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False Alarm

Four weeks ago my mother’s oncologist informed her that the most recent scan showed an abdominal aortic aneurysm. She was referred to a surgeon but had to wait a month for an appointment.

My parents don’t own a computer so my mother checked out some medical books from the local library. Her research on abdominal aortic aneurysms revealed a serious and often fatal condition. My mother has been a nervous wreck for weeks.

My brother accompanied my parents to the surgeon’s appointment yesterday, armed with a list of questions provided by his wife, who is a nurse. The surgeon could not understand why mother was there. The enlargement of the abdominal aorta was insignificant and there was no need for surgery. My mother should not have been diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

My mother’s fear of dying has turned into rage. She’s planning on giving her oncologist and earful at her next appointment. My mother has a vicious tongue. I’m sure she’s going to let him have it.

When I talked to my mother last night I knew she was feeling better. She was laughing while being passive aggressive and manipulative while throwing my sister under the bus for not calling for two months. The old mom was back and up to her old tricks.

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Updates 10/17/13

Sheila sent over a container of vegetarian lasagna on Sunday as a thank you for the guava-cream cheese pastries I sent over during their plumbing crisis. The lasagna was tasty meal when I got home from beer bust on Sunday night. The plumbing repair work is in the final stages.

Mike ordered the new 428i BMW. It’s sitting on freight train somewhere outside of Denver waiting for repairs to a flood damaged railroad bridge to be completed. He’s also ordered an E350 convertible and a Honda Pilot. He couldn’t make up his mind so he ordered all three. He’ll keep one and sell the other two.

Trish rented a house in a small town in New Mexico for two weeks. She left on Monday. She plans on writing, hiking and sketching on her retreat.

Cindi is back from helping her mom recover from knee replacement surgery. She leaves tomorrow for a trip to the Grand Tetons with the boyfriend.

My mother has an appointment with a surgeon today for what will probably be a death sentence. I don’t think she is a viable candidate for surgery given her poor health and age. I’m expecting a call from her later today with sad news.

R & H invited me to Ft. Lauderdale for Thanksgiving. Airfares are a lot higher this year. The trip may be too expensive given my rapidly approaching new financial reality. I’d better start looking for a back-up plan.

I’ve thought about getting a housemate when K moves out. Studio apartments rents now average $1,000 in the city. Mike thinks I could easily get $800 – 900 given the location and neighborhood. I’ve never had a roommate who wasn’t a boyfriend or partner. It may not be worth giving up my privacy.

That’s all for now.

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Crossdressing Hunter?

Cindi is back on the ranch in Montana helping her mom recover from knee replacement surgery. She sends me this text yesterday:

Dirty bloodstained Carhartt pants and jacket with a Gucci handbag. So wish I could had got a photo for you.

I can’t wait to get the details. Cindi doesn’t wear Carhartt and doesn’t have a Gucci handbag. I wonder if her brother, the professional hunter, who wears nothing but Carhartt, has started cross dressing.

Update: Cindi saw a young woman at the convenience store in town get out of an Escalade wearing the bloody Carhartt and carrying a Gucci handbag. There was a dead dear strapped to the top of the Escalade.

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Bitten By A Viper

Trish stopped by last Sunday on her way home from Cost Plus World Market. She was trying to avoid going home to clean her house so she stopped by my messy house. I hadn’t seen Trish for a couple of weeks but we did chat on the phone twice. After opening a bottle of white wine left over from the only dinner I hosted all summer, we sat in the rear courtyard under the shade of the huge maple. The conversation was polite but mostly about Trish’s life. Trish helped herself to a second glass of wine while I switched to water. I wanted to go for a run but after a glass of wine I decided a walk around the neighborhood would be a better choice. After Trish topped of her wine glass we left the house and headed west.

It was a sunny late afternoon sky peppered with a few clouds. We walked down Sheila’s street stopping to look at the construction sites. Trish thought the French country farm house was just an ugly stucco box with a little some heavy wood trim and fancy garage doors. She felt the mid-century modern inspired house didn’t fit into the neighborhood even though there are number of them in the neighborhood.

I filled Trish in on my health care woes on our way over to check out the renovations on the rich guys’ mansion. Trish, never one to hold back a thought, let me have it. Her ranted started with my need to stop buying $200 shirts at Neiman Marcus. She continued with why I should sell the BMW and drive something cheaper and why I should sell my house and move to a smaller, cheaper house in a neighborhood with lower property taxes. She ranted further about the fact that she pays a higher percentage of her annual $28k salary for health care than I will be paying. Ouch.

In summary, I’m a privileged, selfish bitch who’s getting his comeuppance. I should quit complaining and pay what I owe since I cost the insurance company more than most people because I’m HIV+.

I was only trying to communicate the shock of my future health care costs. I never expressed that I couldn’t afford my new financial reality. I never said it wasn’t fair. I merely failed to correctly estimate my post-divorce heath care expenses.

With the rant over, our walk continued around the west side of the mansion, stopping to admire the lushly landscaped architecturally significant homes on the tree lined street. The fall flowers and native grasses that populate the neighborhood were at their peak. It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk. I never expected to be bitten by a viper.

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Idiots In Charge

A senior VP left the comfort of Silicon Valley to visit our little operation this week. A mandatory team meeting was scheduled so the VP could present the new fiscal year initiatives. The meeting was held in a conference room with a view of the customer/VIP parking lot outside of the briefing center. The VP remarked about the low number of people at work since the parking lot was almost empty. One of the directors informed the VP he was looking at the customer/VIP parking lot.

The employees are mandated to park in the four story parking garages on the east and west end of the building. The office building is 400,000 square feet. Did the VP really think a building this size would only have parking for about fifty cars? How could he not notice the two enormous parking garages that flank the building? He had to drive past at least one them to get to the VIP parking. Is it any wonder this company is struggling to maintain market share with idiots like this on the leadership team?

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Tuesday Night Out

I met up with Sam at a gay networking event last night at the History Colorado Museum. Most of the usual suspects were there. I had a chance to stroll through two floors of museum exhibits before heading to the fourth floor auditorium for a little nosh and a drink. The museum has a great view of the mountains from the observation deck so most of attendees could be found outside once the sun set. I hung out with Sam for most of the evening. I didn’t meet anyone but it felt good to get out of the house and see some good looking men.

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Trucks Everywhere

The new neighbors to the south have started construction on a 500 sq. ft. addition along with a new deck and fence with brick pillars between the wood sections. This is the sixth construction project in a two block stretch on two streets. A new house has been under construction for at least two years at the end of my street. The owners have fired numerous contractors. It shouldn’t take two years to build a two story, 4,800 sq. ft. house. Another house is being remodeled in mid-block. The house was fully renovated last year before it was sold. The new owners have almost gutted the house to the studs. The current renovation has been underway for almost a year. On Sheila’s street, there are two new houses under construction along with a third that should start any day. Construction on one house has languished for over a year with the city halting construction numerous times for code violations. The house next door to Sheila is behind schedule as the wife can’t make a decision to save her life. She sends everything to her interior designer father in Dallas for approval. Tom and Sheila are nearing the end of their plumbing nightmare. Workers have been at their house for weeks. At times there have been five plumbers on site. A few blocks west, the rich guys have been renovating their mansion for the last year. A construction fence along with security cameras has been erected around their six acre property. Three construction trailers are parked on the front lawn. Thankfully, the workmen have been parking their trucks on the property instead of the street.

The neighborhood has been a sea of trucks and construction vehicles. It’s only going to get worse when construction on the mega house across from Sheila starts. It’s almost as bad a living in a new development instead of an older established neighborhood.

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