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Holiday Recap

Tom and Sheila hosted a winter solstice party on Saturday night for small gatherings of friends and neighbors. The usual suspects were there along with the new neighbors who just moved into the house catty-corner to Tom and Sheila. The new neighbors are a young couple with a small daughter. The husband is handsome as the day is long. The wife looks like Gail Simmons but is much taller and thinner.

The party had a New Orleans theme. Mufalettas were the star of the food buffet while sazerac was the evening’s signature drink. It was a festive gathering. I walked home a little after ten. A dusting of snow had fallen which made the neighborhood look like a scene from a holiday card.

I only had one sazerac Saturday night but I felt a little hung over on Sunday morning. I guess I’m not used to drinking. On Sunday afternoon I stopped by a holiday reception hosted by Mr. & Mrs. N for the neighbors on my street. I stayed for about an hour before I left to meet up with Thierry and Larry to carpool to Cindi’s holiday party. We piled into Thierry’s new S class for the drive up to the canyon. I hadn’t seen Thierry or Larry for many months so it was good to catch up on the drive. It was a much more enjoyable trip with Thierry and Larry.

We arrived at Cindi’s house just after the party started. Within minutes, the house was packed with guests. As expected, the holiday décor was over the top and the buffet was overflowing. Cindi knows how to throw a party and this one set the bar even higher than last year’s party.

After a couple of hours we drove back into the city. Many of the houses in the canyon were lit up with holiday lights making the drive out of the normally dark canyon very festive. Even though we grazed on the buffet it seemed like we missed dinner. We stopped at Pho on 6th for a light dinner and conversation. It was a nice end to a hectic weekend.

I spent Christmas Eve at Aimee and Steve’s house building and decorating gingerbread houses with their two sons. Aimee’s mother, Mary, was also helping with the decoration. Steve made homemade pizzas for dinner. It was a chore getting the kids to bed. When I left a little before ten the kids were still on a sugar high.

I’ve had a leisurely Christmas day so far. Sam invited me over for the Christmas dinner he’s hosting for the all of his friends without family in town. I was tasked with baking cookies so I whipped up a batch of cranberry oatmeal bars with almonds this morning. It should be a fun afternoon.

I’m rising early tomorrow and driving to St. Louis to visit the family for a few days. Luckily, my sister can’t be there. Wonders never cease. I will not miss the drama my sister can create by just walking in the door.

I’ll be back in 2014. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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Dreading The Drive

Cindi and her man, Joe, are hosting a holiday bash late on Sunday afternoon at their house high up in the canyon. Even though I adore Cindi, I absolutely hate driving to her house. It’s only an hour away but I feel like I’m driving to the end of the earth. The winding canyon road doesn’t have guard rails to prevent driving off the steep mountain side. It’s a slow drive with many hairpin turns. It’s not unusual to encounter deer and elk on the drive. I was secretly hoping Cindi would move back to the city after being displaced by the flood a few months ago.

Cindi’s holiday décor will be off the hook since she runs one of the best décor companies in town. There will also be a lavish food spread along with a nicely stocked bar. I don’t want to go but I know her feelings will be hurt if I don’t show up. I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go. I wonder if I can convince Mike and Chris to go with me.

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A Good Man Passes

K’s father passed away yesterday. The family is holding a memorial service on the 28th. K seems to be in good spirits. K is flying to Durango on Thursday to be with his family. K’s father was a good man. He will be missed.

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Minimalist Holiday Décor

I’m not putting up a tree this year so I put my favorite holiday ornaments in a bowl on the dining room table. I also put wreaths on the front and side doors. I chose an easy minimalist holiday décor this year.

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And Now For Some Good News

Voodoo Doughnuts opened in Denver yesterday. Yeah! Donut connoisseurs were lined up on Colfax waiting for the opening. I would love to go but I’m not going to stand in line to buy donuts. K and I stopped by the original location in Portland a few years ago to pick up a box of their over the top donuts before starting a road trip down the Oregon coast. Voodoo donuts will have to be an occasional treat and not a weekly experience.

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Another Senseless Voilent Act

There was another school shooting today in Colorado today. This time it was at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, a Denver suburb. The Columbine shooting was in 1999. Platt Canyon High School shooting in 2006. The Aurora movie theater shooting was July, 2012. It’s like pulling a scab off a wound. It seems like we never get a chance to heal because we have to deal with another horrendous gun shooting. Will this senseless violence ever end?

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Holiday Cheer

My department held its holiday luncheon today at an all you can eat Italian chain restaurant that specializes in mediocre food. My peers stuffed themselves to the gills while downing bottomless soft drinks. They all seemed to enjoy the food while I thought it was unremarkable. A white elephant gift exchange left me with a horrendous hat that I tossed in the charity bin when I got home. Prizes were given for the ugliest holiday sweater or hat after the gift exchange. I got razzed because I was to only guy who wore a tie. In spite of all this, I had a good time. It was good to see people enjoy themselves and socialize outside of the office even if it was for only two hours.

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Sad News

K’s father is in hospice. He was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer about two weeks ago. K’s father has had a number of challenging health issues over the last year. I was saddened by the news. K’s father is a good man and a good father. He was always accepting of our relationship. I hope he survives the holiday season.

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Getting Warmer

You know it’s been really cold when a high of 25°F feels warm. The temperature has been below freezing for a week. The worst is over for now and a warming trend started yesterday. The temperature is already 18°F this morning. The weather forecast calls for a high of 37°F today. Yeah!

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Dinner At Ten

I was invited to a dinner party on Saturday night in Park Hill. I was looking forward to the dinner after spending the week inside at home due to frigid temperatures and snow. The hosts were a local clay artist and her retired landscape-architect husband who now trades wine futures. The other guests were a gay couple who have been together for thirty-nine years and an art consultant and her husband who I had previously met through Tom and Sheila. The invitation said to bring a favorite bottle of wine and to come at six-thirty-ish. It was a fun gathering which started off with champagne and a lavish appetizer spread of prepared items from Whole Foods and Marczyk’s, a local high-end food market. The champagne was followed by prosecco which was in turn followed by the three wines brought by the guests. All of this was followed by two more bottles from the host’s wine cellar. Dinner had yet to be served. I stopped drinking after the champagne because I knew it was going to be long evening and I didn’t want to drive home on icy streets after drinking all night. Dinner was finally served at ten which consisted of roast pork, haricot verts with chestnut sauce and wild rice. Another bottle of wine was opened. A salad course was served after the main course. Dessert was a lavish selection of pastries from a local French bakery. Sauterne was served with dessert. The dinner ended with a coffee service.

It was a festive evening but at one point I was wondering if the hostess was ever going to get the dinner on the table. Cindi came up in dinner conversation and it turned out that everyone knew her. The gay guys used to buy art at the gallery Cindi used to own. It was one of those evenings that you don’t want to end because you’re having a great time. The temperature was 2°F when I drove home a little before one. It was frigidly cold but I had a smile on my face as my cabin fever had been cured.

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