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What’s Better?

Standing naked in front of the mirror last night while getting ready for a night out by myself at the art museum, I felt like my best days were behind me. I looked old and haggard. Perhaps it was down light from the overhead recessed can lights. I could help but wonder if it would have better to die in my twenties like most of my friends. They left this world while they were young and handsome while I was allowed to live and age. I’m not sure who got the better deal. Clearly, I’m having issues with aging.

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One Year Down

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of our split. I’m in a much better place but I still feel fractured and damaged at times. I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

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Au Revoir Julie

Julie accepted an incentive package to leave the company. Her last day is Friday. There’s a luncheon honoring her tomorrow. Everyone on the team is attending along with associates in the product house and R&D. Donations were solicited for a going away gift which will be presented at the luncheon.

Julie is one of the best business analysts on the team. She’s kind, considerate, intelligent and a great team player. Julie is the only person on my team who ever asked about my partner. She’s getting a great send off because she will truly be missed.

This is a huge contrast to Nann’s departure which was poorly attended. Nann was a hateful bitch who terrorized her peers. She was like working with a creature from the seventh level of hell. Nann not only threw people under the bus, she drove it over them. I was not sad to see her leave. I counted down the days until she left.

Nobody wants to work with a bitch, prick or sourpuss. Be remembered for your good deeds, not back stabbing or throwing your peers under the bus.

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Sentence Of The Day

I was copied on an email that contained this sentence. The author never met a comma she liked.

There is always more to do that’s for sure and I’m really happy you were able to get the stuff done too Tom.

Can you believe she has an MBA?

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Isn’t He Cute?

Carlos, my friend and occasional work out partner, has been posting work out tips on You Tube. Check him out. Isn’t he cute?

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I was pulling weeds in the garden on the north side of front yard after I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon. The princess next door pulled into her driveway in her black X5 BMW.

Princess married well so she quit selling real estate after she had her first child. The nanny comes every day even though Princess is a stay at home mom. Princess also has a housekeeper and refers to her yard service as the gardener.

Princess wanders over to chat. After a few pleasantries she tells me about her ongoing search for a larger house. Princess tells me it’s too hard raising two children in a three bedroom house while she sifts a Nordstrom shopping bag and her Prada handbag one hand to the other. The nanny has to sleep on the sofa when she spends the night because there is no guest room. Her monologue is interrupted when her kids come running out of the garage followed by the nanny. I silently thank the universe for ending out visit.

I wanted to slap the bitch. I bet she has no idea that she comes off as entitled and spoiled. I grew up in a small three bedroom house. There were three kids so my brother and I shared a room. I seemed to turn out just fine, although, others may argue otherwise.

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Another WTF

Cindi threw herself a belated birthday party on Sunday afternoon. She sent out an email invitation to sixty people three weeks before the party. A simple click on the evite allowed one to accept or decline the invitation. Twelve people responded to the invitation while about twenty showed up.

The caterer served a variety of street tacos along with a bar stocked with a variety of wines and beers. There was an overabundance of food and liquor since Cindi feared not having enough. It was a nice, but small party. I was happy to help Cindi celebrate her birthday.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Why would one show up for a party when they did not bother responding to the invitation? Why did so many people not respond when all it required was a quick click on a link in the evite? It’s rude and shows a lack of respect for the hostess. It seems that in the age of smart phones and social media people have forgotten about common courtesy and manners.

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Off To A Good Start

My weekend started with a trip to the DAM with Deb, Jesse, Sheila and Tom to see the textile exhibit. The exhibit is spread out between the two buildings. The highlight of the show was the Native American blanket exhibit. The weavings were absolutely stunning. The museum was followed by a yummy dinner at the new Jax in Glendale. After dinner, Sheila and Tom served key lime pie and drinks on their patio under a beautiful starlit summer sky. It was the perfect way to end the day. The weekend is off to a good start.

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Moody Woman Ruins Outing

It was a cloudy but beautiful day. Just perfect for a leisurely stroll through the botanic garden. The daily monsoon rains have brought much needed moisture to our drought stricken area. The garden was at the peak of the summer blooming period.

Janice was in a good mood. She told us about her latest remodeling project and her upcoming trip to New York to spend a week with her one of sons. It’s was a pleasure getting caught up with Janice as we toured the garden.

Trish, on the other hand, was closed down and disengaged. She barely talked the entire time we were together. I had to direct questions to Trish in order to get her to participate in conversations. It was like spending time with an iceberg.

After dinner, Janice and I tried to figure out what was bothering Trish when she excused herself to go to the ladies room. Neither of us wanted to confront Trish for fear of sending her off on one of her rants.

I don’t understand why Trish acted so odd on our outing with Janice on Tuesday afternoon. The whole point of the getting together was to get Janice out of her house with a fun activity. Janice was supposed to be the focus of our attention but Trish managed to make herself the center of attention by shutting down. I don’t know how she thought her behavior was any benefit to Janice. I thought Trish was selfish and rude.

I need to start reducing the amount of time I spend with Trish. I’m tired of her behavior. I don’t need a moody self-centered person in my life.

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Updates 8/12/13

I seem to be on the same gym schedule as the suicide redhead. Her hair is at least three different colors every time I see her. Yesterday, her hair had faded to a weird pink and grey mix with copper colored roots. It was a hot mess. I thought about giving her Diego’s card but he charges $150 for color, which is probably a lot more than the suicide redhead would want to pay, given she seems to be coloring her own hair.

I had a Trish free weekend but I’ll see her on Tuesday for our trip to the botanic garden with Janice.

I had dinner at Deb & Jessie’s house on Saturday night. I rode over with Tom and Sheila. It was a beautiful evening even though it rained. Jessie opened the glass and metal garage doors on their art studio so the table could be moved indoors for dinner. After dinner we moved back outside as the rain had ended. I made a cardamom pound cake with macerated peaches for desert.

Tom and Sheila have retained a lawyer to sue their insurance company over a water damage claim. A broken water pipe has resulted in water damage along with a mold issue. Walls in the living room, dining room, laundry room and bar have to be replaced. All of the water pipes have to be replaced which means jackhammering the floors since their house has a slab foundation. Tom and Sheila have to move out of their house during construction. The insurance company offered $324 towards the repairs.

K will be back in Denver on Thursday. He’s riding in the Tour de Cure again this year. I don’t expect to see a lot of him as the event is based in Fort Collins.

The company is delaying a major product launch. Consequently, the engineering specifications have to be rewritten and the code has to be backed out before I can continue testing. I have to be available for questions so I’m getting paid to sit here and respond to the occasional email.

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