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Too Tired For Emmylou

Pride was a lot of fun. I was on the go all weekend. I didn’t drink at the parade party or beer bust yesterday but still had a lot of fun. I feel like going back to bed and sleeping another seventeen hours.

Aaron was gifted with two more tickets to the Emmylou Harris concert at the botanic gardens tonight. He asked me if I wanted to go but I’m just too tired to go out tonight. I’ve always wanted to see Emmylou but it’s not in the cards this time. There’s a chance he’ll be gifted with two more tickets to the Tony Bennett concert on Wednesday night. I hope to be rested up by then.

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I walked in Sam’s backdoor on Friday night to find him standing in the kitchen wearing a pair of jeans and a chain upper body harness. He wanted to know if harness made him look fat. I told Sam he looked fine. After helping Sam adjust the harness we headed to Bearracuda.

Bearracuda was more fun than I expected. Sam introduced me to tattoo Matt, who was clearly was interested in Sam. Thirty something tattoo Matt was handsome, muscular and Latin. Sam flirted a bit with tattoo Matt but soon sent him on his way. They cruised each other all night. Later Sam told me he wanted to hook up with tattoo Matt but was reluctant because tattoo Matt was into S&M. Never mind the fact that Sam was wearing a chain harness. Apparently, the chain harness is just an accessory that enables Sam to show off his physique. It has nothing to do with communicating wants and desires.

I met some new people and caught up with old friends. I had a good time but I stayed out too late. Way too late.

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It’s PrideFest weekend in Denver. There will be a two day celebration in Civic Center Park with a parade on Sunday morning. The Denver celebration is now the third largest festival and the seventh largest parade in the nation. Sam invited me to a Sunday morning parade watching party at a friend’s house over by Cheesman Park on the parade route. He also hinted at going to the Bearracuda event tonight but I’m not sure I’ll be up to it given my day started at 5:30. I’ll probably end up at the Wrangler beer bust on Sunday afternoon. It should be a fun weekend.

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Updates 6/12/13

I was scheduled to be on furlough next week. All contractors were directed to take a week off by the end of June as part of the latest expense reduction initiative. The furloughs were cancelled yesterday without explanation. The rumor mill is speculating that the company will be laying off employees so it needs the contractors to work. Time will tell.

There are four major wildfires burning in Colorado. The largest is the Black Forest fire which has burned 8,000 acres and at least eighty homes. The fire, which started yesterday afternoon, is zero percent contained. The local news has been showing horrific aerial footage of McMansions catching fire and burning to the ground. Record breaking temperatures and high winds have only added to the problem.

My mother is getting hear aids. Wonders never cease.

Cindi turned fifty on Monday.

Mike has decided to get the new BMW 4 series coupe for his next car. He’s ordering the car as soon as it’s available. He wants to be one of the first the get the car in Colorado.

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Almost Gone


The top photo is the house before demolition. This is the site of the new 8,400 square foot house.

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I used to admire her. She was a single mother of two boys with a rags to riches story. She runs a successful restaurant, has a collection of published cookbooks and hosts a cooking show on the Food Network. Imagine my surprise when I saw an ad for Paula Deen mattresses on sale at Big Lots. Mattresses! Really? I could see putting her name on cookware or dishes, but a mattress seems like she’s desperate to make money.

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I hit the gym after work for a much needed work out. The tensions from the work week dissolved away with an intense leg and shoulder workout. After the gym I called Trish to see if she wanted to venture out tonight. She was packing for a weekend in Colorado Springs. I called Jackie only to find out she was in L.A. shooting a house in Benedict Canyon. I was going to be flying solo.

I decided to reward myself for staying professional during all of the work drama this week. I headed to Cherry Creek in search of a new summer shirt. I found nothing at the Banana, avoid Neiman’s, struck out at Nordstrom but had success at J. Crew with a sale shirt.

I headed over to Pirate after the mall to see the Phil Bender show and take a look at the new members’ show at Edge. I started my art tour at Next, followed by Pirate, Zip37 and finally Edge. My favorites were Phil Bender and the sculptures at Edge. Phil is an icon in the local art scene with a piece in the DAM collection. I had a nice chat with Phil about his process and influences. I came home with two small unframed collages. The sculptures were incredible but were not in my budget at $1,200.

Taking in a few art galleries enabled me to avoid spending the rest of the evening in front of the TV and rejuvenate with color, form and texture. Once home, I listened to the local jazz station and sipped my first gin and tonic of the season. The first of many, I hope.

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Snarky Bitch

My Friday started out with a call with Miss Z. It was an interesting call. While complementing the work done by a former employee, Miss Z managed to insult me and imply that I don’t have the skills of the former employee. I wanted to reach through the phone choke the living shit out her. I took the high ground and ignored her remark. She’ll be gone at the end of the month. It would do no good to call her out. Besides, Miss Z has a pattern of leaving and coming back. There’s no need to burn a bridge if she returns later in the year. I’d still have to have a working relationship with her. She’ll always be a snarky bitch.

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Work Is Hell

Work has been hell this week. A major flaw was found in the software that was delivered this past weekend to the all the global application servers. Thankfully, it was not code I tested. I have been charged with testing the resolution. The phone lines have been burning up between the team here and the guys across the pond. I’m being bombarded with IMs. I had to explain the issue to my work manager because he didn’t understand what went wrong. I also had to explain the engineering specs line by line. The program manager has been arguing with my manager. She feels my manager has been dragging his heels on approving time to resolve the issue. Tempers are flaring and emails are getting increasing rude. I’ve done my best to stay out of the fray.

I went out into the garden this morning and clipped one of the peony blooms. It’s now sitting on my desk. I needed something pretty to counter all of the nastiness and drama.

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