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Yesterday afternoon I went for a run after getting home from a meeting with my financial advisor. I headed west to the corner and then turned north running past Tom & Sheila’s house and the new French-country inspired farm house under construction next door. A young, tall, leggy blond was leaning against a black Porsche Panamera 4S parked in front of the new house. She was talking to a man with a rolled up set of blueprints in his hand. Her fashionable clothes clung to her thin figure. A large Louis Vuitton handbag hung from her bent arm while her hand flapped up and down emphasizing whatever she was discussing. An image of a T-rex arm flashed in my mind. Later, Sheila confirmed that the woman was the wife of the couple being gifted with the new house. There’s a new princess in town and she’s taller, thinner and richer than the princess living next to me. The princesses will be sharing a fence in the near future. I wonder if they will get along.

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Circling The Wagons

I talked with S yesterday before Mike picked me up to meet friends and watch the Bronco’s game. We met friends at the Eagle and moved to the Wrangler at half-time. I was feeling down but put on a good face for friends because they don’t know S has breast cancer. It was probably one of the reasons I did too many shots while watching the game. That, along with getting caught up in spirit of the game and the crowd. I’m feeling a tad hung over today.

S didn’t have good news. The MRI showed there was now something suspicious in her left breast. The first lump was found in her right breast. S has an ultrasound and another biopsy scheduled for this week along with an appointment with a surgeon. There’s a good chance that S will have to have double mastectomy.

S was in a good mood. She joked about having a hair appointment in the morning and an MRI in the afternoon. We both laughed when S said her hair is going to look good as long as she has it. She dressed to the nines and pulled some of her good jewelry out of the safe even though her husband had to hold onto to the jewelry while she had the MRI. It was snowing so she wore a full length fur to the MRI appointment. S felt that dressing up somehow made it easier to get through the test. It made her feel good about herself even though her body maybe undergoing drastic changes in the near future. Images of the well-dressed bejeweled women from Downton Abbey flashed through my mind while I listened to S describe her outfit.

I’m glad S could joke about having breast cancer even though she’s got a tough road ahead of her. S’s husband is a two-time cancer survivor and I managed to beat cancer into remission a few years ago. It makes me sad to think of what lies ahead for S. She means a lot to me so I hope she’ll successfully overcome this challenge. She been through a lot since I’ve known her but she always handles every situation with grace and perfect manners. I expect the same while she battles cancer.

S is hunkering down and circling the wagons in preparation for a good fight. I feel honored to be included in the inner circle of friends in the know. The only thing I need to do at this time is to figure out what to bake for a post-procedure treat on Tuesday.

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Saturday Adventures

Mike called on his way home from his office on Saturday morning to see if I wanted to run a few errands and grab lunch. He picked me up around noon in a 1970 Pontiac GTO coupe he bought on eBay a few months ago. Our first stop was the auto parts store for a new windshield washer pump. Then we head to Hermès so Mike could pick up a birthday gift for a friend who was being given a surprise birthday party on Saturday night. After Hermès, we walked down Fillmore to check out the sale at prAna. I bought a t-shirt while Mike bought a couple of shirts and a jacket. After prAna we walked across the street to Lululemon before having lunch at Pasta Pasta Pasta. After lunch we stopped for gas and a car wash before heading to stripper/drag queen supply store on South Broadway. The owners of the store are Mike’s clients so he wanted to do a quick meet and greet. Who knew mannequins were available with huge busts for displaying stripper wear? The last stop of the day was Cranmer Park so Mike could take pictures of the GTO with the mountains in the background. He’s not happy with the GTO after having it shipped to Denver so he’s putting it back on eBay. Mike has learned to never buy a car on eBay when he’s drunk.

Running errands with Mike was the high point of my day. After Mike dropped me off I hit the gym and went for a short run. I fixed dinner at home and did two loads of laundry before watching Ironman 3 on demand. Now I’m off to bed.

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She Was A Trophy Wife

I went for a run after the gym today because I didn’t like the number on the digital scale when I weighed myself. Crazy Barb was walking her dog past my house as I finished my run. She stopped to chat with me. I was amazed that she knew who I was because the last two times I talked to her she didn’t remember me. She seemed to be having a good day. Barb proceeded to tell me about the lunch she had with an old girlfriend at the DCC (Denver Country Club) today. She went on to described how her husband used to make her dress back in the day when they were club members. Barb always had to have her done and be dolled up for evenings at the country club. Barb’s husband made her dye her hair red because he preferred redheads. He insisted she wear expensive clothes to the club that he bought on business trips to the east coast because they were not available in Denver. He gifted her with expensive jewelry to go along with the pricey wardrobe. Barb told me she had a good life even though she didn’t think her husband loved her. She thinks he just wanted a pretty gal to hang on his arm to show off to the oilmen in their social circle. The oilmen invested money with his brokerage firm so he had to portray a successful life with the necessary accessories. Barb was a trophy wife.

I was dumbfounded by the conversation. Barb usually keeps conversations to a few sentences. I found out more about Barb in a few minutes of conversation than I had in the twenty-plus years I have known her. She ended our encounter by dropping two big bombs. Barb told me the valet brought the wrong Cadillac to her when she was leaving the club this afternoon. She walked away after telling me she had to get dinner started because her husband would be home at six.

Barb’s husband committed suicide over thirty years ago. Barb drives a BMW, not a Cadillac. I’ve never known her to drive a Cadillac. It’s always been Mercedes, BMW or Lexus. I don’t know if she was at the DCC today, or, if she was caught up past memories. I doubt she was at the club today. Barb wasn’t wearing makeup and her now white hair was uncombed with a huge whore gash in the back. I’m not sure how much, if any, of the conversation is actually true.

Barb is still an attractive woman at eighty-four. You can tell she was probably a stunning beauty when she was younger. I can imagine her walking into the DCC on her husband’s arm. The description of her former life sounded like a scene out of Mad Men. She would be Joan and her husband would be Roger.

If my mental capabilities fail with advancing age, I hope I only remember the glory days. Who doesn’t want to relive the best times of their life?

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New Opportunities

Jackie and I had plans to get together this week for dinner but she had to cancel at the last minute. She’s working on a video project for one of the new buildings under construction downtown and assembling a new portfolio. Jackie has hooked up with an art consultant who is pitching her photos to one of the developers of a new hotel downtown. The developer is a woman who is responsible for the saving Larimer Square from demolition and the subsequent redevelopment of the neglected and abandoned buildings into a thriving shopping and fine dining destination. I was disappointed when our dinner got cancelled but at least it was cancelled for a good reason. I like to see my friends succeed.

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Moving Back?

There’s a good possibility that I may have a full-time housemate in the near future. K is caught up in a professional shit storm and may end up moving back to Denver. Everything is up in the air at this point. I told K he is welcome to live here while he formulates an action plan. Don’t get the impression that there will be a rekindling of our relationship. I’m just trying to be kind to a man I’ve known for twenty plus years who is going through a difficult time. Our relationship exit agreement stipulated he could keep his possession here until the end of February in exchange for a nominal rent payment. We may have to revisit that payment amount and extend the agreement.

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More Disturbing News

The bad news continued to roll in over the weekend. On Saturday, I was helping Mike clean out his garage when he received a call that Ronald’s sister was killed in a car accident. A man, who was not her husband, was also killed when her Hummer rolled ejecting both from the vehicle. Ronald is just an acquaintance to me but he’s a good friend of Mike’s. The accident has opened a huge can of worms. Nobody seems to know why this man was driving the Hummer and why neither party was wearing a seatbelt.

On Sunday I found out that Mr. & Mrs. T are divorcing. The T’s were very supportive when K and I split up. Mrs. T has already moved into a new house. Mr. T continues to live the house behind Mike’s.

At least the Broncos won the game on Sunday. Bronco mania continues to fuel Super Bowl speculation. Bronco jerseys can be seen all over town.

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