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Hasa Diga Eebowai

The Book of Mormon was the best theatrical production I’ve seen in a long time. If you like South Park you’ll love The Book of Mormon. It’s funny, bawdy, entertaining, outrageous and shocking while loaded with singing and dancing. I’ve never heard the work fuck so many times in a stage production. Google the lyrics to Hasa Diga Eebowai to get a sampling. I give it two thumbs up.

I’m off to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with R & H. I’ll catch you on the back side.

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50 Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today, I was sitting in my first grade class at Good Shepherd Catholic School. Sister Mary Paul was teaching math. The voice of Sister Mary Joseph, the ancient Mother Superior of the school, came over the intercom announcing death of President Kennedy. Sister Mary Joseph instructed the school to kneel on the cold linoleum tile floor while she recited the Rosary. That old cunt made us kneel on the hard floor instead of moving the students into the church with padded kneelers which was attached to the school. The students were sent home when Mother Superior finished the Rosary. My sister and I found our mother in living crying in front of the TV with a soggy tissue clenched firmly in one hand and a cigarette with a long ash in the other. It was a day I’ll never forget.

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Another Night Out

Cindi secured four Book Of Mormon tickets for tonight’s performance. I’m meeting Cindi and her man at the theater tonight at seven. It will be the second time this week I went out on a school night. It should be fun. Cindi told me she has exciting news about a new business venture. Stay tuned for more details.

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Burgers, Burgers and Burgers

Big Smoke Burger opened their first U.S. location near my house a few months ago. Big Smoke Burger is a Canadian company. I love a good burger but I still haven’t been to Big Smoke Burger. There seems to be an explosion of hamburger restaurants that have opened here in the last few years here: Lark Burger, H burger, Five Guys, Smashburger, TAG burger bar, Steak ‘n Shake, and Park Burger. Has anyone been to Big Smoke Burger?

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Monday Night Out

Jackie invited me to an ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) lecture last night at the Denver Post auditorium on the edge of downtown. The lecture was given James Balog, an award-winning Boulder-based photographer. The topic was global warming. The photographer had stunningly beautiful images of glaciers along with horrifying time lapse video showing the demise of the ice flows. The interesting and informative lecture left me pondering why people don’t believe in global warning.

It was great to get together with Jackie since many months had passed after our last outing. Jackie treated me to dinner to thank me for assisting on her shoots. She’s currently working on an exciting new video project that could end up being televised on PBS. Jackie also has three cover shots this month on construction and architectural trade journals.

I had a great time. I usually don’t venture out on Monday night. It felt good to break out of my habit of watching TV in the evening. I’m looking forward to our next rendezvous.

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Free Gift With Purchase

I had a 4:45 appointment with the dermatologist yesterday afternoon. I signed in at the front desk at 4:30. The doctor was running behind. Quelle surprise! I blew off the gym for the appointment so I was a little miffed that he was running behind. I left the doctor’s office at 6:15. I was given a three-ounce tube of fancy-dancy moisturizing facial sunscreen to compensate me for my inconvenience. The receptionist whispered to me that they charge $65 for the sunscreen. It was like getting a free gift with purchase at the Neiman’s cosmetic counter. I wasted over an hour waiting for the doctor but all is forgiven with three ounces of pricey sunscreen. I’m sure the sunscreen is a very fine product but I think I’ll continue to buy my sunscreen at Target.

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It Never Ends

The eighteen month renovation on a house mid-block was finally completed last week. Three cargo containers were delivered to house which sat in the street for a week while the new neighbors moved in. A few days ago the cargo containers were hauled away along with the trash dumpster that was parked in the driveway. Life was finally returning to normal on my street with one less construction project. Two days later, the house next door to the renovated house had a trash dumpster delivered. A new renovation project was started.

On Monday, construction started on the house across the street from Tom & Sheila. The excavators are digging an enormous hole for the basement and indoor swimming pool of the 8,400 square foot house. Trucks have been hauling dirt away for days.

Yesterday, a trash dumpster was delivered to house across the street. The new addition has been framed so the project is now creating a lot of trash. The dumpster was dropped on the lawn next to the driveway.

This morning, a trash dumpster was dropped off at the house across from Mike and Chris. The investment banker and his girlfriend have started a whole house renovation. They bought a second house a few blocks away to live in while their house is remodeled.

There are now seven construction projects on two streets. It just never seems to end. I guess it’s a sign that the economy has rebounded here.

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A New Trend?

I seem to be meeting guys who are in multiple-partner relationships. About a year ago, Sam introduced me to one of his friends, M, who has a primary partner and a second partner. At times they also have a fourth or fifth guy living with them. The four and fifth partners only seem to last a few months but a replacement is soon moved in when one leaves. A few weeks ago, Aaron introduced me to a guy at the Eagle. Aaron’s friend has been the third partner in a relationship for the last seven years. Yesterday, I met Mike and two of his friends for lunch at a local deli. One of the guys just left a three-way relationship in D.C. to move back to Denver.

Is this the new trend among gay men? Are multiple-partner relationships more common, or, is it just odd circumstances that I’m meeting guys in these relationships? I think it’s going to be difficult to find one guy to date. I can’t imagine having to find a third person to add to a relationship.

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The Good Son

Yesterday was my mother’s eighty-seventh birthday. I called her to wish her happy birthday. My mother was depressed. The call took its normal route through I’m a victimville. She ranted on my father once again. She complained about my father not buying her a gift, only to later slip up and tell me he bought her a gift. When I confronted her about this she said what he gave her really didn’t count as a gift. She complained about my sister not calling for over two months, yet she’s guilty for not calling my sister. Since the call was going so well I thought I’d add a cherry to the top of sundae by telling her that K and I split up. I didn’t tell her we’d broke up over a year ago. After I told her there was no chance of resurrecting the relationship she ended the call. I could tell she was tearing up. I made my mother cry on her birthday.

I get so tired of my mother blaming my father for her woes. She knew many years ago that my father is a damaged man who is emotionally unavailable. She’s the one who stayed in the relationship and gave up her independence. I probably could have choses a better time to tell her about my failed relationship but I just snapped. She was having a bad day. Why ruin another day when I make this one even worse? I’m such a good son.

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Happy Morning

A few minutes ago, I was standing at the island in the kitchen spreading peanut butter on a rice cake. I looked out the kitchen window and observed a construction worker from the house across the street walk out to his truck and guzzle a can of Bud. It’s 9:30 a.m. I guess he’s getting an early start on happy hour.

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