfish. I guess we’re doing something right or they would not be reproducing.

I have tentative plans to join a group of gay guys for the annual Denver architecture this weekend. I’m only going on Saturday even though the tour is all weekend. I’ve only met one of the guys so it will be a new adventure.

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Caught In The Middle

I’m caught in the middle of a pissing match between a male manager and a female manager at work. The male will not approve projects the female wants added to the current cycle. As a result, I’ve had little or nothing to do for two days. I’m getting paid to sit here and respond to the occasional email. I can’t help but wonder if the male manager feels threatened by the female manager. It’s a waste of time and money but it’s typical for this company. It’s no wonder profit margins are down.

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Making Progress

K and I had a good weekend. It was peaceful and civil. There were no arguments. We discussed many issues and made a few decisions. There still are a lot of things to work through.

The weekend made me realize how much I miss his companionship and how much I don’t miss his professional angst. I think we may always be friends of some sort but not necessarily friends who communicate on a regular basis.

The road ahead is full of curves but I don’t think it will be bumpy.

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Updates 4/5/2013

Tom and Sheila left on Wednesday for another leg of Tom’s book tour. This time they’ll be in Florida.

I chatted with Cindi on Thursday. She had just returned from her Aunt Peg’s memorial service in Santa Fe. Aunt Peg left Cindi some jewelry and a small Picasso print from her art collection. Cindi thinks the Picasso is a fake but needs to have it appraised. This was Cindi’s favorite aunt so she was touched by the inheritance. The family is keeping Aunt Peg’s Canyon Road house. The house will be rented to family and friends at an unbelievably low rate. Cindi and I made tentative plans for a trip to Santa Fe in the fall.

K came back to Denver yesterday. He has meetings scheduled all day Friday. Hopefully, we’ll be able to finalize the relationship exit strategy.

The local water utility has declared a stage 2 drought because the winter snowfall was inadequate. Mandatory water rationing started April 1st. Lawns can only be watered twice a week. Fines for violations range from $250 to $500.

Sam turns seventy-one on Saturday. A group is taking him out to dinner tonight at Star Kitchen, a Chinese restaurant on the west side of town.

Sam’s friend, Diego, cut my hair yesterday. Diego has only been a stylist for four years. I think he did a good job. Diego has been staying at Sam’s house because he’s in between places. Sam is trying to teach Diego how to manage money. Diego never picked up that skill in his twenty-seven years.

A weekend of yard work and discussions is just ahead. Stay tuned for more….

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