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A New Trend?

I seem to be meeting guys who are in multiple-partner relationships. About a year ago, Sam introduced me to one of his friends, M, who has a primary partner and a second partner. At times they also have a fourth or fifth guy living with them. The four and fifth partners only seem to last a few months but a replacement is soon moved in when one leaves. A few weeks ago, Aaron introduced me to a guy at the Eagle. Aaron’s friend has been the third partner in a relationship for the last seven years. Yesterday, I met Mike and two of his friends for lunch at a local deli. One of the guys just left a three-way relationship in D.C. to move back to Denver.

Is this the new trend among gay men? Are multiple-partner relationships more common, or, is it just odd circumstances that I’m meeting guys in these relationships? I think it’s going to be difficult to find one guy to date. I can’t imagine having to find a third person to add to a relationship.

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The Good Son

Yesterday was my mother’s eighty-seventh birthday. I called her to wish her happy birthday. My mother was depressed. The call took its normal route through I’m a victimville. She ranted on my father once again. She complained about my father not buying her a gift, only to later slip up and tell me he bought her a gift. When I confronted her about this she said what he gave her really didn’t count as a gift. She complained about my sister not calling for over two months, yet she’s guilty for not calling my sister. Since the call was going so well I thought I’d add a cherry to the top of sundae by telling her that K and I split up. I didn’t tell her we’d broke up over a year ago. After I told her there was no chance of resurrecting the relationship she ended the call. I could tell she was tearing up. I made my mother cry on her birthday.

I get so tired of my mother blaming my father for her woes. She knew many years ago that my father is a damaged man who is emotionally unavailable. She’s the one who stayed in the relationship and gave up her independence. I probably could have choses a better time to tell her about my failed relationship but I just snapped. She was having a bad day. Why ruin another day when I make this one even worse? I’m such a good son.

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Happy Morning

A few minutes ago, I was standing at the island in the kitchen spreading peanut butter on a rice cake. I looked out the kitchen window and observed a construction worker from the house across the street walk out to his truck and guzzle a can of Bud. It’s 9:30 a.m. I guess he’s getting an early start on happy hour.

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Repeating Mistakes

Trish called on Halloween night. She’d returned from her two week trip to New Mexico a few days earlier with a cold so she took to her bed. Trish had such a great time in New Mexico that she now wants to spend half the year there. She talked for hour about her trip before she asked about my life.

I couldn’t help but wonder why she’s in my life.

She started talking about her ex. She been spending time with him again. Trish has been down this road twice before. Soon, Trish will start dating her ex. Next, she will start sleeping with him. Then she will realize, once again, that he will never get over his wife’s death. Trish will get hurt again. She will turn to her friends for comfort and support.

I’m not sure I’ll be there for her. I’ve told her I no longer want to hear about the ex. At times, Trish seems too needy and keeps making the same mistakes. She’s too quick to fall for a man and gets hurt. I think it’s best that I keep my distance.

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It’s A Small World

I worked with Margaret about ten years ago. I think she was a division manager at the time. She was a founding member of the company’s LGBT organization, which later became the model for such organizations in other large corporations. Margaret left the company, along with a group of software engineers, to start a new software company. It looks like she never stopped being a trailblazer.

Check this out.

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