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I Must Be Crazy

Turning down the offer from the new consulting company is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. The new offer was a 1099 position as opposed to my current W2 gig (1099 employees pay all of their Social Security and Medicare taxes while a W2 employee splits these cost with the employer). The uptick in hourly rate was not sufficient to cover my costs and three business day notice was not enough time to do due diligence on tax and legal issues. I sent out the obligatory farewell email before I closed the laptop on Friday.

I just paid for a new roof and I’ve got a tax bill to pay. There’s also the looming new fence expenditure. I must be out of head to walk away from this job but I felt like I was being railroaded into taking the offer. At least I have an emergency fund to live off of until I find a new job.

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Time For An Exit Interview

I turned down the offer from the new contracting company. My last day of employment is Monday unless a better offer is tendered. I’d better dust off my resume.

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A Bridge Not Burned

I met Willy when I first started as a contractor. He was a software engineer with a huge ego. I was in a few meetings with Willy but we never had a lot of interaction. I was thankful for that because I thought he was a pompous ass. I was cordial with Willy but never developed a buddy relationship with him. Willy left the company to start his own software consulting business about six months after I started. About a year later Willy’s company was awarded a contract to develop a new user interface. His company has been working on various contracts ever since. Most of Willy’s employees are in India. I rarely see Willy since I work from home most days.

This morning my work manager across the pond informed me my contract is being moved to Willy’s company. While I’m not thrilled about working for Willy’s company, I’m keeping an open mind. I’ll still take my daily direction from the guy across the pond. Willy’s company will just be a payroll administrator. I hope.

The lesson here is to never burn your bridges in the corporate world. You never know who your boss will be.

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Sentence Of The Day

Here’s another gem from an email I received this morning:

Okay will do but again this was one customer complaining and come to find out they shouldn’t have been requesting this product anyway so seemed a little ridiculous to have us do anything but guess its another way to get the information out but I don’t like how this was handled because this product should not be sold in Kazakhstan.

I think this person has a fear of punctuation.

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The tax returns arrived in the mail on Saturday. As expected, I owe money again this year. It’s less than I thought I’d have to pay. Some twelve thousand and change on top what has already been deducted from my paycheck. Sheila told be thankful I have resources to pay the tax bill. I have to agree with her. Even though I hate writing that check I am blessed with a nice income. I’m glad I didn’t buy new furniture last month to replace the pieces that left with K. Who needs a living room sofa?

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Out With The Old

I met the new owners of the house across the street last weekend. They’re a young Chinese-American couple with three small children. They own two other houses a few blocks south of Mike’s house. They plan on moving in at end of April when renovations are completed and the yard is re-landscaped. A fleet of pick-up trucks arrived Friday morning along with a tree trimming service. I expect a trash dumpster will be delivered soon. I’m relieved the house is being renovated instead of being scrapped off for another McMansion.

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Question Of The Day

I got this question in an email from one of the new hires just out of college:

Why can’t we design products for North Korea? Aren’t North and South Korea in the same country? You know, like North and South Dakota or North and South Carolina.

I told him to google it. I’m guessing he didn’t study world history in school or pay attention to current events for the last few years.

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