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Rent Boys Working Out

I’m sitting on the sofa in the family room watching the evening news hoping a friend will call with exciting plans for Friday night. Instead of cleaning the house, I decided to write a post about the two eighties looking rent boys at the gym today. They were the trashiest looking guys I’ve seen at the gym since that aging red haired former porn actor with the huge dick, who had a habit of doing military press, without a jock strap or underwear, enabling everyone in the free weight area to view his junk. The two guys this afternoon were tragic. Both were tanned to point of looking like a baseball glove left on a Florida beach for seven years. They wore extremely skimpy gym shorts that looked like something out of an UnderGear catalogue. One had a spaghetti string tank top while the other had a cropped t-shirt that ended a few inches below his pecs, exposing an unflattering stomach. Both were tall and lean so their ill fitting clothes only made them look more pathetic. It was as if there were transported from a sidewalk in West Hollywood in the summer 1985 into the gym. They pranced around the gym like male strippers in a dive bar working the crowd. Thankfully, there were a couple of hunky young guys to distract me from the spectacle. I finished my bicep routine and headed to locker room to retrieve my backpack. I couldn’t wait the get out of there.

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Updates 6-21-13

We’re burning up. There are nine wildfires currently burning in Colorado.

Cindi invited me a benefit for the Tennyson Children’s Center at Rolling Hills Country Club on Saturday night. Hazel Mill is performing so it should be a fun evening.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) held their convention in Denver this week. Fritz and I did a gallery tour in the Golden Triangle last night that was held in conjunction with the AIA convention. Four galleries had exhibits that showcased designs of unbuilt work from 20 Colorado architecture firms and area students. It was interesting to see work of these creative minds. I asked Jackie to join us but she was doing an evening shoot from the roof of the capitol.

The Mark Rothko show opens at the DAM this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing this show. Cindi and I planning to meet up to see the show in the near future.

My parent’s 60th wedding anniversary was yesterday. I didn’t call or send a card. They should have divorced forty years ago.

It’s almost time to quit working for the week. I hear the gym calling my name.

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The AARP Mosh Pit

Aaron gave me a ticket to the Tony Bennett concert last night at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was my first concert at the garden and my first Tony Bennett concert. The audience was limited to 2,500 attendees so it was a more intimate concert experience. The gates opened at six with the concert starting at seven. Aaron has a high profile position at the garden so our group of seven was able to enter through a private entrance and secure a prime spot for concert. We enjoyed a picnic dinner before the concert on the grassy lawn of the sunken amphitheater. Tony’s daughter, Antonio, opened the concert. The group thought she was mediocre at best. I felt for her. I can’t imagine having to open a concert for legend, let alone one’s father. Tony was great. He sang many of his hits and standard favorites. It was hard to believe the man can sing so well at eighty-six. The crowd loved him. Couples started dancing in front of the stage. Others moved down to take pictures close to the stage. It soon looked like a well behaved AARP mosh pit. It was a wonderful evening. The garden was beautiful, the company was great and the concert was most enjoyable.

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Too Tired For Emmylou

Pride was a lot of fun. I was on the go all weekend. I didn’t drink at the parade party or beer bust yesterday but still had a lot of fun. I feel like going back to bed and sleeping another seventeen hours.

Aaron was gifted with two more tickets to the Emmylou Harris concert at the botanic gardens tonight. He asked me if I wanted to go but I’m just too tired to go out tonight. I’ve always wanted to see Emmylou but it’s not in the cards this time. There’s a chance he’ll be gifted with two more tickets to the Tony Bennett concert on Wednesday night. I hope to be rested up by then.

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I walked in Sam’s backdoor on Friday night to find him standing in the kitchen wearing a pair of jeans and a chain upper body harness. He wanted to know if harness made him look fat. I told Sam he looked fine. After helping Sam adjust the harness we headed to Bearracuda.

Bearracuda was more fun than I expected. Sam introduced me to tattoo Matt, who was clearly was interested in Sam. Thirty something tattoo Matt was handsome, muscular and Latin. Sam flirted a bit with tattoo Matt but soon sent him on his way. They cruised each other all night. Later Sam told me he wanted to hook up with tattoo Matt but was reluctant because tattoo Matt was into S&M. Never mind the fact that Sam was wearing a chain harness. Apparently, the chain harness is just an accessory that enables Sam to show off his physique. It has nothing to do with communicating wants and desires.

I met some new people and caught up with old friends. I had a good time but I stayed out too late. Way too late.

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It’s PrideFest weekend in Denver. There will be a two day celebration in Civic Center Park with a parade on Sunday morning. The Denver celebration is now the third largest festival and the seventh largest parade in the nation. Sam invited me to a Sunday morning parade watching party at a friend’s house over by Cheesman Park on the parade route. He also hinted at going to the Bearracuda event tonight but I’m not sure I’ll be up to it given my day started at 5:30. I’ll probably end up at the Wrangler beer bust on Sunday afternoon. It should be a fun weekend.

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Updates 6/12/13

I was scheduled to be on furlough next week. All contractors were directed to take a week off by the end of June as part of the latest expense reduction initiative. The furloughs were cancelled yesterday without explanation. The rumor mill is speculating that the company will be laying off employees so it needs the contractors to work. Time will tell.

There are four major wildfires burning in Colorado. The largest is the Black Forest fire which has burned 8,000 acres and at least eighty homes. The fire, which started yesterday afternoon, is zero percent contained. The local news has been showing horrific aerial footage of McMansions catching fire and burning to the ground. Record breaking temperatures and high winds have only added to the problem.

My mother is getting hear aids. Wonders never cease.

Cindi turned fifty on Monday.

Mike has decided to get the new BMW 4 series coupe for his next car. He’s ordering the car as soon as it’s available. He wants to be one of the first the get the car in Colorado.

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