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Off To A Good Start

My weekend started with a trip to the DAM with Deb, Jesse, Sheila and Tom to see the textile exhibit. The exhibit is spread out between the two buildings. The highlight of the show was the Native American blanket exhibit. The weavings were absolutely stunning. The museum was followed by a yummy dinner at the new Jax in Glendale. After dinner, Sheila and Tom served key lime pie and drinks on their patio under a beautiful starlit summer sky. It was the perfect way to end the day. The weekend is off to a good start.

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Moody Woman Ruins Outing

It was a cloudy but beautiful day. Just perfect for a leisurely stroll through the botanic garden. The daily monsoon rains have brought much needed moisture to our drought stricken area. The garden was at the peak of the summer blooming period.

Janice was in a good mood. She told us about her latest remodeling project and her upcoming trip to New York to spend a week with her one of sons. It’s was a pleasure getting caught up with Janice as we toured the garden.

Trish, on the other hand, was closed down and disengaged. She barely talked the entire time we were together. I had to direct questions to Trish in order to get her to participate in conversations. It was like spending time with an iceberg.

After dinner, Janice and I tried to figure out what was bothering Trish when she excused herself to go to the ladies room. Neither of us wanted to confront Trish for fear of sending her off on one of her rants.

I don’t understand why Trish acted so odd on our outing with Janice on Tuesday afternoon. The whole point of the getting together was to get Janice out of her house with a fun activity. Janice was supposed to be the focus of our attention but Trish managed to make herself the center of attention by shutting down. I don’t know how she thought her behavior was any benefit to Janice. I thought Trish was selfish and rude.

I need to start reducing the amount of time I spend with Trish. I’m tired of her behavior. I don’t need a moody self-centered person in my life.

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Updates 8/12/13

I seem to be on the same gym schedule as the suicide redhead. Her hair is at least three different colors every time I see her. Yesterday, her hair had faded to a weird pink and grey mix with copper colored roots. It was a hot mess. I thought about giving her Diego’s card but he charges $150 for color, which is probably a lot more than the suicide redhead would want to pay, given she seems to be coloring her own hair.

I had a Trish free weekend but I’ll see her on Tuesday for our trip to the botanic garden with Janice.

I had dinner at Deb & Jessie’s house on Saturday night. I rode over with Tom and Sheila. It was a beautiful evening even though it rained. Jessie opened the glass and metal garage doors on their art studio so the table could be moved indoors for dinner. After dinner we moved back outside as the rain had ended. I made a cardamom pound cake with macerated peaches for desert.

Tom and Sheila have retained a lawyer to sue their insurance company over a water damage claim. A broken water pipe has resulted in water damage along with a mold issue. Walls in the living room, dining room, laundry room and bar have to be replaced. All of the water pipes have to be replaced which means jackhammering the floors since their house has a slab foundation. Tom and Sheila have to move out of their house during construction. The insurance company offered $324 towards the repairs.

K will be back in Denver on Thursday. He’s riding in the Tour de Cure again this year. I don’t expect to see a lot of him as the event is based in Fort Collins.

The company is delaying a major product launch. Consequently, the engineering specifications have to be rewritten and the code has to be backed out before I can continue testing. I have to be available for questions so I’m getting paid to sit here and respond to the occasional email.

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Talent Poaching

I met with a headhunter this morning in the lobby of my office. She works for all of the large tech firms in the area. She thought I could get more money at one of her other firms but couldn’t guarantee I would be able to work from home. My present gig is hard to beat so I turned down her offer. I took her card with the promise I would contact her if my current contract isn’t renewed. I thought it was pretty ballsy of her to want to meet in the lobby instead of an off-site location. It felt good to know that my skills are in demand but I don’t want to make a change at this time.

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10 Million Lesbians

My weekend flew by at a record setting pace. It was the usual mix of errands, gym and yard work with a torrential downpour on Saturday night. I had brunch with G on Sunday followed by a stop at the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market. The highlight of the weekend was the Indigo Girls concert at the botanic garden with Aaron, Ilene and Sam. Their performance was outstanding. It seemed like every lesbian in town was there. I tried to delay the arrival of Monday morning by hitting the snooze button twice only to remember that I had an early morning meeting. I bounded out of bed and rushed to get out of the house and off to work. I’m hoping the work week flies by as fast as the weekend.

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Trish and I are trying to finalize plans to take Janice to the sculpture show at the botanic gardens. Trish has known Janice for at least twenty years. I met Janice at one of Trish’s holiday parties a few years ago. Janice has been depressed so Trish and I thought an outing would help her spirits.

Janice is in her late fifties. She’s attractive and well dressed, like old money, never flashy. She’s the mother of three and grandmother of two. Janice is a warm and welcoming person. Her first husband died in a helicopter crash. Janice’s second husband is a surgeon who is now retired. Janice closed her successful medical trials business when her second husband retired so they could spend time together. Janice lives in a large house in an exclusive gated neighborhood built around a golf course. Her husband plays golf every day weather permits while Janice sometimes lunches with the women who lunch. Janice spends at least a week a month at her second home in Hawaii.

Janice feels her life has no purpose. Janice often spends the day in bed getting up just before her husband returns from eighteen holes of golf. Her children and grandchildren live in other states. Janice keeps herself occupied by redecorating her house room by room, starting over when she finishes. Meeting with interior designers and tradesmen forces her to get out of bed. She leaves the house on Fridays and Mondays when the housekeepers clean the house.

Trish thinks Janice should do volunteer work. I think she needs a therapist. She’s a woman of wealth and privilege who needs to realize that houses, cars and other material possession only provide distractions to problems in one’s life. They don’t make you happy. Clearly, she’s a person in crisis mode. I don’t know if the outing will help Janice but at least it will get her out of bed and out of the house for a while.

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